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The episode "freak the freak out" is when Jade (Elizabeth Gillies), and Cat (Ariana Grande) are challenged through two mean ladies at a karaoke bar. After unrightfully dropping the contest, theyVictorious Theme Lyrics Victoria Justice - Make It Shine Lyrics (Make It Shine through Victoria Justice) Here I am, as soon as again Feeling misplaced however every now and then I breathe it in to let it move And you do not know Where you are now Or what it could come to If most effective any person may listen When you figure out howMake it shine, as you sing along with Tori Vega, in Victorious Karaoke! All in combination now - you do not need to be afraid to put your dream in motion...If you l...Karaoke Dokie is a karaoke bar featured in the episodes Freak the Freak Out and Three Girls and a Moose. It is owned through Joey Ferguson, father of Hayley Ferguson, and is positioned in Los Feliz. The Karaoke Dokie singing competition is rigged, as Mr. Ferguson only chooses his daughter and her absolute best pal, Tara Ganz, to win. Rex and Robbie sang Forever Baby, Jade and Cat sang Give It Up, and HayleyVictorious Karaoke MP3 - Instrumental Music - Karaoke Version. Sort by: Popularity Name Date. Your alert has been became off. Activate alert. Freak the Freak Out. Victorious. 2010. Victoria Justice. $2.99. Freak the Freak Out made famous via Victorious (Victoria Justice) Formats included: • Karaoke Video with color background (KFN, WMV, MP4

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Download MP3: Online: Karaoke. List of songs as made well-known by way of Victorious. Sort through: Popularity. Name Date. Freak the Freak Out. as made famous through. Victorious (Victoria Justice) Make It Shine. as made famous by way of. Victorious (Victoria Justice) Tell Me That You Love Me. as made famous by means of. Victorious. It's Not Christmas Without You.Tori has a horrible mask caught to her face thanks to Cat, however it does not forestall her from hanging on an awesome show. Join her in singing along to 'Finally Fall...Freak the Freak Out: Confused Karaoke is a game on Think you recognize the lyrics from Freak The Freak Out? Well then take a look at, your wisdom! Freak the Freak Out Give It Up Number One Forever Baby The Game (America simplest) Game (Anywhere besides America)

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🎤 Love Karaoke? Our logo new app is here! Download now for FREE tuned for brand new karaoke videos through subscribing here: h...Beggin On Your Knees via Victorious Cast - Karaoke Lyrics on Smule.The crew of Victorious knows how to rock out and create the newest in musical entertainment, and you'll be able to set up your individual musical show with this CD karaoke device based on the adventures of the students at Hollywood Arts High.Your favourite music, however this time with lyrics! Sing in conjunction with Tori as she belts out Freak The Freak Out!If you love Nickelodeon, hit the subscribe buttonVictorious Karaoke Playlist Victorious Karaoke Playlist. Thumbs up Thumbs down Back. Victorious Karaoke Playlist. Victorious Karaoke Playlist. Karaoke: Cheer Me Up. Karaoke: Faster Than Boyz. Karaoke: You Don't Know Me. Karaoke: Swell Song. Karaoke: Sad News. Karaoke: Five Fingers To The Face.

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This web page is in regards to the episode. You could also be in search of the music of the same title.

Freak the Freak Out (often referred to as Freak Out[1]) is the 13th and 14th episode of Victorious. It is the first-ever Victorious hour-long special, even though it was promoted as a film.[1] It aired on November 26, 2010 to 5.Three million audience.


While looking to do a photo shoot at home with their dad's new digicam, Trina answers Tori's phone when the varsity's hottie, Mark McCallan, calls to ask Tori out. Since Tori used to be washing her hair, Trina tells him Tori has plans, but that she is hotter and free on Friday, so he asks Trina to play glow-in-the-dark mini golf on Friday night time as an alternative. When Tori unearths out, she will get mad and tries to bludgeon Trina with their dad's new digital camera stand until he intervenes. He tells Trina that she will not be able to go out Friday evening because she's getting her wisdom tooth out on Friday afternoon. Tori laughs and dances until her dad says that she'll must handle Trina since he and their mother can be in Santa Barbara all weekend, which they used as an excuse to steer clear of caring for Trina. Trina laughs, inflicting Tori to get mad at her and take a look at to tug Trina's wisdom enamel out herself, chasing her again.

The next a part of the episode begins with Cat and André doing a scene in performing elegance within the Blackbox Theater, however Tori's telephone interrupts the scene when Sikowitz finishes. At the tip of the performing elegance, Sikowitz asks the category to share their plans for the weekend. Sikowitz issues out that Robbie has no plans. Robbie scoffs but admits that he does not. Rex says that he's going to be "partying" with a couple of Northridge ladies. Cat tells everybody (despite bored appears to be like on her classmates' faces) that she and Jade are going to a brand new karaoke membership in Los Feliz, Karaoke Dokie since they've singing competitions on weekends. Robbie asks if he and Rex can come and sing there as smartly whilst Rex protests about Robbie forgetting about the Northridge girls. Robbie assures him that the women can come and watch, but Rex worries about being pressured to spend his money on their meals.

Tori needs she may just move however tells them she has to spend her weekend taking good care of Trina. Taking care of Trina after her wisdom teeth are taken out proves to be truly tough. Trina is repeatedly moaning in pain and refuses to take her antibiotic medication (which Tori forces it into her mouth), let Tori ice her jaw with frozen peas, or flush her gums with salt water, which repeatedly ends up with them combating and arguing.

Louise Nordoff (Tori in cover)

At the karaoke contest, Cat and Jade deliver Beck and André with them. When Jade steps away to get a soda, two women, Hayley Ferguson and Tara Ganz, flirt with Beck and André. When Jade displays up, Hayley and Tara refuse to go into reverse. Tara issues out André's Hollywood Arts jacket, which Hayley calls a "school for wannabes". They problem Cat and Jade to a sing-off.

Hayley and Tara are up first and sing Number One by means of Ginger Fox, appearing that they aren't specifically gifted singers. Cat and Jade sing Give It Up subsequent and make their faculty proud by showing off how well they may be able to sing compared to Hayley and Tara. The crowd enjoys Cat and Jade's track more, however the proprietor of the karaoke club comes out to announce that the winner is Hayley and Tara. It's printed that Hayley and Tara received since the karaoke club proprietor is Hayley's dad. Beck, Jade, André, and Cat all specific their outrage on the competition being fastened, however even with different crowd members booing his call, the landlord bans Cat and Jade from ever singing at Karaoke Dokie again. The gang, furious, declare that they are leaving in an instant... but only after completing their meals.

Sikowitz does his personal rendition of Number One on the Karaoke Dokie.

Furious that the contest was rigged, Jade makes up a scheme involving Tori. The next day, after André, Beck, and Robbie come to check on Tori, Cat and Jade seek advice from to tell her about the plan. With Jade stealing Beck's automotive keys so he can't leave the house, the women leave the boys to take care of Trina and get their plan underway. Jade and Cat show up while Hayley and Tara are singing "Hate Me Love Me" via Ginger Fox. They guess Hayley and Tara that anybody in the place may just galvanize the target audience extra, letting Hayley and Tara make a choice who from the target market to sing against. Hayley and Tara pick a hideous woman named Louise Nordoff to compete against, now not understanding she is actually Tori in cover, pondering that this "Ugly Betty" will lose simply. The terms of the wager are that if Hayley and Tara win, Hayley will get to make out with Beck, and in the event that they lose, they have to care for Trina, who Cat and Jade know will probably be torture to work with. However, Tori surprises everyone (aside from for Cat and Jade who know about the plan), particularly Hayley and Tara, via commencing her ugly lady hide and revealing her true self while performing Freak the Freak Out. The audience loves Tori greater than Hayley and Tara, so Hayley and Tara finally end up having to deal with Trina. In the tip, Sikowitz sings Number One via Ginger Fox and imitates a scene from Flashdance, sitting on a chair and liberating water on himself, applauded by the rest of the crowd who then hugs him in joyous party.

Featured Songs


Hayley: Enjoy us.Jade: Enjoy my monkey fur!

Cat: (makes face)Jade: Don't make that face.

Cat: I am getting fearful when my brother eats issues that aren't food. Seriously, I think he ate my allure bracelet.

Hayley with Beck

Hayley: You have insane hair.Beck: Yeah, my hair was standard, then one day it simply went insane. Sad tale.Hayley: I like your story.

André: Hey, do you know that karaoke involves us from the Japanese?Beck: Yeah, how great is Japan right?André: Good people.

Cat: I like Japan...Except my brother got stabbed there as soon as. It was once an twist of fate. He's higher now. Are buffalo nuggets highly spiced...?

André: Oh, look at what they got at the menu! Buffalo nuggets. Well, that is good news! Not for the buffalo...

Cat: (To Hayley) Um, hello? Miss?Hayley: What?Cat: He has a female friend.Hayley: I don't see her.Jade: (From at the back of her) Turn around.(Hayley turns around)Jade: Now you notice her.Hayley: I do not see much.(Both women glare at each other)

Hayley: Oh... Hollywood Arts, the varsity for wannabes.Jade: You know, you may wannabe shutting your face there.Hayley: Really?Jade: (in a question of reality tone) Really.

Hayley: We gained because we rock!Cat: Yeah, don't imagine everything your daddy says.Jade: (to Hayley) Like when he tells you you're lovely!Rex: Testified!

Hayley: Oh, look who is again. I believed I smelled failure.Cat: Then you must be sniffing yourselves! (To Jade) Good, appropriate?Jade: For you.

Tara: He picked us as a result of we sang the best!Jade: Oh my god.Cat: That is so tight!Jade: Tight approach excellent.Cat: ...That is so no longer tight!

Jade: Last evening we went to Karaoke Dokie.Cat: And these two women were really imply to us.Tori: Like Jade-level mean?Cat: No, now not that mean, but actually mean.

Tori: Oh, I want I could go to Karaoke Dokie!Beck: Why can not you?Jade: Who cares why she cannot?Beck: I was just wondering why is she-Jade: What, you need Tori around just to have a great time? Is that your point?!Beck: Dude!Jade: What?!Sikowitz: Jade, you might be fortunate to have Beck. Don't be any such gank!

Jade: I'm gonna get a soda. (Stands up and walks away).

André: Get me one?

Jade: No.

André: (To Beck) She could be a gank.

Beck: You do not know.

Cat: I like your purse.

Jade: Thanks.

Cat: What is that this?

Jade: Monkey fur.

Cat: Oh.

(Bell rings)

Sikowitz: AAHH!!! Now, whose telephone is that?

André: That's the bell.

Sikowitz: Oh. Bye!

Tori: [To Trina] Why were you on my phone?

Trina: [Tosses Tori's phone at the sofa] I wasn't!

Tori: Do you assume I didn't just see you toss my telephone at the sofa!?

Trina: Why is your hair rainy!

Tori: Because I simply washed it!

Cat: [To Tori about Karaoke Dokie] So, why can not you come back?

Tori: Trina's getting her dumb knowledge teeth out these days and wager who has to spend the entire weekend caring for her?

Cat: Ok it any person well-known?

Tori: No, me!

André: Why can't your parents take care of her?

Tori: Cause they're gonna be in Santa Barbara.

André: What for?

Tori: So they don't have to care for Trina!

Beck: Can't blame them.

Jade: Shucks to be you.

Tori: [To Jade] Gank.

DJ: Alright! A little R&B motion toni-i-ight!Jade: Yeah! Just play it.

Cat: What's in your arm?

Tori: Trina's mouth blood.

Cat: Ew.

Jade: Cool.

Tori: I'm just cranky because Trina drove me crazy all evening.

Beck: Where is she?

Tori: [Points to kitchen table] There.

André: You tied her up?

Tori: I needed to! She refused to take her antibiotic and once I tried to power her to take it, she started swinging on me, so I had to try this!

Robbie: Well, no less than she's sleeping.

Beck: Unless she's dead.

Tori: [Looking at Trina] Nah she's drowsing. I'm lovely certain...

Beck: What's that for your arm?

Tori: Trina's mouth blood.

André, Beck and Robbie: Ewww!

Tori: Hey, will you guys untie her, I'm meant to flush her gum sockets with saltwater.

André, Beck and Robbie: EW!!!

Cat: Hi!

Jade: Hello.

Cat: We brought you frozen yogurt!

Tori: Why? You know frozen yogurt does not resolve all of the global's problems!

Jade: I advised you to carry her donuts!

Cat: [To Tori] Why aren't you being great?

Jade: And why do you look disgusting?

Tori: Trina.

Cat and Jade: Ohhhh...

[After the girls win the making a song pageant]

Hayley: Thank you, dad.

Jade: Dad? 

André, Beck, and Jade: (simultaneously) Dad!

Cat: Why would she call him dad until... I guess he's her father!

[At Tori and Trina's area]

Tori: Okay, it says that you're meant to take this kind of antibiotics each and every six hours. 

Trina: Uh-uh!

Tori: Okay, open your mouth.

Trina: (whimpers) I do not want that!

Tori: You need to take it or you'll get an an infection.

Trina: No Tori! (overlapping argument)

Tori: (Trina flings the bottle across the desk and whimpers) Trina! (goes to retrieve the drugs and the bottle)

Tori: You gotta take this!

Trina: No!

Tori: Yes! (Trina struggles with Tori and swings her arm nearly hitting Tori)

Tori: (geese) Did you simply swing on me?

Trina: (respiring) Maybe.

Tori: Take the pill!

Trina: NO! (Tori tussles with Trina seeking to drive the pill into her mouth)

Tori: I do not care what you assert! Take the antibiotic! Get it in ha, ha! (grabs a water bottle) Now swallow it!

Trina: (Tori dumps the water in all places Trina who protests) No!

Tori: That's correct, get it down there, aha!

Trina: (groans and lines after Tori stops dumps the water in all places her)

(Tori will get house)

Tori: Hey guys!

Beck: There she is!

Robbie: About time!

André: How could you allow us right here to maintain that monster! Yeah, I said monster!

Robbie: I'm coated in Trina's gum blood!


This is the first time Robbie, Rex, Cat, and Sikowitz sing on the display. This is the fourth episode of Season 1 wherein Jade has blue highlights, after Pilot, Survival of the Hottest, and Wi-Fi in the Sky. A new theme music is featured for the episode with a number of variations, in order underneath:The bass drum is taken out of the intro the place Tori is within the automotive, like within the authentic monitor. When the Victorious brand is shown and the O shines, you'll be able to hear a shimmer. Another shot of Tori from The Great Ping Pong Scam is shown. It displays the name of the episode and makes use of the bridge (except the second line) and the last chorus as an alternative of the first chorus. Lots of extra pictures of each and every forged member/all of the cast together, placing out and dancing are added.This is the third time it is mentioned that Mr. Vega is a police officer (the first being the extended model of Pilot, second being The Birthweek Song). This is the second time Rex mentions his "all hot-girls volleyball squad" (He invitations Tori to join in The Great Ping Pong Scam). When the music "Number One" played, an image of Ginger Fox from the iCarly episode iFix a Pop Star is shown. Hayley's father is played via Tom Virtue, who played Mr. Roland in a few episodes of Drake and Josh. As of January 2, 2011, this is the first episode of Victorious to reach #1 at the overall charts on iTunes. Sikowitz can pay a tribute to the film Flashdance when he has water fall on him while lying on a chair, with the lighting fixtures making a Flashdanceesque shot. Karaoke Dokie returns in Three Girls and a Moose. Trina saying "Nooooo...I gotta get my wisdom teeth taken out" on laughing gas after leaving the surgeon used to be very similar to what Sam said (from iCarly) in "iThink They Kissed", where she mentioned "We gotta go to the dentist" when she was on the dentist. Louise Nordoff (Tori) was reading a ebook known as Coping With Failure. According to her posts on TheSlap, she borrowed the e-book from Sinjin. Two Ginger Fox songs that had been first launched within the iCarly episode "iFix a Pop Star" have been sung in this episode. "Number One" by way of Ginger Fox is sung two times, first through Hayley and Tara all the way through the karaoke competition with Jade and Cat, and second through Sikowitz at the finish of the episode "Hate Me, Love Me" additionally makes a short lived appearance. This is the second one time Trina has had issues together with her mouth, the first being in Pilot when her tongue is swollen from tea made with Chinese herbs. Trina needs Tori to call "Dr. Doty" - a connection with creator George Doty IV ("Stage Fighting/Wi-Fi In the Sky" and a few other Nick shows). Doctor Doty additionally gave the impression within the episode of iCarly, iLook Alike when he involves lend a hand stitch a wrestler's ear back on. The episode of iCarly that aired per week sooner than this did might or won't have referenced this episode; Guppy yells "I'm hearing the voices!" in the same tone that Sikowitz complains in regards to the buzzing. This is the second one time "wazz" is said in the show: when Rex stated, "Are you wazzing me!?" The first was once Wi-Fi within the Sky. Tori uses a unique voice when she says, "Me?" after Hayley challenges her then when she talks onstage. Tara gave the impression in Stage Fighting as a hot blonde. She used to be also "Tammy" from The Amanda Show sketch "The Girl's Room". She also seems later in Sam & Cat; with a minor position in "#WeStealARockStar". In some of the pictures, sooner than it goes to Tori's space the place she drags Trina in, you'll be able to see that they have got a pool near their patio. Trina is the one main persona who didn't cross to Karaoke Dokie because of her knowledge enamel being taken out. After this episode, Robbie sings "Forever Baby" to Rex once more in Rex Dies. Part 2 is the fourth episode by which the episode's identify is said in the show. Trina simplest absolutely speaks to start with as she has her knowledge enamel taken out and her speech is muffled through gauze for the remainder of the episode. It is most probably that because Hayley and Tara's dad owns Karaoke Dokie they have the authority to do whatever the please reminiscent of banning the Hollywood Arts gang from singing there. It is printed on this episode that Trina is aware of no less than a bit of karate, a talent of hers that we later revisit in Season 2 throughout the episode Helen Back Again. The purple boots Trina wears throughout the vast majority of the episode are ones she additionally wore in Tori the Zombie and appear again in later episodes. Tori reveals in this episode that she hates being swayed via any person. Eric Lange published on Twitter that his favorite scene to film of all the Victorious episodes was once the Flashdance scene at the end. This is the second episode of Victorious to turn blood, after Cat's New Boyfriend. This episode was once nominated for a Primetime Emmy in the Outstanding Children's Program class but lost to "A Child's Garden of Poetry" from HBO. Christie, one of the vital Northridge women, may be a reference to Sam from iCarly. (They have the same hair colour and texture and prefer consuming red meat chops.) A girl within the karaoke membership target market was once additionally within the scene throughout elegance when Cat and André do their toxic spider scene. When Jade took Beck's automobile key, it infers that she will pressure. However, she will have simply taken them and left Tori's area to ensure Beck would not attempt to go after them. André and Beck by no means said their weekend plans. They most likely told their plans off display. This is the 1st Victorious 1 hour special. This is the 1st episode to function multiple track. Part 1 is the 3rd episode not to have the principle plot concerned about Tori. It may be the first episode to function Tori in a subplot as opposed to the principle plot. Ending tagline: "That is so not tight!" - Cat This is the first time somebody recognizes André's Hollywood Arts jacket. The second time is in Wok Star. Sikowitz sings on the Karaoke Dokie at the end of the episode. In one of the most temporary pictures in between takes, it clearly states that this can be a membership for the ones "18 and under". However, it is conceivable that the club's target audience is eighteen and below however other folks older than that may nonetheless input.


The special premiered to five.27 million viewers[2] (5.7 after DVR playbacks are counted) and was once received well through fans. The November 28th repeat at 6 pm was once gained the second-highest audience for its premiere weekend with 3.82 million audience.


When Tori sings Freak the Freak Out finally, the audience member closest to Tori's left is status up and clapping to the tune as she sings the ultimate traces of the overall refrain. As quickly as the camera view adjustments, they're sitting and watching as though they were not status. The next shot displays them status and applauding again. Robbie must've had material to wipe the blood from Trina's gums. Trina would have likely had headaches in her surgical procedure because of all the bodily activities or even fights she engages in. It's additionally imaginable she would not even be capable of interact in those activities, because of the pain from her surgical treatment. Captions misspell Hayley as "Haley". While Cat and Jade are singing, Jade "attacks" the two girls' food, however within the extensive shots, you'll still see it find it irresistible was sooner than the assault. Beck mentioned that the food used to be the most productive with out even attempting anything but. When they are at Karaoke Dokie, Jade says that she will get a soda. André then asks her to get him one, however if you take a look at the table, André already has one. It is conceivable that the can is empty though, and he wishes a refill. When Tori and Trina get again from the dentist, it is unknown how they got home. Trina could not have pushed home since she wasn't feeling smartly, but in Season 3, it is revealed that Tori can not drive, so that means Tori couldn't have pushed house, yet she has keys when she walks in. Though that would possibly were her area key they usually will have taken a bus or taxi or that their parents dropped them off ahead of leaving for Santa Barbara. When Beck, André, and Robbie come to Tori's house, Tori's hair is all tousled, but between digicam angles a piece of her hair assists in keeping on changing position, and not using a time for her to transport it. After Cat and Jade's efficiency once they sit down right down to devour, Jade is selecting up her soda. When the digital camera switches to another attitude, her soda is back at the table and he or she is selecting it up once more. Towards the tip of the episode, when the target audience is balloting on who will have to win the contest, Cat starts off between Tori and Jade, however, within the next shot, she is on Tori's left and nowhere close to Jade. However, when the digital camera strikes back to them once more, she is again in her unique position. After Tori's efficiency, when the target audience votes for Hayley and Tara, the DJ can be noticed in the distance not clapping, but if the camera strikes onto him, he all of sudden claps. In the closing a part of the show when Sikowitz performs a song, he lets water drop on him but prior to that, he sits on a chair and pulls in his legs, but when the digicam zooms out, it looks like he by no means pulled in his legs. When Tori jumps on Hayley and Tara's table, the basket and ketchup stay right-side up. But within the next shot, both the basket and the ketchup are the other way up. 

Running Gags

Characters calling Jade a "Gank". (Sikowitz, Tori, André) Characters talking about Buffalo Nuggets. Cat talking about her brother. Sikowitz freaking out on account of different varieties of sounds. People mentioning Beck's hair. (Part 1; Hayley, Beck. Part 2; Cat, Jade) Cat figuring out things long after they have been mentioned via others. Characters bringing Tori frozen yogurt. Trina's moaning upon getting her knowledge teeth removed. Someone getting covered in Trina's gum blood.


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