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Welcome to 3.5e Adventure Companion for Sunless Citadel This significant other is designed that can assist you easily run one of the most Classic adventures for three.5 version of Dungeons & Dragons. With in a position for use maps filled with monsters which are looking ahead to adventurers, items that you'll be able to give to birthday party and traps ready to be sprung, this significant other will permitThe Sunless Citadel (2000) is a 32-page adventure module for Dungeons & Dragons third edition written by means of Bruce Cordell.It is intended for 1st-level characters. It is the primary in a series of eight related modules unofficially referred to as the Sunless Citadel journey trail.It consists of The Sunless Citadel (2000), The Forge of Fury (2000), The Speaker in Dreams (2001), The Standing Stone (2001My function on YouTube is to help introduce other folks into the original spare time activities of board/video games, D&D, collectible card games and much more. If I will be able to assist simply on...Sunless Citadel Grove Level by FoundryAtropos on DeviantArt A RPG map to be used in tabletop gaming software like Roll20, GM Forge, or Fantasy Grounds. Designed for a 70px grid. Please be happy to download and...Running the Sunless Citadel. Kyle Maxwell Adventure 2017-08-08 10 Minutes. My staff has now wrapped up the Sunless Citadel. I may run it once more for a future staff; in reality, that might be improbable as this is truly a lovely adventure. Also, I discovered the map of the Fortress Level in the ebook actually small and difficult to read. This was a layout

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It additionally cuts off a later line of questioning in the citadel that can be helpful to the celebration. Consider operating it once anyway when the PCs set out for the first time, irrespective of how long they take to travel. Page 11 - Sunless Citadel Overview. Possibly a very powerful bit on this sidebar is the "Monsters on Alert" section.The Sunless Citadel is a DUNGEONS& DRAGONS® adven-ture suitable for 4 1st-level participant characters. Player characters (PCs) who live to tell the tale the entire journey must advance through second point to 3rd point before the finale. Encounter Levels: The Sunless Citadel also accommo-dates parties of more than 4 1st-level avid gamers, and it could possiblyDec 8, 2020 - Explore Luis Candelario's board "sunless citadel" on Pinterest. See extra concepts about delusion map, dungeon maps, dungeons and dragons.Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a group powered entertainment destination. Lift your spirits with humorous jokes, trending memes, entertaining gifs, inspiring tales, viral videos, and so much more.

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Find your Sunless Citadel Printable Map here for Sunless Citadel Printable Map and you can print out. Search for Sunless Citadel Printable Map right here and subscribe to this web site Sunless Citadel Printable Map read more!Sunless Citadel (Yawning Portal Maps for D&D 5e) Official Dungeons and Dragons maps for the Sunless Citadel campaign. For avid gamers to look, hidden traps and doorways excluded from maps. Perfect for first-level characters.All the maps and handouts I used to run the 5th Edition D&D Adventure, The Sunless Citadel. From the module compilation, Tales From the Yawning Portal. The Player Maps has all hidden locations, traps, and secret spaces got rid of. They also are nice for a virtual tabletop. The Handouts may also be revealed as is or used…The Sunless Citadel is designed to be simply situated in what-ever surroundings the DM prefers. Here are some examples. Dragonlance. On Krynn, the citadel was once as soon as part of Xak Tsaroth, and it harbored worshipers of Takhisis. When that town was destroyed all over the cataclysm, it fell into a rift that opened within the earth. In this setting, imagineThe Sunless Citadel, web page 3. Going by means of the map, to the east (the PCs' left) are all the time rocky downs. To the west (the PCs' right) are first the Ashen Plain, then rocky downs, and in the end stands of old-growth oak. The Old Road was once built, possibly, by way of the traditional fable don't-call-them-Roman precursor empire.

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It’s vitally essential that Meepo seem to be as pathetic and non-threatening as conceivable if the PCs are to have any hope of securing the help of the kobolds. If your PCs are more the bloodthirsty kind, excellent success with this part of the tale.  Chances are they’ll merely kill their manner during the adventure anyway.

Killing Meepo right here will just about guarantee that no negotiations are possible later. If that’s not an issue for you or them, lift on. However, remember that the key they want to get to the Dragonpriest will in large part move unexplained and likely no longer get use, the goblins encountered later will likely be extra of a problem, and all of the journey becomes that much more difficult. So, to stop all that, play Meepo pathetic and short of assist.

Oh, and check out to remember he is most probably with the birthday party from here on out. Never fail to remember party NPCs. They’re to hand for ready explanations, assistance in more than a few tasks, and comedy reduction. Or seriousness. They totally do seriousness, too.

Note that, even though effectively negotiated with out Meepo provide, the guards do not provide the safe passage password that Meepo does. Unless you make a decision otherwise.

If there are enough rats for a swarm and so they’ve been caught in right here for a while, the odor right here is very evident in all of the southern half of 15. I wager a DC 10 take a look at towards an appropriate skill would tell any individual exactly what’s on the different side of the door.

This is, essentially, two areas in a single room. Be conscious that what happens in one end of it may likely be heard or seen in the different.

It is extremely likely that the patrolling kobolds right here may just hear sounds of fight from the sooner open areas as much as the door to 15 depending on where they are of their patrol course. That’s as much as the GM regardless that as the route isn’t specified. Maybe a p.c likelihood to be in the correct portion of the hall followed by a p.c likelihood to listen to the combat.

The adventure doesn’t specify any of this for the superb explanation why that this workforce of kobolds may just spark off a chain-reaction of incoming fighters. If the PCs are discovering issues too easy in fight this is usually a strategy to lead them to tread more moderately, or simply flat out kill the celebration. Use cautiously.

If the PCs have elected to struggle the kobolds and are therefore in need of relaxation, this room — with its one entrance and meager facilities — might make a decent resting position if the door is secured by some means.

Be ready for PCs to take a look at to chase down all of the non-combatant kobolds, despite the fact that. No one likes a loose finish.

A lot is going on right here and it is important to be certain that the PCs give you the option to access all of it based both on what they’ve finished here and earlier.

The goblin / fruit / Belak questions can most effective potentially be requested if either the Solving a Mystery Adventure Hook was once used, the goblin apple rumor is heard in Oakhurst, or Garon’s rumor about Belak is picked up on the inn.

The twig monster question can best doubtlessly be requested if the PCs encountered the twig blights on how one can the citadel from Oakhurst. Other hooks or hints are too imprecise to indicate ‘twig monsters’.

The Lost Humans query can most effective be requested if the Rescue Mission Adventure Hook is used or if the GM bends the rumor in Oakhurst about them quite to make it more of a hook than additional information. It’s just barely conceivable that the rope on the pillar within the Ravine, the one the PCs climbed down on, may just give you the vaguest trace that someone else is also in the citadel lately, is also human, and could also be lost and the PCs will have to be come what may keen on all this enough to invite a query, but it seems not likely.

Adjustment to the above should be made accordingly if the PCs have by some means taken a distinct path to this encounter that avails them of more hints and clues.

Note that the Development phase says the GM determines the character of the aid the PCs obtain in the event that they safe the assistance of the kobolds (through convalescing the dragon). Good advice for GMs right here, particularly new ones (which is what this adventure was designed for, take note) is to take a look at what the party lacks or has been struggling with and believe filling that during. This might be anything including a scarcity of therapeutic parts, a specific piece of apparatus, a set of skills, or even some fighting energy in case you’ve got a birthday celebration of bards and beginner wizards trying to entertain their approach in the course of the dungeon. As the GM, you’ll have read the adventure beforehand, proper? So, you realize what is arising and what the celebration will want to maintain it. Don’t give them the whole lot and don’t trivialize the remainder of the adventure; select one or two slightly commonplace issues (No magic swords!) that may be useful but not ruinous and use those as the kobold’s assist here.

There are a number of keys right here within the Treasure phase. Not they all are in point of fact helpful and when you hand them out with no explanation you are almost guaranteed to sluggish the journey down as PCs take a look at every key in every locked door or chest between here and the Sword Coast. Either have Yusdrayl explain their use or give them some other method to grasp what they're for. Maybe little labels tied to them.

Make positive to learn Yusdrayl’s write-up on page 248 for extra about her angle to the PCs and more.

Probably perfect not to eat anything here. Word to the Wise.

Try to not let the PCs get sidetracked within the Underdark here if you expect to run all of the Citadel adventure. The Underdark, if you are new to those varieties of things, is a huge position with quite a lot of dangerous things occurring. And your PCs without a doubt didn’t come prepared to go there. You could use rumor, lore, half of remembered legends, or obviously marked warning signs to discourage them. Or it is advisable simply not point out the get right of entry to here in any respect. Unless you might be one of those GMs. Then go proper ahead.

The L-shaped corridor at the different aspect of this room is unlabeled and unnoted. You could put something in here. Or no longer. Are you a useful GM or a hurtful one?

The humanoid footprints listed below are a clue to the trail of the misplaced birthday party, just in case it isn’t totally clear.

Let’s all play with fire! Which is good. Before they do despite the fact that, consider they could wish to dangle on to this potion for house 55, later. Potions of Firebreath must work identical to the dragonborn breath weapon racial ability in the PHB.

Aside from that, it’s worth remembering that regulations for the armor magnificence and hit points of objects, comparable to doors, are positioned on pages 246 and 247 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide. You know, simply in case PCs can’t get a door open.

This is the second source of chronic flame up to now in the Citadel — the primary being the torch in area 12 where the Dragonpriest rests. Notice, both come with ‘lifeless’ guys and sarcophagi. Provided the PCs are cautious, they will by no means want to purchase torches again (see PHB page 227).

Night Caller is fascinating. Once per week someone can create one undead. The description as written (page 228 on this guide) doesn’t suggest the undead is underneath keep an eye on when created, however the spell it mimics does. Fun if the party wishes an additional, if restricted, combatant, but also to hand for packing extra baggage. Also a pride to make use of for lure checking out. At least as soon as, anyway.

Always considering.

Between the footprints in 28 and the prints and disabled traps in 29, that is the first actual, verifiable signal and indication of the lost adventuring birthday party itself. Again, relying at the rumors and Adventure Hooks in use, the PCs would possibly or would possibly not make the relationship. If the celebration is in earnest about finding the misplaced adventurers, the GM may want to emphasize the findings. Odd they didn’t peg the trap again in house 3.

GMs wishing to look their PCs act in humorous techniques will have to play the fountain here exactly as they played the fountain in 26. Try not to make it sound, as you provide an explanation for things, any other than you did then. Otherwise the PCs will know one thing is up. It is helping that they got one thing great from the earlier fountain.

At least the lost adventurers seem to be categorised. That’ll lead them to easier to type and catalog. Seems unusual that he misplaced birthday celebration would leave functional weapons at the back of. And a therapeutic potion. Clearly those individuals are amateurs. Definitely inexperienced taking into consideration they didn’t peg the entice at space Three in case of fast go out.

Oh hello. Your present PCs did that, proper?

Remember the rats are no doubt in ambush if the birthday celebration activated the fountain in 29 or hung out there for extraordinarily long. Unfortunately, ambush doesn’t supply an immediate receive advantages, it simply triggers wonder tests which you can examine on web page 189 of the PHB.

Note that the North wall of this chamber is only a half-wall. It’s now not easy to know by means of having a look on the tiny map. Nor does the outline of the room make that totally clear until you get into room 32.

Oh look! Lots of loose caltrops.

You realize we’re coming into goblins now. While it is, in fact, imaginable to negotiate with the goblins, it's much more difficult at this level as we were warned about previous. They’re opposed and probably much more so in case your PCs have brought kobolds with them. Not to mention kobolds being competitive in go back. You’ll most definitely want the Social Interaction regulations beginning on web page 244 of the DMG if the PCs need to sweet communicate their approach via.

Another low wall bisects this room. Again, hard to tell at the map.

The PCs will have to have experienced enough within the citadel thus far so that you could ask about the entirety but the twig blights and the fruit, relying on their starting rumors and Adventure Hooks.

The kobolds chained listed here are not likely to enroll in the celebration given their attitudes and the likelihood they will be dragged into fight in the event that they do. Probably best to only have them leg it out of there as they appear slightly likely to flee to protection on the first alternative anyway.

Erky Timbers shouldn’t be relied directly to fill in for a cleric correctly ready. He does something and something best. It’s nice to have two likelihood is that turning undead when you have a regular cleric as neatly, but Erky is basically a 5th degree commoner with limited use. The birthday party can kit him out with a few found weapons and armor, but he is not likely to be an important combatant. He knows issues even though, and — for GMs with an performing malicious program — may just have interaction with Meepo in a laugh tactics. Just don’t scouse borrow the show.

Tired of pit traps but? No? Carry on then.

Here is a lesson for GMs making their very own maps. To fill house at the map and save writing time, create multiple equivalent rooms and one description for they all. This is the third such set of rooms just on this map to this point. They have a form of purpose, however they are able to get very same-y if you happen to don’t spread them out with other, other, more fascinating encounters in between.

For fun, put a bathroom for your personal maps. No one ever contains bathrooms.

I wonder if Meepo is aware of the names of the wall kobolds here? Wouldn’t that be fascinating?

The scroll case discovered this is the primary link to further adventures in Forge of Fury later within the e book, so it could be perfect to make certain that the PCs a minimum of take a look at it for those who intend to run through it.

Have a laugh with the dragon battle. Keep in mind the PCs only get assist from kobolds and Yusdrayl in 21 in the event that they return with the dragon alive.

PCs may understand that the dragon is focused on Meepo and use this to their benefit. This is known as techniques and is perfectly appropriate. It’s no longer like Meepo is a full member of the celebration, is it? Remember that the kobolds don’t in particular care about Meepo’s wellbeing, so if he dies, no biggy. I ponder what that may say in regards to the PC’s alignment if they permit that to occur?

Clever PCs could check out dragging fights in any surrounding rooms to this room to benefit from the slight obscuring impact (PHB 183).

This is, of course, necessarily the similar come across as house 20, excluding with goblins. The twist here is bringing in the shaman, Grenel (read area 41 for the overall story on Grenel), from the adjoining room. To challenge the birthday party if they’ve been having a very easy time of it to this point.

If they’ve been having an exceptionally easy time, consider changing one or two non-combatant goblins into fighters just for a laugh. Be careful, regardless that. If you hit them too hard here the PCs won't have sufficient juice for the overall come upon with the bugbear chief and pals within the citadel’s remaining room.  Remember it's possible to bypass this come upon through the hallway from 39.

If the PCs had been having a troublesome time of it, however, it might be perfect to let the shaman from right here be pulled into area Forty if struggle occurs there. I notice this seems counter to what I said in 40, however it's important to decide which method to go with it in response to the birthday party’s efficiency so far. Removing the shaman from this room reduces one of the crucial things that may occur to the PCs all through the bugbear fight, however will increase the trouble of the fight in 40. Try to discover a steadiness if you are feeling the want to do either of this stuff.

Of direction, all of this is moot if the PCs can arrange to negotiate their method round, and there may be some complicated potential negotiation right here if it gets proper right down to it. Clever and glib-tongues PCs might be able to play Durnn and Grenel towards each other. Perhaps they are able to even come up with a mutually applicable way to steer clear of the majority of fight. This presumes either side can express their specific difficulties in some approach.

Finally, a near guaranteed come upon with a twig blight. I guess PCs could back observe and ask questions about twig monsters and such in the event that they sought after to, but that turns out an unlikely plan of action. At this level it's most likely best to only elevate on.

No fair pushing people down the shaft. Unless you push them in reality arduous and in point of fact rapid. That’s 8d6 attainable injury if you'll be able to organize it; sufficient to noticeably wound or kill maximum PCs at this stage. And then they have got to maintain everything in 42 of The Grove, in the event that they live to tell the tale.

Good luck to PCs attempting to get evidence of any other lost adventurer’s demise off Durnn in the event you’ve negotiated a ‘non violent’ conclusion to this stumble upon. Unless the PCs notice and suppose to make it part of the negotiation. Maybe they’ve had the signet ring or the armor described to them someday? Maybe a DC 15 Perception test may help?

This concludes the Fortress Level of Sunless Citadel. PCs will have to have enough enjoy to make degree two  after which some via now. Might be a good idea to take a breather sooner than heading into the following segment.

The Sunless Citadel Fortress Level as presented in Tales from the Yawning Portal isn’t too dangerous as dungeon crawls cross. Aside from the general come across, if negotiated, there’s nothing terribly complex about any of it. Despite some minor logic holes — which artful GMs will take as cues to fill in some details explicit to their own campaigns or worlds — the entirety hangs together somewhat well and offers a consistent enjoy. Some gamers and GMs may to find positive sections of it to be a little bit tedious, in particular once they get started running into the three different units of duplicated rooms and repetitive pit traps, but it surely does slowly ramp up into an increasing number of fascinating things, obviously main into the second half of of the adventure.

It doesn’t really feel as though we are learning much in regards to the citadel itself and what came about right here. The maximum fascinating feature, it’s sunkenness, is handiest to this point defined as the results of some type of undefined magical cataclysm. It’s attention-grabbing that it sunk, however as soon as within it, it doesn’t appear to topic except for the truth that some minor details of it are used to provide an explanation for the presence of a couple of NPC critters. There’s no twisted hallways, fractured rooms, or other things to suggest that one thing dangerous came about right here. Perhaps that gets advanced additional, later, however it doesn’t seem so.

I notice we’re a couple of years into the discharge of Dungeons Dragons 5e and that Sunless Citadel used to be intended as an introductory adventure to a previous edition but, they still do invoice it and praise it in Yawning Portal as an excellent beginning adventure. The drawback is, there is enough disregarded, between ebook references and main points it could be useful for the GM to have, that many new GMs will spend time taking a look up laws as a substitute of taking part in the adventure. Pushing all of the stats for some main NPCs into the appendices will mean flipping backward and forward to get the ideas a GM wishes to correctly run them. This guarantees to be an issue for the entire ebook. Add to that the want to not simplest look up other creatures in the Monster Manual, however to also then modify their stats in lots of cases and what you find yourself with is a good journey that is fiddly to run.

Average care by way of the PCs should see them effectively through the Fortress Level in a single or two periods depending on exactly how methodical they need to be. Careful parties will, of course, take longer and they likely won’t be a lot better off for it. Hasty avid gamers will actually run into some problems that may see them a little bit worse for wear by way of room 41.

In the following Fiddleback vs. Tales from the Yawning Portal, we’ll head into the Grove Level and notice what awaits us there.

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