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July 23, 2011 October 3, 2011 October 14, 2011 October 22, 2011 November 15, 2011 December 25, 2011 December 31, 2011 December 31, 2011 (QTV) April 16, 2012 April 16, 2012 April 16, 2012 November 9, 2012 March 22, 2013 May 26, 2014 July 12, 2014 June 14, 2016 July 24, 2018 (TET) August 15, 2018 (PLUS PLUS) October 25, 2018 List of episodes "Accidents Will Happen" is a SpongeBob SquarePantsSpongebob lron on Patches, Morale Patches for Clothing Jeans Jackets Backpack, Spongebob Squarepants Iron on Decals Embroidery Cloth Aesthetic DIY Kits (SpongeBob3) 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. $5.99 $ 5. 99. Get it once Tue, Mar 23. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped through Amazon.Shop for paisley pants online at Target. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more.Spongebob Squarepants - Whale of a BirthdayMr. Krabs wants to provide his daughter Pearl the best birthday ever and assigns SpongeBob the task of buying her a present. But to Mr. Krabs' surprise, his bank card has been maxed out by way of a SpongeBob birthday-buying bonanza!This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Accidents Will Happen" from season eight, which aired on July 18, 2011. [Transitions to the Krusty Krab, which is surrounded through boats. In his workplace, Mr. Krabs is checking his money data. He hears shouting from out of doors.] Mr...

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Expect a Minion with an F in Evil to bring pantyhose instead.. Examples. Advertising. An advertisment for Via Rail confirmed a check-in clerk at an airport donning a stocking masks and proceeding to rip the client off.; A Snickers industrial has a group of robbers dressed in stocking masks, however one messed up and wore fishnets instead.Denim Delight "I was grinding against my boyfriend's leg in high school and wound up coming all over his leg. I even got his jeans wet." —Grace*, 27 Birth PerksPlus Size Panties & Underwear. With gorgeous prints and flirty lace, Torrid's number of girls's plus dimension panties and lingerie are compatible better than any you might have ever worn.Banda sonora de Bob Esponja.Compuesta por David Lindup.Reproducida en:*¡Plankton! (Plankton!)*Cangrejo de Imitación (Imitation Krabs)*Tritón Man Contra Bob E...

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Stocking Mask - TV Tropes

"Son, you got a panty on your head." Advertisement:

You most certainly want to hide your face before, say, robbing a financial institution, to keep away from getting caught. But you totally forgot to incorporate that in your bank-robbing plan! You want something better than a Paper-Thin Disguise, but you'll't get professional sensible masks. Time for the Stocking Mask.

This trope is Truth in Television, as:

Stockings are affordable and to be had nearly all over; They're mild and easy to hide, while taking little time to put on or take off; They can give enough overlaying through distorting your face; Buying stockings is a mundane factor; which makes it a well-liked selection among masks.

However, a stocking mask additionally has disadvantages, similar to making the wearer's imaginative and prescient go fuzzy (of course you'll be able to lower out holes to reveal your eyes, however that may just complicate things), and very skinny stockings can not duvet your scars and such. And remember that, it simplest covers your face. Also, due to its reputation, any person wearing this sort of in the street shall be regarded as a Blatant Burglar.


Expect a Minion with an F in Evil to bring pantyhose as an alternative.


An advertisment for Via Rail showed a check-in clerk at an airport donning a stocking mask and proceeding to rip the buyer off. A Snickers industrial has a gaggle of robbers dressed in stocking masks, however one messed up and wore fishnets as an alternative.

Anime and Manga

In the first chapter of City Hunter, the villain places on this sort of to mug/extort his target. His victim did not recognize him till later, but the baddie takes to the air his masks in full view of the close by Ryo. During the primary Panty Hose Taro arc of Ranma ½, Panty Hose Taro threatens to put one of his pantyhoses over Akane's head if the heroes don't go together with his demands, whole with a demonstration of this trope (just to make her look silly).

Asian Animation

In Happy Heroes, the villains Big M. and Little M. incessantly wear socks for masks each time they try to thieve something. Lamput: In Season 3's "Reward", the medical doctors hotel to robbing bank to earn a living to provide to the lady inquiring for a praise for shooting Lamput. The medical doctors put on black socks as masks with holes lower in them and find some other crook wearing the similar roughly masks.


In the film Black Sisters Revenge, the bank robbers utilize this conceal. The crooks put on stockings to conceal their faces while pulling the Armed Blag on Tower Bridge initially of Circus of Fear. The serial rapist/killer in Eyes of a Stranger wears a stocking mask when he is out to homicide someone. In the movie version of Fantastic Mr. Fox, Ash has to do that with a sock as he lacks a balaclava. All of the criminals in Raising Arizona do that at one point or another. RocknRolla: The Wild Bunch use this hide to accomplish the money heist at the Russians. The mall robbers from the primary struggle of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze had been like this. In Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, So-young and her husband wear stocking masks all the way through the bank robbery they. The stocking have a snakeskin trend on them, and—in all probability as a result of they're more opaque than regular stockings—they have got minimize eye and mouth holes in them. The Way of the Gun. Parker evenly walks in opposition to the two men guarding their goal, whilst pulling a stocking over his head. Her bodyguards step in front of the woman they're protective and succeed in for his or her guns, just for Longbaugh (who is dressed in a dust mask) to snatch her while their backs are turned.


In Big Trouble, Snake and Eddie dressed in pantyhose as masks, having shoplifted two pairs of "Hanes Control Top, for the full-figured woman, in jet black." In Blaze, Dumb Muscle Blaze robs a grocery retailer however forgets to put the stocking on. Fortunately, he scares the salesclerk such a lot that he cannot be mindful the rest to identify him. Blaze later comes back to the similar store, this time wearing the stocking, or even issues it out to the clerk. In one of the Discworld books, The Truth, somebody tells the Watch that they will be capable to identify the robber as a result of "not many people wear a stocking on their head." In In Cold Blood, the fundamental villains imagine getting stockings to disguise their identities, and talk over with a clinic to get black stockings from a nun. But since it could be so awkward to invite, they abandon the speculation altogether. If that they had used them, the homicide of 4 innocents throughout their failed robbery won't have took place in any respect.

Live Action TV

1000 Ways to Die had a variation of this with a would-be robber. As he is about to rob a convenience retailer, he dons a couple of pantyhose. Then he enters the adjoining store. A gun shop. As is the norm with this show, it doesn't end smartly... word  Adam-12 had a shop theft with those. The guys tried to break out with hostages, however the officials hid themselves in this sort of approach that they may grasp them on the method out—with the help of a girl hostage and her Combat Stilettos—and the break out was thwarted. The masks are then pulled off. Barney Miller: In one episode, Yamana took a choice from a witness at a mugging, who stated that the two muggers had been dressed in stockings over their heads. Yamana then instructed Barney, "She said one looked darker than the other. She wasn't sure if it was because of skin color or personal taste in nylons." The Benny Hill Show. Benny plays the villainous Ernest Potts, whose gang is presented robbing a shop. Unfortunately Potts' stocking mask is stretched so tight over his mouth the store clerk cannot perceive what he is saying, so Potts takes to the air the stocking with a purpose to be understood (showing his face in the process). The clerk recognizes the notorious villain, inflicting Potts to panic and flee. As his gang apply him, two of them get caught within the door as they are wearing one pantyhose (i.e., stockings with two legs) over their heads, so they are able to't transfer around separately from every other. As had been the two ice cream shop robbers from the Freddie Wong vid Don't F With My Cream. Father Brown: Worn by means of the robbers-turned-kidnappers in "The Great Train Robbery". A Flashback on My Name Is Earl presentations Earl stealing books from a bookstall dressed in pantyhose over his head. A Played for Laughs allusion on MythBusters — at one point in a build, Tory took a spoil from stuffing dead quail into fishnet stockings, pulled one stocking over his head, and began enjoying robber. This was usual apparatus for the Trailer Park Boys every time they dedicated an armed robbery.


The video for Eagle-Eye Cherry's "Save Tonight" begins with a man buying stockings in a store. He robs a close-by butcher not up to a minute later.

Video Games

Ryder in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas attempts to rob a pizza joint this way, aside from it hilariously backfires due to him already attempting the exact same stunt in the past, which has the owner go "Ryder? Not this shit again!" since he recognizes his small stature. The second Ryder turns his back, the landlord pulls out a shotgun and fights again.

Western Animation

American Dad!: In the season 2 episode "Dungeons and Wagons". Roger dons pantyhose on his head to rob a shop. He then proceeds to expire and get beat up by way of the house owners after robbing them. In the season 6 episode "Flirting With Disaster", Lorraine dons pantyhose on her head earlier than throwing acid onto Francine's face. The Simpsons In "Treehouse Of Horror VI" Homer dons a stocking over his head prior to stealing the giant Lard Lad doughnut. The Lard Lad statue involves life and he is not glad. Spongebob Squarepants: In the episode "The Secret Box", Spongebob uses a stocking as a mask with a view to sneak into Patrick's area to find out what he had within the field. When Spongebob places on the stocking, his head in brief acquires the form of a human leg. As noticed by way of the current symbol, SpongeBob and Patrick use socks as balaclavas to rob a bank to get into (a apparently all-female) prison and get Mrs. Puff again into commonplace lifestyles. It is going as well as you can be expecting. The Powerpuff Girls put on those when showing the Amoeba Boys learn how to rob a financial institution in a single episode. It Makes Sense in Context.

Real Life

Real existence robbers are well-known for this for reasons stated above, and quite a lot of such examples can also be discovered when you try googling "stocking mask robber" or such.

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