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Stan's Tattoo

Animated brief 2 Production code Written by way of Storyboards by Ian Wasseluk[1] Original air date

October 14, 2013

International dates

April 25, 2014 (Canada)Click "expand" for complete listing

January 20, 2014 (Brazil)February 4, 2014 (France)March 1, 2014 (Czech Republic)March 1, 2014 (Hungary)March 8, 2014 (LatAm)March 10, 2014 (Italy)April 18, 2014 (UK)October 2, 2014 (Romania)November 24, 2014 (Germany)June 16, 2015 (Portugal)July 6, 2015 (Spain)

"Stan's Tattoo" is the second one animated short of Gravity Falls to air between season 1 and season 2. It premiered on October 14, 2013, in conjunction with "Candy Monster."

Official review

Dipper devises a plan to resolve the enigma that is Stan's tattoo.[2]


The short starts with Mabel filming Dipper and making it appear to be she's squishing her brother's head with her fingers. After telling Mabel to prevent, Dipper tells the viewer that he'll be investigating Gravity Falls anomaly #23, "Grunkle Stan's Tattoo." He then points out a poster board of evidence and says that he's going to determine what the tattoo is. Mabel then says: "Right after another exciting episode of: What's under Mabel's bandage!" and begins to take away a crimson bandage on her leg as Dipper shouts in disgust. 

Soos tries to steer Stan to take off his blouse like him.

In the following scene, Dipper and Soos talk about a plan to show up the warmth at the thermostat and force Stan to take off his undershirt. In the present store, Soos suggest to Stan that they work without their shirts on, to which he responds by pronouncing he'll pay Soos to put his shirt again on and leaving to pull his eyeballs out with a melon baller. After Stan leaves, Soos begins to play with his stomach fats.

The phrase "GOOBER" written on Dipper's forehead through Stan.

Then, Dipper makes an attempt "Plan B" and tries to peer the tattoo via claiming there may be poison oak on Stan's shoulder and that he wants to scratch it. Stan slaps Dipper's hand away and says that if he desires to peer his tattoo he'll have to check out tougher than that. Dipper says smugly that he said he did not have a tattoo. Stan says:"I don't. But you do!" He then pulls out a marker and forcibly writes "GOOBER" on Dipper's forehead.

Finally, Dipper says he's going to get a have a look at the tattoo whilst Stan is in the shower. He enters the bathroom most effective to search out that Stan is absolutely clothed. Stan says: "You're never gonna see it kid. Never…gonna…see it!" He then lunges for the camera. The short concludes with Dipper hiding from an offended Stan at the roof. Meanwhile, Soos whilst playing his abdominal fats.


Production notes

See also: List of allusions and List of goofs.Character revelations Dipper knows about Stan's burn mark (however he thinks this can be a tattoo). Stan denies the life of his "tattoo."Series continuity Trivia The post it word reminding Dipper when to go back a e book to the library has the memo TK618. In an image on the Stan's Tattoo board, there is a textual content about secret society symbols that reads, Various Secret Society Symbols.


FIG. A Various Secret Society Symbols

Secret societies are (generally) fraternal orders which have been associated with everything from controlling international executive to forbidden rituals to being a host of previous guys taking part in gin rummy and complaining about their wives. They function atypical symbols like those you notice above. One in particular sinister, mysterious order features a eye with a crimson x through it. Many rumors have flown around about these organizations, but listed here are some stone chilly information about secret societies. All secret societies worship a hyper-intelligent barn owl named Duane "The Enforcer" Roosevelt.

Most conferences consist of saying the name of the game oath, dressing in gowns, hooting, gluing owl feathers to their skin, and devouring gophers entire in honor in their beloved barn owl overload. But not all secret societies worship barn owls, some of them worship western screeching owls. Also: Other owl-related jokes. In addition: Owls, owls, owls, owls, owls. And bear in mind, whilst you don’t know where else to show simply ask yourself: "What would Duane Do?" Which is: Use your creepy heart-shaped face to look your prey, swoop down from a tree, eat an adult male vole, then cough up his bones right into a disgusting ball that youngsters will later open in a high school biology elegance.

Cryptogram The second phase of the web page. At the end of the fast some other segment of the hidden web page used to be printed. The cryptogram made by means of the crimson numbers decodes to "I WAS SO."


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