Power Rangers Casting

For the primary season and a half, the Power Rangers cast were given alongside well because the display changed into a monster hit and made them famous. However, midway via the second season, Austin St. John (Jason), Walter Jones (Zack) and Thuy Trang (Trini) left once they demanded more money. So a trio of recent Rangers have been selected, with Karan Ashley cast as AishaPower Rangers Beast Morphers season 2 is in complete swing, however it's nearing that time when a new cast is handed the baton. At this yr's Toy Fair Hasbro introduced that season 28 of the show will probably be...One of the most anticipated unearths though surrounded the impending season Power Rangers Dino Fury, in particular the professional expose of the rest of the forged, and we're thrilled to provide you with yourFor "Power Rangers Beast Morphers," the casting director was Iris Hampton, who also found talent for "Power Rangers Megaforce," "Power Rangers Dino Charge," and "Power Rangers Ninja Steel," among...Power Rangers is a reboot of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television sequence produced by means of SCG Films, Temple Hill Entertainment and Toei Company, it'll be the fourth Power Rangers film. 1 Production 2 Synopsis 3 Plot 4 Characters 4.1 Rangers 4.2 Allies 4.3 Supporting Characters 4.4 Villains 5 Zords 6 Cast 6.1 Crew 7 Errors 8 Notes 9 See Also 10 External links 11 References In a

Power Rangers Now Casting for New Season

With Russell Curry, Hunter Deno, Kainalu Moya, Tessa Rao. When a military of powerful alien beings is unleashed on Earth threatening life as we understand it, a brand-new group of Power Rangers, fueled by the prehistoric power of the dinosaurs, are recruited to take care of the risk.Power rangers 2 is a superb for me you will have to put Austin St. John in it and put it in redbox s for dvd and it will have to be released in the film thetor in 2021 in augest 13Power Rangers Games. Power Rangers is a well-liked frenchise constructed around a superhero series the place the main heroes - power rangers are combating in opposition to other evil enemies which are looking to invade the earth. As soon as this superhero sequence had been introduced in August 28, it turned into highly regarded among kids.Hampton has been a major a part of the Power Rangers casting process dating again to Power Rangers In Space, which premiered on TV airwaves in 1998. Aspiring candidates are inspired to touch their casting businesses and managers for more main points in mid-March. The Power Rangers season will Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Super Sentai's 2012 season.

Power Rangers Now Casting for New Season

Power Rangers: Get To Know The Cast of Dino Fury (Exclusive)

Power Rangers Mystic Force is the latest season to be broadcast in Japan on Toei Channel in January 2014, with the Magiranger solid voicing their opposite numbers. After broadcast of Power Rangers led to South Korea with Wild Force, Bandai of Korea started airing dubbed Super Sentai series underneath the 파워레인저 (Power Ranger) emblem on JEI TV.List of Power Rangers forged members. Jump to navigation Jump to look. This is an inventory of major and routine solid contributors in the Power Rangers franchise, broken down via seasons. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1995) Austin St. John-- Jason Lee Scott-- Red Ranger I; Thuy TrangMighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1996) Series Cast & Crew. Directed by (21) Writing credits (40) Cast (209) Produced by way of (16) Music through (4) Cinematography by (1) Film Editing via (8) Casting By (2) Production Design by (1) Art Direction via (1) Set Decoration by way of (1) Costume Design by (2) Makeup Department (8) Production Management (4) SecondPower Rangers is an upcoming American animated tv collection. It is based on the Power Rangers franchise, retelling the Mighty Morphin tale. It will air on Cartoon Network someday Fall 2021. 1 Plot 2 Episodes 3 Cast 3.1 Principal Voice Cast 3.2 Additional Voice Cast 4 Crew 5 Production 6 Toyline 7 Release 8 Reception 8.1 Ratings 8.2 Critical Reception 8.3 Accolades 9 BroadcastingPower Rangers TQG (Train Quantum Guardians) is the fanfiction twenty eighth season of Power Rangers, in keeping with Ressha Sentai ToQger. 1 Theme Song 2 Synopsis 3 Characters 3.1 Train Quantum Guardians 3.2 Allies 3.2.1 Rainbow Line 3.2.2 Galaxy Line 3.2.3 Other Allies 3.3 Villains 3.3.1 Shadow Line 3.3.2 Others 4 Arsenal 4.1 Morphing Devices 4.2 Multi-Use Devices 4.3 Sidearms 4.4 Individual Weapons & Team

List of Power Rangers cast members

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This is an inventory of main and routine forged contributors within the Power Rangers franchise, broken down by way of seasons.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1995)

Austin St. John -- Jason Lee Scott -- Red Ranger I Thuy Trang (deceased) -- Trini_Kwan -- Yellow Ranger I Walter Emanuel Jones -- Zachary "Zack" Taylor -- Black Ranger I Amy Jo Johnson -- Kimberly Ann Hart -- Pink Ranger I David Yost -- Billy Cranston -- Blue Ranger Jason David Frank -- Tommy Oliver -- Green & White Ranger Johnny Yong Bosch -- Adam Park -- Black Ranger II Karan Ashley -- Aisha Campbell -- Yellow Ranger II Steve Cardenas -- Rocky DeSantos -- Red Ranger II Catherine Sutherland -- Katherine "Kat" Hillard -- Pink Ranger II Paul Schrier -- Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier Jason Narvy -- Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch Richard Genelle (deceased) -- Ernie Gregg Bullock -- Lt. Jerome Stone Royce Herron -- Ms. Appleby Machiko Soga (deceased) -- Rita Repulsa [Zyuranger photos] Barbara Goodson -- Rita Repulsa [voice actor] Ed Neil -- Lord Zedd [suit actor] Robert Axelrod (deceased) -- Lord Zedd & Finster [voice actor] Richard Steven Horvitz -- Alpha 5 [voice actor] David Fielding -- Zordon [Portrayal & Initially Voiced] Bob Manahan (deceased) -- Zordon [voice actor] Kerrigan Mahan -- Goldar [voice actor] Ami Kawai -- Scorpina [Zyuranger pictures] Bob Papenbrook (deceased) -- Rito Revolto [voice actor] Romy J. Sharf -- Alpha 5 [swimsuit actor] Audri Dubois -- Trini Kwan -- Yellow Ranger [Pilot most effective]

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (1996)

Rajia Baroudi -- Delphine -- White Ranger David Bacon -- Aurico -- Red Ranger Alan Palmer -- Corcus -- Black Ranger Karim Prince -- Cestro -- Blue Ranger Jim Gray -- Tideus -- Yellow Ranger Michael R. Gotto -- Young Tommy Oliver Michael J. O'Laskey -- Young Rocky DeSantos Matthew Sakimoto -- Young Adam Park Sicily Selwell -- Young Aisha Campbell Julia Jordan -- Young Katherine "Kat" Hillard Justin Timsit -- Young Billy Cranston David Yost -- Billy Cranston Cody Slaton -- Young Bulk Ross J. Samya -- Young Skull

Power Rangers Zeo (1996)

Catherine Sutherland -- Katherine "Kat" Hillard -- Pink Ranger Nakia Burrise -- Tanya Sloan -- Yellow Ranger Steve Cardenas -- Rocky DeSantos -- Blue Ranger Johnny Yong Bosch -- Adam Park -- Green Ranger Jason David Frank -- Tommy Oliver -- Red Ranger Austin St. John -- Jason Lee Scott -- Gold Ranger II David Yost -- Billy Cranston Paul Schrier -- Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier Jason Narvy -- Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch Richard Genelle (deceased) -- Ernie Bob Manahan (deceased) -- Zordon [voice actor] Gregg Bullock -- Lt./Det. Jerome Stone Ed Neil -- Lord Zedd [swimsuit actor] Robert Axelrod (deceased) -- Lord Zedd [voice actor] Barbara Goodson -- Rita Repulsa & Prince Sprocket [voice actor] David Stenstrom -- King Mondo [voice actor] Alex Borstein -- Queen Machina [voice actor] Kerrigan Mahan -- Goldar [voice actor] Bob Papenbrook (deceased) -- Rito Revolto [voice actor] Erik Frank (deceased) -- David Trueheart Brad Hawkins -- Gold Ranger I [voice actor] Tom, Tim, & Ted DiFilippo -- Gold Ranger I

Power Rangers Turbo (1997)

Jason David Frank -- Tommy Oliver -- Red Ranger I Blake Foster -- Justin Stewart -- Blue Ranger Johnny Yong Bosch -- Adam Park -- Green Ranger I Nakia Burrise -- Tanya Sloan -- Yellow Ranger I Catherine Sutherland -- Katherine "Kat" Hillard Pink Ranger I Selwyn Ward -- T.J. Johnson -- Red Ranger II Roger Velasco -- Carlos Vallerte -- Green Ranger II Tracy Lynn Cruz -- Ashley Hammond -- Yellow Ranger II Patricia Ja Lee -- Cassie Chan -- Pink Ranger II Carol Hoyt -- Divatox [ep. 1-25] & Dimitria Hilary Shepard Turner -- Divatox [ep. 26-45] Paul Schrier -- Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier Jason Narvy -- Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch Gregg Bullock -- Jerome Stone Katerina Luciani -- Alpha 6 [voice actor] Derek Stephen Prince -- Elgar [voice actor] Lex Lang -- Rygog [voice actor] Scott Page-Pagter -- Porto [voice actor] David Walsh -- Blue Senturion [voice actor] Ali Afshar/Alex Todd -- Phantom Ranger [voice actor]

Power Rangers in Space (1998)

Christopher Khayman Lee -- Andros -- Red Ranger Roger Velasco -- Carlos Vallerte -- Black Ranger Selwyn Ward -- T.J. Johnson -- Blue Ranger Tracy Lynn Cruz -- Ashley Hammond -- Yellow Ranger Patricia Ja Lee -- Cassie Chan -- Pink Ranger Justin Nimmo -- Zhane -- Silver Ranger Melody Perkins -- Astronema / Karone Paul Schrier -- Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier Jason Narvy -- Eugene "Skull" Skullovitch Jack Banning (deceased) -- Professor Phenomenus Hilary Shepard Turner -- Divatox Aloma Wright -- Adelle Ferguson Wendee Lee -- Alpha 6 [voice actor] Lex Lang -- Ecliptor [voice actor] Christopher Cho -- Dark Spector [voice actor] Steve Kramer -- Darkonda [voice actor]

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999)

Danny Slavin -- Leo Corbett -- Red Ranger Reggie Rolle -- Damon Henderson -- Green Ranger Archie Kao -- Kai Chen -- Blue Ranger Cerina Vincent -- Maya -- Yellow Ranger Valerie Vernon -- Kendrix Morgan -- Pink Ranger I Russell Lawrence -- Mike Corbett -- Magna Defender II Melody Perkins -- Karone -- Pink Ranger II Amy Miller -- Trakeena Paul Schrier -- Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier Kerrigan Mahan -- Magna Defender I [voice actor] Wendee Lee -- Alpha 6 [voice actor] Kim Strauss -- Scorpius [voice actor] Tom Wyner -- Furio [voice actor] Derek Stephen Prince -- Treacheron [voice actor] Bob Papenbrook (deceased) -- Deviot [voice actor] David Lodge -- Villamax [voice actor] Richard Cansino -- Kegler [voice actor] Mike Lee Reynolds -- Captain Mutiny [voice actor] Tom Whyte -- Commander Stanton

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000)

Sean Cw Johnson -- Carter Grayson -- Red Ranger Michael Chaturantabut -- Chad Lee -- Blue Ranger Keith Robinson -- Joel Rawlings -- Green Ranger Sasha Craig -- Kelsey Winslow -- Yellow Ranger Alison MacInnis -- Dana Mitchell -- Pink Ranger Rhett Fisher -- Ryan Mitchell -- Titanium Ranger Monica Louwerens -- Miss Angela Fairweather Ron Roggé -- Capt. William Mitchell Jennifer L. Yen -- Vypra Diane Salinger -- Queen Bansheera [voice actor] Michael Forest -- Prince Olympius [voice actor] Neil Kaplan -- Diabolico [voice actor] David Lodge -- Loki [voice actor] Kim Strauss -- Jinxer [voice actor]

Power Rangers Time Force (2001)

Jason Faunt -- Alex Drake / Wes Collins -- Red Ranger Michael Copon -- Lucas Kendall -- Blue Ranger Kevin Kleinberg -- Trip Regis -- Green Ranger Deborah Estelle Phillips -- Katie Walker -- Yellow Ranger Erin Cahill -- Jennifer "Jen" Scotts -- Pink Ranger Daniel Southworth -- Eric Myers -- Quantum Ranger Vernon Wells -- Ransik Kate Sheldon -- Nadira Edward Albert (deceased) -- Mr. Albert Collins Brianne Siddall -- Circuit [voice actor] Ken Merckx -- Dr. Michael Zaskin Eddie Frierson -- Frax [voice actor]

Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)

Ricardo Medina, Jr. -- Cole Evans -- Red Lion Ranger Alyson Suzanne Kiperman -- Taylor Earhardt -- Yellow Eagle Ranger Phillip Jeanmarie -- Max Cooper -- Blue Shark Ranger Jessica Rey -- Alyssa Enrilé -- White Tiger Ranger Jack Guzman -- Danny Delgado -- Black Bison Ranger Phillip Andrew -- Merrick Baliton -- Lunar Wolf Ranger Ann Marie Crouch -- Princess Shayla Ilia Volok -- Master Org / Viktor Adler Sin Wong -- Toxica Danny Wayne Stallcup -- Jindrax [voice actor] Charles Gideon Davis -- Animus [go well with actor & voice actor] Ken Merckx -- Nayzor [voice actor] Ezra Weisz & Barbara Goodson -- Mandilok [voice actors] Lex Lang -- Zen-Aku [voice actor]

Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)

Pua Magasiva (deceased) -- Shane Clarke -- Red Ranger Sally Martin -- Tori Hanson -- Blue Ranger Glenn McMillan -- Waldo "Dustin" Brooks -- Yellow Ranger Adam Tuominen -- Hunter Bradley -- Crimson Ranger Jorgito Vargas, Jr. -- Blake Bradley -- Navy Ranger Jason Chan -- Cameron "Cam" Watanabe -- Green Ranger Grant McFarland -- (deceased) Sensei Watanabe / Lothor Katrina Devine -- Marah Katrina Browne -- Kapri Megan Nicol -- Kelly Halloway Peter Rowley -- Zurgane [voice actor] Bruce Hopkins -- Choobo [voice actor] Michael Hurst -- Vexacus [voice actor] Craig Parker -- Motodrone [voice actor] Jeremy Birchall -- Shimazu [voice actor]

Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)

James Napier Robertson -- Conner McKnight -- Red Ranger Kevin Duhaney -- Ethan James -- Blue Ranger Emma Lahana -- Kira Ford -- Yellow Ranger Jason David Frank -- Tommy Oliver -- Black Ranger Jeffrey Parazzo -- Trent Fernandez-Mercer -- White Ranger Ismay Johnston -- Hayley Ziktor Miriama Smith -- Elsa / Principal Randall Latham Gaines -- Mesogog [voice actor]] / Dr. Anton Mercer Katrina Devine -- Cassidy Cornell Tom Hern -- Devin Del Valle James Gaylyn -- Zeltrax [voice actor]

Power Rangers S.P.D. (2005)

Brandon Jay McLaren -- Jack Landors -- Red Ranger Chris Violette -- Schuyler "Sky" Tate -- Blue Ranger Matt Austin -- Bridge Carson -- Green Ranger Monica May -- Elizabeth "Z" Delgado -- Yellow Ranger Alycia Purrott -- Sydney "Syd" Drew -- Pink Ranger John Tui -- Anubis "Doggie" Cruger -- Shadow Ranger Michelle Langstone -- Dr. Kat Manx -- Kat Ranger Kelson Henderson -- Boom Barnie Duncan -- Piggy [voice actor] Rene Naufahu -- Emperor Gruumm [voice actor] Josephine Davison -- Morgana Olivia James-Baird -- Mora Jim McLarty -- Broodwing [voice actor] Paul Norell -- Supreme Commander Fowler Birdy [voice actor] Tandi Wright -- Isinia Cruger [voice actor] Beth Allen -- Ally Samuels Gina Varela -- Charlie -- A-Squad Red Ranger

Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006)

Firass Dirani -- Nick Russell / Bowen -- Red Ranger Richard Brancatisano -- Xander Bly -- Green Ranger Melanie Vallejo -- Madison "Maddie" Rocca -- Blue Ranger Nic Sampson -- Charlie "Chip" Thorn -- Yellow Ranger Angie Diaz -- Vida "V" Rocca -- Pink Ranger John Tui -- Daggeron -- Solaris Knight Peta Rutter (deceased) -- Udonna -- White Ranger Chris Graham -- Leanbow -- Wolf Warrior Antonia Prebble -- Clare Langtree / The Gatekeeper / Niella Barnie Duncan -- Toby Slambrook Kelson Henderson -- Phineas Holly Shanahan -- Leelee Primvare Geoff Dolan -- Koragg the Knight Wolf [voice actor] Oliver Driver -- Jenji [voice actor] John Leigh -- Octomus the Master [voice actor] Donogh Rees -- Necrolai [voice actor] Andrew Robertt -- Morticon [voice actor] Stuart Devine -- Imperious [voice actor]

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007)

James MacLurcan -- Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford -- Red Ranger Samuell Benta -- Will Aston -- Black Ranger Gareth Yuen -- Dax Lo -- Blue Ranger Caitlin Murphy -- Veronica "Ronny" Robinson -- Yellow Ranger Rhoda Montemayor -- Rose Ortiz -- Pink Ranger Dwayne Cameron -- Tyzonn -- Mercury Ranger Rod Lousich -- Andrew Hartford David Weatherley -- Spencer & Benglo Gerald Urquhart -- Flurious [voice actor] Kelson Henderson -- Norg & Mig [voice actor] Ria Vandervis -- Miratrix Beth Allen -- Vella Nic Sampson -- Sentinel Knight [voice actor] Mark Ferguson -- Moltor [voice actor] Adam Gardiner -- Kamdor [voice actor]

Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008)

Jason Smith -- Casey Rhodes -- Red Ranger Aljin Abella -- Theo Martin -- Blue Ranger Anna Hutchison -- Lily Chilman -- Yellow Ranger David de Lautour -- Robert "RJ" James -- Wolf Ranger Nikolai Nikolaeff -- Dominic "Dom" Hargan -- Rhino Ranger Sarah Thomson -- Fran Nathaniel Lees -- Master Mao Bruce Allpress (deceased) -- Master Phant Oliver Driver -- Master Swoop Paul Gittins -- Master Fin Stig Eldred -- Master Rilla Andrew Laing -- Master Lope Michelle Langstone -- Master Guin Bede Skinner -- Jarrod Holly Shanahan -- Camille Geoff Dolan -- Dai Shi [voice actor] Cameron Rhodes -- Carrnisor [voice actor] Elisabeth Easther -- Jellica [voice actor] Derek Judge -- Grizzaka [voice actor]

Power Rangers RPM (2009)

Eka Darville -- Scott Truman -- Red Ranger Ari Boyland -- Flynn McAllistair -- Blue Ranger Rose McIver -- Summer Landsdown -- Yellow Ranger Milo Cawthorne -- Ziggy Grover -- Green Ranger Daniel Ewing -- Dillon -- Black Ranger Mike Ginn -- Gem -- Gold Ranger Li Ming Hu -- Gemma -- Silver Ranger James Gaylyn -- Colonel Mason Truman Olivia Tennet -- Dr. K Adelaide Kane -- Tenaya 7/15 Andrew Liang -- Venjix Virus [voice actor] Charlie McDermott -- General Crunch [voice actor] Mark Mitchinson -- General Shifter [voice actor] Leighton Cardno -- General Kilobyte [voice actor]

Power Rangers Samurai & Super Samurai (2011-2012)

Alex Heartman -- Jayden Shiba -- Red Ranger I Erika Fong -- Mia Watanabe -- Pink Ranger Hector David Jr. -- Mike Fernandez -- Green Ranger Najee De-Tiege -- Kevin Douglas -- Blue Ranger Brittany Anne Pirtle -- Emily Stewart -- Yellow Ranger Steven Skyler -- Antonio Garcia -- Gold Ranger Kimberley Crossman -- Lauren Shiba -- Red Ranger II Felix Ryan -- Spike Skullovitch Rene Naufahu -- Mentor Ji Paul Schrier -- Farkas "Bulk" Bulkmeier Jeff Szusterman -- Master Xandred & Octoroo [voice actor] Kate Elliott -- Dayu [voice actor] Ricardo Medina Jr. "Rick Medina" -- Deker Derek Judge -- Serrator [voice actor]

Power Rangers Megaforce & Super Megaforce (2013-2014)

Andrew Gray -- Troy Burrows -- Red Ranger Ciara Hanna -- Gia Moran -- Yellow Ranger John Mark Loudermilk -- Noah Carver -- Blue Ranger Christina Masterson -- Emma Goodall -- Pink Ranger Azim Rizk -- Jake Holling -- Black & Green Ranger Cameron Jebo -- Orion -- Silver Ranger Ian Harcourt -- Mr. Burley Shailesh Prajapati -- Ernie Chris Auer -- Robo Knight [voice actor] Geoff Dolan -- Gosei [voice actor] Estevez Gillespie -- Tensou [voice actor] Jason Hood -- Vrak [voice actor] Stephen Butterworth -- Prince Vekar [voice actor] Campbell Cooley -- Admiral Malkor [voice actor] Mark Mitchinson -- Creepox [voice actor] Rebecca Parr -- Levira [voice actor] John Leigh -- Damaras [voice actor] Mark Wright -- Argus [voice actor]

Power Rangers Dino Charge & Dino Super Charge (2015-2016)

Brennan Mejia -- Tyler Navarro -- Red Ranger James Davies -- Chase Randall -- Black Ranger Yoshi Sudarso -- Koda -- Blue Ranger Michael Taber -- Riley Griffin -- Green Ranger Camille Hyde -- Shelby Watkins -- Pink Ranger Davi Santos -- Sir Ivan of Zandar -- Gold Ranger Reuben Turner -- James Navarro & Dan Musgrove (voice) -- Aqua Ranger Jarred Blakiston -- Prince Philip III -- Graphite Ranger Claire Blackwelder -- Kendall Morgan -- Purple Ranger II Alistair Browning (deceased) -- Zenowing -- Silver Ranger [voice actor] Eve Gordon -- Keeper [suit actor] Richard Simpson -- Keeper [voice actor] Paul Harrop -- Fury [voice actor] Adam Gardiner -- Sledge [voice actor] Paul Harrop -- Fury [voice actor] Estevez Gillespie -- Wrench & Curio [voice actor] Jackie Clarke -- Poisandra [voice actor] Ryan Carter -- Heckyl Campbell Cooley -- Snide [voice actor] Andy Grainger -- Lord Arcanon [voice actor] Mark Mitchinson -- Singe [voice actor]

Power Rangers Ninja Steel & Super Ninja Steel (2017-2018)

William Shewfelt -- Brody Romero -- Red Ranger Peter Sudarso -- Preston Tien -- Blue Ranger Nico Greetham -- Calvin Maxwell -- Yellow Ranger Zoë Robins -- Hayley Foster -- White Ranger Chrystiane Lopes -- Sarah Thompson -- Pink Ranger Jordi Webber -- Levi Weston / Aiden Romero -- Gold Ranger Byron Coll -- Redbot [voice actor] Caleb Bendit -- Monty Chris Reid -- Victor Vincent Kelson Henderson -- Mick Kanic Richard Simpson -- Galvanax [voice actor] Jacque Drew -- Madame Odius [voice actor] Campbell Cooley -- Cosmo Royale & Ripcon [voice actor] Marissa Stott -- Badonna [voice actor] Amanda Billing -- Principal Hastings Claire Chitham -- Mrs. Finch

Power Rangers Beast Morphers (2019-2020)

Rorrie D. Travis as Devon Daniels -- Red Ranger Jasmeet Baduwalia as Ravi Shaw -- Blue Ranger Jacqueline Scislowski as Zoey Reeves -- Yellow Ranger Abraham Rodriguez as Nate Silva -- Gold Ranger Jamie Linehan as Steel -- Silver Ranger [voice actor] Colby Strong as Blaze Liana Ramirez as Roxy Cosme Flores as Ben Burke Kristina Ho as Betty Burke Teuila Blakely -- Commander Shaw Andrew Laing -- Evox/Venjix [voice actor] Campbell Cooley -- Scrozzle [voice actor] Kelson Henderson -- Cruise [voice actor] Charlie McDermott -- Smash [voice actor] Emmett Skilton -- Jax [voice actor] Kevin Copeland -- Mayor Adam Daniels Mark Wright -- General Burke

Power Rangers Dino Fury (2021-)

Russell Curry as Zayto -- Red Dino Fury Ranger[1][2][3] Hunter Deno as Amelia Jones -- Pink Dino Fury Ranger[1][2][3] Kai Moya as Oliver Akana "Ollie" -- Blue Dino Fury Ranger[1][2][3] Tessa Rao as Isabella Garcia "Izzy"-- Green Dino Fury Ranger[1][2][3] Chance Perez as Javier Garcia "Javi" -- Black Dino Fury Ranger[1][2][3] Shavaughn Ruakere -- Dr. Lani Akana Blair Strang -- Warden Garcia Josephine Davison -- Solon [voice actress] [4] Kira Josephson -- Jane Victoria Abbott -- J-Borg[5] Benny Joy Smith as Annie[6] Noah Paul -- Stan Mayhen Meta -- Astronomer[7] Darien Takle -- Madame Indigo[8] Jared Turner -- Void Knight [voice actor] [3] Torum Heng -- Mucus [voice actress] Mark Mitchinson -- Boomtower [voice actor][3]


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