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On June 7, 1692, Port Royal, Jamaica, the pirate-haven that had been hailed "the wickedest city on Earth", was engulfed in a tidal wave. It was a city so overrun with liquor, slavers, and prostitution that one in each four structures used to be both a bar or a brothel.Pirate Haven is a kind of visitable position in Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004). They belong to the Pirate Faction. Pirate Havens are small transient settlements, where Buccaneers and other Pirates collect. They generally tend to spring up near to busy industry routes. Pirate Havens are in several places from recreation to sport. Sometimes probably the most Top Ten Pirates is also found in place of abode from recreation to sportThe Pirate Haven in Madagascar The documentary exclusively makes a speciality of the Caribbean, however that was now not the one thriving pirate stronghold on the time. Madagascar was once home to a number of pirate havens all over the Golden Age, and many of the most famed and a hit pirates of the time operated out of Madagascar to prey on ships within the Indian Ocean.That mentioned, having pirate haven in one of your ports give that town significant buff to either tax, business or both (once more see icon and tooltip). And as much as I will be able to inform, pirates would possibly not raid their place of origin. So you can attempt to transfer lot of pops there for great financial effect.Gather your captain, send, and crew: it's time to stake your claim at the mysterious and fractured international of Haven. The international is also shattered and drifting aside, however there's gold to be made for a pirate with an airship! Raid ports, tackle bounties, smuggle shipment, or face bad creatures...

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6 Famous Pirate Strongholds 1. Port Royal. During the "Golden Age of Piracy" within the past due seventeenth and early 18th centuries, Port Royal, Jamaica stood as... 2. St. Mary's Island. Peg-legged pirates and swashbuckling sea captains are normally associated with the Caribbean, however... 3. Tortuga. In the earlyPirate cove title generator . This title generator provides you with 10 random names for pirate coves, sanctuaries, hideouts and other bases of operation. The names are loosely based on both real and fictional names. The names are all in English, but if you want a extra unique sounding name, translating it into Spanish ceaselessly works.Pirate's Haven is a favorite atmosphere for anglers as we're strategically situated within a brief drive of six widely known salmon rivers and pools.The Republic of Pirates was the bottom or stronghold of a free confederacy run by means of privateers-turned-pirates in Nassau on New Providence island within the Bahamas for about eleven years from 1706 until 1718. Although now not a state or republic in a formal sense, it used to be ruled by way of its own informal 'Code of Conduct'. The activities of the pirates led to havoc with industry and shipping in the West Indies

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It was once encouraged in pirate society, and it was once the sort of standard apply that the horrified French governor shipped two thousand prostitutes to the pirate haven Tortuga in the hopes of ending the observe, as a result of it seems that prostitution was far more morally appropriate than allowing two males to be in a dedicated relationship.The remaining pirate haven to achieve prominence in the Caribbean used to be New Providence within the Bahamas. The colony was first founded in 1656, however those who owned its constitution had no interest in it and so few settlements prospered. By 1670, New Providence had develop into a protected haven for pirates. According to AThe port town of Nassau, situated on New Providence island, is the capital of the Bahamas. In the Golden Age of Piracy, it was once infamous for being a pirate haven. Nassau served because the capital of the "Pirate Republic," a pirate-run colony that existed in the Bahamas in the absence of English rule between 1706 and 1718.For thirty years or so, between about 1690 and 1723, Madagascar become haven to pirates, who used the island as a safe port from which they might sail and prey at the rich industry of the Indian Ocean. Toward the top of the 1700s, piracy within the Caribbean was on the decline - the Age of the Buccaneers was coming to a close.On June 7, 1692, a shattering match happened within the Caribbean Ocean that was once to change that part of the world forever. A terrible earthquake shook the island of Jamaica, a British territory and residential of Port Royal, the biggest British shipping port (and pirate haven) within the Americas.

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<Pirate Haven>


Mister Fantastic [200]


The Pirate [306]

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2016-08-23 23:32:02 [4 years, 221 days in the past]

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236,644,544 [76 days of tax]

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2,548 (x1.06)



..:: Pirate Haven ::..

Pirate Story:

What is Piracy and what is Pirate Haven? Despite what Johnny Depp thinks, pirates were not the rock stars of the 18th century, however Pirate Haven members certainly are the rock stars of Bots 4! Pirates have wreaked havoc in waters worldwide since other people first began crusing the seas. In Bots 4, as soon as we established Pirate Haven as our home base we wreaked havoc by plundering the vulnerable and hapless of their energy. As time marches on, the fictitious accounts of the common sea robber has created a romantic illusion of a pirate's life. Here in Bots Four we're simply simple outdated awesome and we don’t care what ye think! Pirate Haven is a spot the place pirates have the purpose of raping and pillaging power from as many vulnerable and inferior whore bots as conceivable. Even despite the fact that piracy dates again as far as historic Greece it still exists nowadays in some parts of the sector. In fact, Bots 4 just lately noticed the go back of essentially the most infamous pirates to ever set sail in the sport comparable to Blackbeard and his crew. Modern day pirates assault container ships, tanker ships, and every now and then even cruise ships within the seas near probably the most most widely known ports on the earth. Pirate Haven pirates simply assault vulnerable and pitiful whores in order to beat the sh!t out of them. They do not simply attack one time, they assault many times. After taking all of the energy the pirates go away to come again the next day to come to do it everywhere once more. The evil Pirate Haven pirates will continue to roam the huge seas of Bots 4 for as long as vital raping and pillaging as they cross. Have a nice day and don’t let the energy drain out of ye whores... Arr...

Monthly Clan Goals:

No goals what-so-ever...

Pirate Haven Hall Of Fame:

Pirate Haven - 10/31/2017 - Month Energy Total: 8,684,898(x10.18) - Clan Energy Record. Silence is Golden - 11/30/2018 - Bot Month Energy Total: 1,153,965(x26.69)- Single Bot Month Energy Record. Silence is Golden - 03/14/2019 - 10 Million+ Energy - Life Time Energy Record. Member Cosby - Top Wins & Energy In The Clan - Clan Records. Member MarvelVsCapcom - Tournament Champion With Various Bots & Most Tourney Points In The Clan. - Clan Records. Member The Pirate - Top Level Bot In the Clan - Clan Record.

Achievements: Month of Some Month, 20xx

Pirate Haven - Xrd position - x,xxx,xxx (x.xx) Some Bot - Xth place - xxx,xxx (xx.xx) Some Bot - Xth position - xxx,xxx (xx.xx) Some Bot - XXth place - xxx,xxx (xx.xx)


Clan Ranks:

Captain - The Pirate, Silence is Golden, MarvelVsCapcom First Mate - Whom Ever The Hell We Want In That Rank. Master Pirate - 2,500,000 Energy Cutthroat - 1,000,000 Energy Pirate - The Crew

Special Ranks will also be created if needed.

Recruiting & Requirements:

Pirate Haven is a wholly closed extended family and we will by no means admit you. Do now not ask for admittance and don't practice. Save yourself and us a while and forestall clicking observe. Thank you...

Clan Profile Last Updated on: Yes, the extended family's profile used to be updated. Cheers...


rank brand degree rank botname username plats wins losses ratio power energy month EPH standing organize 1 [43] Captain Silence is Golden Silence is Golden 24 483,104 1,888 255.88 15,651,043 186 (x1.55) 60 offline 2 [71] Cutthroat Little Bojana Little Goddess 1 23,909 94 254.35 2,749,158 174 (x1.45) 60 offline 3 [223] Master Pirate Maleficent Maleficent 12 150,736 15,328 9.83 5,585,261 136 (x1.13) 60 offline 4 [60] Cutthroat Dayman Dayman 2 15,186 99 153.39 2,482,503 132 (x1.10) 60 offline 5 [200] Master Pirate Master Blaster Master Blaster 4 51,508 5,418 9.51 3,263,324 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 6 [306] Pirate Blackbeard The Pirate 18 161,263 12,581 12.82 3,326,366 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 7 [48] Cutthroat MrZal1 MrZal1 3 12,715 1,309 9.71 1,493,177 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 8 [120] Cutthroat Deadpool2 Deadpool2 3 5,625 62 90.73 1,235,040 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 9 [77] Master Pirate Red Baron Red Baron 7 125,744 502 250.49 5,867,739 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 10 [200] Captain Mister Fantastic Mister Fantastic 6 47,808 3,201 14.94 1,508,020 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 11 [76] Master Pirate Sledge Hammer Anvil 9 196,683 736 267.23 6,582,185 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 12 [68] Master Pirate MarvelVsCapcom MarvelVsCapcom 7 147,849 148 998.98 4,138,086 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 13 [77] Master Pirate Scorpion XXX Scorpion XXX 3 85,383 338 252.61 3,725,109 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 14 [50] Cutthroat Tom Brady Tom Brady 1 16,075 102 157.60 2,630,384 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 15 [80] Cutthroat Untethered Untethered 1 25,390 101 251.39 1,571,234 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 16 [126] Cutthroat Omnis Omnis 2 26,162 242 108.11 1,573,844 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 17 [90] Cutthroat Harkonnen Harkonnen 2 855 22 38.86 1,234,945 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 18 [80] Cutthroat Goldox Goldox 1 5,040 89 56.63 1,942,989 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 19 [120] Cutthroat Maleficent II Maleficent II 2 3,423 120 28.53 1,851,198 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 20 [50] Cutthroat Luke Hobbs Luke Hobbs 1 5,140 22 233.64 1,544,802 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 21 [75] Cutthroat Splatoon2 Splatoon2 1 1,229 15 81.93 1,122,876 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 22 [90] Cutthroat Gothitelle Gothitelle 1 14,400 14 1,028.57 1,749,044 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 23 [55] Cutthroat Verdant Verdant 1 11,333 128 88.54 1,773,751 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 24 [50] Pirate Succubare Succubare 1 10,822 8 1,352.75 1,462,177 120 (x1.00) 60 offline 25 [47] Cutthroat Vetrin Vetrin 1 4,313 19 227.00 1,554,046 116 (x1.00) 58 offline 26 [40] Cutthroat Joeys Rattata Youngster Joey 1 23,217 5 4,643.40 1,829,800 104 (x1.00) 52 offline 27 [37] Cutthroat Amara Amara 1 19,065 154 123.80 1,656,955 88 (x1.00) 44 offline 28 [35] Cutthroat Miseria Cantare Miseria Cantare 3 48,362 138 350.45 3,000,787 86 (x1.00) 43 offline 29 [35] Cutthroat Agent Lacey Honeypot 3 49,176 245 200.72 2,388,869 86 (x1.00) 43 offline 30 [35] Master Pirate Gothorita Gothorita 12 41,882 173 242.09 3,560,950 84 (x1.00) 42 offline 31 [34] Cutthroat MrZal5 MrZal5 5 21,253 1,996 10.65 1,013,282 74 (x1.00) 37 offline 32 [30] Cutthroat Mister Stinky Mister Stinky 1 9,714 12 809.50 965,844 52 (x1.00) 26 offline 33 [25] Pirate Wendy Wendy 1 1,617 1 1,617.00 168,898 40 (x1.00) 20 offline

The participants of <Pirate Haven> have amassed 141 platinum trophies:

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