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Toy Story is a 1995 American computer-animated comedy movie produced through Pixar Animation Studios and launched by means of Walt Disney Pictures.The first installment within the Toy Story franchise, it was once the first completely computer-animated feature film, as well as the first characteristic film from Pixar.The movie used to be directed via John Lasseter (in his feature directorial debut), and written by means of Joss Whedon, AndrewRead Customer Reviews & Find Best Sellers. Free 2-Day Shipping w/Amazon Prime.About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us CreatorsMr. Potato Head's parts scattered around the flooring in Toy Story. Mr. Potato Head first appears in Toy Story enjoying One-Eyed Bart. After Andy leaves his room, Potato Head wakes up to to find quite a few his portions scattered to the ground (Molly has earlier drooled on him, and in addition smashed him aside), additionally expressing inflammation that Andy has needed to place him in Molly's crib throughout their "playtimeVoiced via: Tom Hanks (movies, shorts, and specials); Jim Hanks (video games, and Lamp Life); Sheriff Woody is a 1950s old traditional pullstring cowboy doll, and Andy's favorite toy. Appearing in all 4 Toy Story motion pictures, he in most cases acts as the leader of Andy's toy staff. His competition with Buzz paperwork the foundation of the primary film's plot. In Toy Story 2, he's stolen at a yard sale by means of a toy

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Sliding puzzles of Toy Story characters, 1996. THF135833, THF135835 Sunday November 22, 2020, is the twenty fifth anniversary of Disney-Pixar's first Toy Story movie, which got here out in 1995. Learn about the true history of toys that inspired the characters in this hit animated movie.Not a flying toy. Background music-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNgHExPq9igThe P.O. field is OPEN! Send me fan mail! It'll all be opened on camera! (Note- N...Toy Story 2 (1999) forged and team credits, together with actors, actresses, directors, writers and extra.When the old man (The Cleaner/Geri) comes to wash Woody, as he's opening all of his drawers, he opens one who is full of chess pieces, which is a reference to a 1997 Pixar short movie "Geri's Game", which options Geri/The Cleaner (voiced by means of Jonathon... extra Geri - 6.5 /10 with 56 votes

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Old Timer is a personality within the 2013 Halloween special Toy Story of Terror!. 1 Toy Story of Terror! 2 Toy Story Four 3 Commercial 4 Trivia Old Timer is a toy alarm clock with a white mustache and beard, giving him an elderly glance. He used to be one of the toys stolen through Ron, the manager of the Sleep Well motel. During their captivity, the toys use him to track how much time their evasion operations areGeri, the old man who Pixar first offered of their animated quick, Geri's Game, makes a cameo look in the movie as a toy repairman. Also, a cautious o...Toy Story 2 is a 1999 American computer-animated comedy movie directed through John Lasseter and produced by way of Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. It is the second one installment within the Toy Story franchise and the sequel to Toy Story (1995). In the film, Woody is stolen via a toy collector, prompting Buzz Lightyear and his friends to rescue him, however Woody is then tempted by means of the theory ofA tender boy came by to select up his loved Toy Story personality who had moderately the adventure whilst he was a misplaced toy over the last week. Author: Erin Rodriguez (KENS 5) Published: 7:05 AM CDT MarchSid and Al McWhiggin are the only main antagonists of the Toy Story film series to be human beings, as Stinky Pete, Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear and Gabby Gabby, the principle antagonists of Toy Story's 3 sequels, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, and Toy Story four had been toys. Debian's volatile trunk is known as after him. Debian is a Linux distribution composed of

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Al McWhiggin

Feature motion pictures Television programs Video video games Other names

Big AlChicken Man (by Rex and Hamm)Chicken (by way of Hamm)Mr. Fancy Car (by Mr. Potato Head)


Toy CollectorOwner of Al's Toy Barn


Having high prices, cash, toys, cheese puffs


Children, having low prices, having to drive to paintings on Saturday, losing money



Source “You, my little cowboy pal, are gonna make me large buck-buck-bucks!” ―Al McWhiggin[src]

Al McWhiggin is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Stinky Pete) of Disney•Pixar's 1999 animated movie Toy Story 2. He is a toy collector with a goal to gather uncommon toys in alternate for cash.



Al is grasping and humorous at the similar time. However, unlike Sid Phillips (who would ruin toys and use them for scary experiments) from the first film, Al is clever and collects toys in his own kind of approach. He by no means breaks them or takes them aside to the purpose that they lie round damaged. Instead, Al sells off the toys after completing the collections to do his plan. His thoughts is bent only on cash and materialistic pleasures and he'll do anything else in his power to acquire them, which in turn makes him skilled in his business and business. That stated, he seems haven't any qualms about committing minor crimes to get what he needs, comparable to when he resorted to stealing Woody after he attempts and fails to barter with Andy's mother for Woody regardless of the former telling him Woody wasn't for sale.

Al is immensely immature, not best shown by means of his hammy demeanor on television but in addition shown by means of his loss of tact when contacting other companies. When he contacts Geri, he tells him he's unconcerned about his agenda and calls for he assist him immediately, then hangs up before Geri can agree or disagree to come back to his condominium first thing in the morning. When Al is on the airport, he yells at the front table supervisor, telling him to be especially careful together with his case. Both of these also show how satisfied he is that the planet revolves round him. He also has an overdramatic reaction to being woken up by means of Stinky Pete and freaks out childishly when Woody's broken arm falls off.

Al could also be proven to be moderately lazy, comparable to when he complains about "driving all the way to work on a Saturday", even if his rental is best around the side road from the store. He also sleeps on his sofa at evening slightly than in his bed.

Physical look

Al is a middle-aged stubby fats man with balding brown hair turning to grey. He has a mustache and goatee and wears thick-rimmed glasses. He is typically observed dressed in solid bowling shirts, a white undershirt, military pants, black sneakers, and a wristwatch. During his company commercials, he wears a white chicken gown consisting of a crimson comb, giant white eyes with small black pupils, and yellow-orange beak.


Toy Story 2

In Toy Story 2, Al is the landlord of Al's Toy Barn in the Tri-County Area who appears as its mascot, a giant rooster, within the toy store's tv ads. He may be a toy collector and even made a take care of Mr. Konishi of the Konishi Toy Museum in Tokyo, Japan to assemble all of the Woody's Roundup collection in alternate for a handsome fee. He spent an undetermined period of time tracking down Woody and his gang and ultimately found Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete.

Later, while attending a yard sale at Andy's area, he took place to come across Woody, who had just stored Wheezy from being offered. Al tried to buy him, but Andy's mother, (unaware how Woody were given into the yard sale) refuses to promote Woody by taking him away. Al tries to provide her , but she stated he isn't on the market as she knows that he nonetheless belongs to Andy, who was once away at Cowboy Camp. Despite this, Al gives his watch in alternate for Woody as a industry, to no avail. Refusing to take no for an answer, Al steals Woody when Ms. Davis had her again grew to become (by way of inflicting a distraction involving kicking a skateboard into a series of packing containers) and impulsively escaped with his prize. Buzz first of all attempted to save Woody from the trunk of Al's automobile but failed because of losing his grip before he could open the trunk. Despite the failure, he won a few clues, such as a feather and a glimpse of the registration code LZTYBRN. After decoding the registration number plate number for his automotive as "Al's Toy Barn" right through the Crime Scene Investigation, as a result identifying the offender as being Al and gaining a map to Al's Toy Barn from a industrial they noticed on television, Buzz, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, and Rex then traveled to the town to save lots of Woody.

Meanwhile, Al took quite a lot of footage of Woody and the rest of his collection and after faxing them to Mr. Konishi, he made preparations to finally fly to Japan with the whole assortment. He positioned the Roundup Gang dolls in a large inexperienced box to stay them safe throughout the flight, even supposing he made it very transparent to the luggage handler that what was once within was once necessary to him, pointing out he had a field of cookies on a plane as soon as and they finished off as crumbs.

However, when he in spite of everything arrived in Japan, he realized they were all gone due to Buzz and the opposite toys' interference of rescuing them (and coping with Stinky Pete's desperation to go there) and returning home to Andy. Because of this, the deal Al made with Mr. Konishi earlier in the film was once bring to an end due to no longer having all the assortment he promised and it's most likely Al and his retailer began to endure monetary troubles.

Shortly after this, he was once noticed in another considered one of his ads, sobbing over his lack of fortune while barely declaring that the store has the lowest costs on the town. Hamm responds to this by means of saying, "Well, I guess crime doesn't pay."

Toy Story of Terror! Al in a deleted scene of Toy Story of Terror!

Over a decade later after the occasions of the second film, after Andy has given his toys to Bonnie in Toy Story 3, Al continues to be considering finishing his Roundup Gang assortment, and in Toy Story of Terror!, he is the winning bidder on Ron Tompkins' public sale on Woody after he's snatched from certainly one of his motel patrons by his puppy iguana Mr. Jones (satirically the same one he had as soon as attempted to thieve). As his deal with indicates, he remains the owner of Al's Toy Barn. After Woody was stored by way of Jessie and Ron got uncovered via Bonnie and her mother as being a crook, Ron used to be not able to ship any of his stolen toys out.

Originally, Al was once deliberate to look within the particular however used to be minimize for timing causes.[1] Disney / Pixar launched a deleted scene within the storyboard form illustrating this. In this scene, Al is shown wearing his hen swimsuit, rejoicing as he sees on his laptop he has received the public sale for Woody. A news article on the wall signifies that Al's Toy Barn has gone bankrupt and it's implied he lives at his mom's house. However, this will not be true since, as indicated above, he still has the cope with of his retailer in the ultimate version.



Al's registration code reads "LZTYBRN," which is "Al's Toy Barn," minus the vowel letters and a Z rather than the S. It used to be also the actual registration code of the movie's co-director Ash Brannon at the time of the movie's free up, according to the Toy Story 2 remark. His ultimate title is published at the nameplate on his place of job desk. Additionally, when he is completed taking photos, he solutions his cell phone and Mr. Konishi may also be heard pronouncing his complete title. When Al finishes his dialog with Mr. Konishi over his phone, he says, "Don't touch my moustache," which is a mnemonic of methods to say "You're welcome" in Japanese. Incidentally, the phrase "you're welcome" itself is considered extremely rude in Japanese culture. According to a Disney Adventures mag, the reason why Al was obsessive about toys is that his parents never allowed him to play with such toys as a child. Both Al and his toy store have been first mentioned on the end of the Buzz Lightyear commercial in the first Toy Story film. (It is implied that he or one of his employees offered Buzz to Andy's mom.) Wayne Knight (the voice of Al), shortly after this film, got to voice some other one of Toy Story 2's villains, the Evil Emperor Zurg for Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Because Wayne Knight used to be bearded at the time of the movie's production, the Pixar body of workers selected to offer Al a goatee. Early idea drafts display Al as a nearly identical animated model of Knight, with the overall design being quite toned down to distance them. In Toy Story 3: The Video Game (PS3 or Xbox 360 model), a trophy (or achievement) has the identify "The Collector" with Al at the symbol, even if he did not seem or was once even discussed in Toy Story 3. Though he does no longer physically seem in the sport, his Toy Barn does the place you'll buy new toys for Toy Box mode by means of unlocking other cards in story mode. He additionally seems on the coins used to shop for toys from his toy store. However, he seems in Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure, where he kidnaps Mr. Pricklepants, some of the toys Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Slinky, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Rex, and Bullseye met in Toy Story 3. Al's automobile is mostly according to the 1956 Ford Mystere concept. It bears some resemblance to Flo from the Cars franchise. In Al's rental, he has an summary painting of Tuck and Roll and Dot from A Bug's Life. The read-along model never shows the plane rescue or Al's fate, it handiest mentions Woody saving Jessie and the toys returning house. It can be assumed that Al's favorite snack is cheese puffs, taking into consideration that there have been a few in his trunk as Woody used to be being stolen, some on his workplace desk as the toys was once looking for Woody, and he had a whole bowl of them which fell on the flooring as he used to be snoozing in his condo. This may just also give an explanation for why he is overweight. During the improvement of the movie, the team suggested that Al would fix Woody when he were given broken, as he could be a toy repairman himself. But as they persevered to increase the nature, they idea Al wouldn't have the facility to fix him, so that they determined to use Geri from Geri's Game instead. It took over a month for Pixar to digitally paint Al's automobile. It is imaginable that Al was the one who bought Buzz to Andy as a birthday present in the first film, as his store was once known for selling Buzz Lightyear action figures within the Tri-County Area.[2] Al, or at least a character similar to him, was once conceived in the earliest draft of Toy Story. He was once described as being "anal-retentive" and handiest handled toys when dressed in gloves. The draft even describes that he has an obsession with getting rid of the trash and that the trash itself was blank, implying that he would possibly have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Al can have feared of being caught for stealing Woody (and in all probability other treasured toys) because when Stinky Pete grew to become on the tv, he jumped up from his sleep yelling, "No officer! I swear." as despite the fact that he thought the police were within the room. Glenn Shadix was regarded as for the function for Al.[3]


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