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If you insist on staying in Pleasant Valley, maximum avid gamers will agree that the Farmstead is the most productive guess, but there are higher bases (and maps) to call house in The Long Dark. The Good : The Pleasant Valley Farmstead has as regards to the entirety you want including an indoor fireplace, workbench, beds, rabbit and deer spawns, and an enclosed porchMountain Town: Numerous properties, including Grey Mother's space which make for a very good protected spot, though no longer that a lot loot. Sparse wildlife which, in this case, makes it tougher for a long time camp out. Overall indoors location layout besides town "centre" is scattered and may also be hard to navigate if stuck in a snowstorm.Home > Guides > The Long Dark - Maps The Long Dark All Maps Locations Mystery Lake Mystery Lake Location Coastal Highway Coastal Highway Location Forlorn Muskeg Forlorn Muskeg Location Broken Railroad Broken Railroad Location Winding River Winding River Location Timberwolf Mountain Timberwolf Mountain Location Desolation Point Desolation Point LocationThank you so much for the entire exhausting long paintings and updates at the maps. I've been playing- aurviving tld since it is alpha unlock. The maps assist figure out like I'm here where the heck is there. Plus as I try to plan the start of each and every gae day, helps 1000% ,When i brain die. 😆 LOVE them. I'm glad you took over from the previous artist.The Long Dark Mountain Town (Milton) map. Saved via Ghost. 23

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Mountain Town/Milton is a region in The Long Dark on Great Bear Island centered across the small, recently deserted town of Milton. It is the surroundings for Episode 1 of Wintermute, as well as the 8th area added to Survival mode.Thanks to the hard paintings of TheEldritchGod, we in any case have detailed maps of each areas of The Long Dark up to the moment, test them out! Other The Long Dark Guides: Story Mode (Wintermute) Walkthrough. Guide to Stone-based Rabbit Hunting. Surviving Over 200 Days. Guide toDetailed Region Maps - The Long Dark. By Whiteberry. Timberwolf Mountain (now not up-to-date) Updated 2016-04-23. Complete Map. Explorer Map. Spoiler-free Map. All data amassed, including prepper caches, loot, ropes, collectibles, starter locations and corpses.Forge places in The Long Dark are scarce, however we have now detailed directions and maps to lend a hand in finding them. On decrease difficulties, avid gamers may by no means need to visit a forge in The Long Dark . Pilgrim and Voyager tend to just hand you loot as in the event you have been just doing just a little on-line shopping.

The Long Dark - Survival Guide (Tips & Tricks)

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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new options Press Copyright Contact us CreatorsMountain town seems plentiful in food but swarming with wolves! I will be able to barely in finding any bullets! I discovered a rifle in Grey Mother's house but there is not any bullets there, i discovered like 4 within the farm but i had to use them all on account of the entire wolves right outdoor, i checked the church and located not anything simplest to get attacked by 3 wolves all inside of 60 seconds as i entered milton.The Long Dark Mountain Village Map This is only a quick video to show you the best way to get from the Forlorn Muskeg (ranging from the Camp Office at Mystery Lake)to Milton (Mountain Town). The Long Dark just released its story mode.Welcome to free wallpaper and background image neighborhood. Long Dark Mountain Town Map is high-quality wallpapers this is actively uploaded and shared by means of users. Its resolution is 1920PX x 1200PX, which can be utilized on your desktop, tablet or cellular units.See two ways to get to Milton (aka Mountain Town), from Mystery Lake or Forlorn Muskeg, in The Long Dark survival mode on this tutorial information. Subscribe her...

The Long Dark - All Region Maps

If you’ve spent a lot time in The Long Dark, you’ve probably searched for an in depth map of all of the areas. Hinterland Studio doesn’t provide any in-game maps, but a group member by the identify of Whiteberry has created probably the most detailed maps one may just ask for in The Long Dark. To make your life a lot more uncomplicated, we’ve collected all of them right right here so to prevent stumbling into bears every time you stroll round a tree.

All Region Maps for The Long Dark

Forlorn Muskeg hasn't been added, and it looks as if there's room for any other region north of Mystery Lake.

This first map is a map of all of the global that makes up The Long Dark. This used to be shared via Hinterland Studio some time in the past, and doesn’t include the new Forlorn Muskeg region that sits to the west of Mystery Lake. However, it offers you a gorgeous just right concept of the total lay of the land.

Mystery Lake

Mystery Lake is a superb starter region for the ones what desire a just right steadiness of natural world, assets and safe haven.

We’ll get started with a map of what many consider to be the very best area, Mystery Lake. It connects to Forlorn Muskeg, Pleasant Valley, and Coastal Highway, making it a quite central location, even if it sits to the west. Mystery Lake has various good buildings that you'll call home, including our favorite, the Trapper’s Cabin. If there is one major downside to Mystery Lake, it would most probably be that the wolf population can get out of control.

Forlorn Muskeg

This Forlorn Muskeg map isn't relatively achieved, but it is nonetheless good sufficient to keep you from getting misplaced.

The latest region in The Long Dark is Forlorn Muskeg, a space that Hinterland Studio added after they overhauled the clothes gadget in the recreation. Good thing, too, as a result of like Timberwolf Mountain, there are precisely zero places to sleep indoors. It connects to Mystery Lake, but is stuffed with wolves and no less than one undergo. The main reason why to enter Forlorn Muskeg is to make use of the sport’s second forge, allowing you to save lots of the travel the entire strategy to Desolation Point.

Carter Hydro Dam

There's a tiny little bit of loot at the Carter Hydro Dam, however you also have to be careful for Fluffy.

As you'll be able to see from Whiteberry’s Carter Hydro Dam map, it’s infrequently a place that you would call home. It’s merely a region that may attach Mystery Lake to Pleasant Valley. There is a little of loot and a lonely wolf that patrols it at times, however mostly you’ll just be passing through. Just bear in mind that on difficulties rather than Pilgrim, Fluffy tends to roam within the dam itself.


The Ravine area has a bit of of wildlife and nearly zero refuge, so passing through is all its good for.

Looking at the Ravine map, it’s clear to see that this area of The Long Dark could also be there purely that can assist you get from Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway. There’s some flora and fauna and loot to take into accout of, but there isn’t anything else within the type of safe haven besides a couple of caves. If you’re planning to head from Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway, leave early in the morning and be sure to complete the commute. Don’t get stuck out in the cold except you’re sure that you’re ready for it.

Pleasant Valley

Pleasant Valley has the worst climate in The Long Dark, however it is a useful resource wealthy setting with a really perfect Farmstead to reside at.

You’ll want this Whiteberry map of Pleasant Valley in the event you plan to spend much time there for your play via of The Long Dark. It’s an enormous area, filled with all kinds of wildlife and possibly one of the vital highest places to call home within the recreation, the Pleasant Valley Farmstead. Pleasant Valley is also the only region that can attach you to Timberwolf Mountain, but it additionally connects to Coastal Highway and Mystery Lake. Pleasant Valley additionally options one of the crucial maximum punishing climate the game has to supply, so it may well be absolute best to begin in Mystery Lake and transfer there whilst you’re in a position.

Coastal Highway

Coastal Highway has great fishing, and probably the most best possible places to name house if you're properly insane.

Because of the entire constructions and loot that you'll in finding in Coastal Highway, you’ll most likely wish to use a map so you don’t omit any of it. It can be a tough position to go back and forth should you’re in the mountains, but out at the ice and along the highway you'll be able to spot predators at a distance, making it certainly one of our favorites in terms of now not getting ambushed by bears and wolves. It also options the Quonset Gas Station, a place that people who love misery swear is the most productive base within the sport. You see, Quonset Gas Station ceaselessly has three wolves and a bear nearby, but whatever floats your boat. Coastal Highway connects to Mystery Lake (via the Ravine), Pleasant Valley, and Desolation Point (by the use of the Crumbling Highway).

Crumbling Highway

Crumbling Highway exists purely to attach Coastal Highway to Desolation Point.

You most definitely gained’t need a map to get during the Crumbling Highway region of The Long Dark until you are on the lookout for particular loot. You also shouldn’t plan to stay the night time, except you may have a bedroll that you'll be able to use to sleep in the one indoor building in the area, a basement. There are a couple of vehicles and caves, but that’s risking it just a little too much. Leave early from Coastal Highway and get through Crumbling Highway and directly to Desolation Point in at some point.

Desolation Point

Desolation Point is a smart place to consult with if you want a forge, but after that you simply will have to pass home.

The Desolation Point map shall be somewhat helpful, as there are a number of spaces of passion, particularly the Riken, considered one of best two locations that features a forge. If you’re crazy enough to play on Interloper, you’ll need the forge, however handiest after you discover a heavy hammer. Desolation Point is cut off from each other region, except Coastal Highway (by way of Crumbling Highway). It’s now not the kind of position you call house for long. Get in, do your crafting at the Riken, after which go back to somewhere hotter.

Timberwolf Mountain

Climbing Timberwolf Mountain will probably be something that you'll be able to never put out of your mind in The Long Dark.

Timberwolf Mountain is a area that will require a map more than any other in The Long Dark. The entire level of going there's to achieve the summit, and the region features exactly 0 puts to sleep indoors. There’s the Mountaineer’s Hut, which isn’t horrible, however it additionally has an enormous hollow in the roof so it received’t be the warmest position you ever sleep. Even the Ice Fishing Hut is missing a door, in order that sucks. No, best cross to Timberwolf Mountain if you’re geared up and have a way to stick fed and heat. But, absolutely cross there because it’s almost definitely the good location within the recreation.

That’ll do it. Those are all the areas in The Long Dark, complete with skilled maps from Whiteberry. Be certain to practice Whiteberry on Twitter as a way of saying thank you for saving your lifestyles with these maps of all the areas in The Long Dark.

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