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It was once virtually 1 year in the past now that I won the tour of Star Trek Online, thus some of the knowledge below is already recognized or is also old-fashioned. With PE's closure not too long ago, I determined to do a write up of my tour for the ones that have been following STO to see precisely what used to be planed and what may just of been. The Galaxy The Galactic mapAnyway..that is my first try to make a fast ship for Tour the Galaxy: Skill Planner - STO Academy Plan your personality's skill for Star Trek Online sooner than doing them in the game. *Work in development.. and the NEW and progressed X-88:This is the reliable subreddit for Star Trek Online, the authorized Star Trek MMO, to be had on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Share your superb (or hilarious) in-game adventures thru stories and screencaps, ask your game related questions, and arrange events with your fellow Captains.January 2018 in Star Trek Online General Discussion So I'm on the grind for credits at the second and am doing the Tour The Galaxy. With my current set up and direction I at all times fail to spot 2.Today I took a few spins round the galaxy in my absolutely Borg Assault Cruiser. It used to be the first time I had attempted the tour of the universe, it was a large number of a laugh. I manually piloted the hairpin turns which was once almost certainly no longer the perfect approach to do it. But I nonetheless made … Continue studying »

My Tour the Galaxy Build - STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet

The Build. Top Speed: Transwarp 132.fifty five 120 second slipstream uptime, 10 second cooldown. Ship: Legendary MW Connie Any Miracle Worker ship with a Cyclical Quantum Slipstream Drive will have to paintings. Engine: Omega Force Hyper-Impulse Engines Mk XV [SecSpd-2] [Spd] *See observe underneath. Warp Core: Gamma Synergistic Overcharged Warp Core Mk XV This best needs upgrading to very uncommon.This is the authentic subreddit for Star Trek Online, the licensed Star Trek MMO, to be had on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Share your superb (or hilarious) in-game adventures via tales and screencaps, ask your game comparable questions, and organize events with your fellow Captains.If you wish to have to make 600k EC doing the "Tour the Galaxy" the easy fail proof method, then watch on and experience! :-)Link to a map of the route (no longer created by means of me)ht...An ideal Tour the Galaxy map for #STO This comes from the LGBT fleet , if you pass to their site, they have a terrific write-up for the Tour The Galaxy project on Star Trek Online, which lots of you realize was once hopelessly nerffed a year or two ago.

My Tour the Galaxy Build - STOFA (Star Trek Online Fleet

What are your tour of the Galaxy must haves? : sto

EDIT: Due to adjustments coming with the Patch of July 25th, 2013, the description beneath is not acceptable as Cryptic added a 4 hour - Cooldown on "Tour the Galaxy". Alright, you can make up to 2 million Energy Credits in the "Tour the Universe" tournament. You need to meet the following Criterias for optimum impact:Tour the Universe is effectively identical to what it was once ahead of Season 7. Just corridor tail via Tau Dewa and carry on. — Rayfire 05:28, 28 January 2014 (UTC)Tour the Galaxy is a project with a 20 hour cooldown, so can also be executed as soon as a day. It duties the personality with visiting as many programs in the Alpha and Beta quadrant as they are able to within 15 minutes.Tour the Galaxy is a challenge that requires the player to race around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants within the 15 minute time limit. This guide makes use of a recommended course for Federation and Federation-aligned characters, which will also be finished in underneath 15 minutes, taking into consideration a few mistakes.Star Trek Online. All Discussions put it in there in per week you'll be able to simply have 2-3 mil ec simply from doing that add that to the tour the galaxy on a daily basis and dil farm for keys you doubtlessly can make anyplace from 20 to 50 mil per week or more #13. Maj_Cyric. Aug 6, 2019 @ 11:49am

Guide for Star Trek Online

This web page is going over each success and the tasks involved that can be regarded as 'dailies'. These are belongings you should be checking on and doing at least one time a day to finish the game. If you are choosing to not do the Agents of Yesterday DLC, you must keep away from doing any of the movements marked beneath the AoY DLC tags. You must, alternatively, nonetheless do your Tour the Galaxy challenge on a daily basis for power credits, as that can assist you buy datachips off the trade.

AoY DLC - Duty Officers

Starting from Level 11, you could have the ability to regulate as much as 100 Duty Officers. Unlike Bridge officers, those are extra at the back of the scenes figures that you'll be able to send out on assignment to accomplish duties. When you enter the Duty Officers menu, you are able to see assignments you've got completed, assignments in growth, and an method to 'Find Assignments'. You'll additionally be capable to view your roster, together with magnificence and high quality of officials. Assignments are to be had almost in all places, however are best possible started in sector area. While going thru the tale, you'll be doing a significant amount of go back and forth between methods, where you'll have the opportunity to temporarily get started different assignments. Each project would require a certain amount and form of responsibility officers, as well as infrequently credit or commodities. Starting the project is as simple as hitting begin project. The success is for purchasing any unmarried commendation observe up to Level 4, which is able to take 100,000 enjoy. Assignments have different timers, any place between 30 minutes and seventy two hours. When you get a possibility, flick thru looking for any assignments that reward 400+ revel in and get started them. The upper experience granted, the better. With each and every assignment, it is going to inform you your p.c likelihood to pass or fail. A crucial will provide you with significantly extra enjoy than used to be listed, whilst a crisis normally sends your accountability officer to sickbay, though there's a small chance they're going to be killed. There are 11 Commendation tracks: Diplomatic/Marauding, Science, Engineering, Military, Exploration, Espionage, Medical, Colonial, Trade, Development, and Recruitment.

Recruitment, Trade, Colonial, and Diplomatic are tricky to raise, so do not be disturbed about them. I might counsel having a look through Development first, then Medical, then Espionage or Military, as I've found the ones are the ones that almost all frequently have upper enjoy assignments that do not require a lot to start. Certain assignments grant more duty officials, officers can be bought from fleets for Fleet credit, and assignments to requisition extra can be discovered from a personnel officer in the Starfleet Academy or the Klingon Academy. Getting any commendation observe to 4 will internet the success. If you're advancing Development, you'll be able to find a number of responsibility officer assignments in Starfleet or Klingon Academy that provide respectable Development enjoy and best require one officer.

AoY DLC - Research and Development

Crafting is slightly simple, and is completed through the Research and Development menu, found beneath Duty Officers in the major menu. The In Progress tab displays you how many slots you will have available and, if tasks are being worked on, what they're and how lengthy they have final. You can rush jobs through spending Dilithium, but dashing is not important. When a role is finished, you'll be able to 'accumulate' the rewards from this tab. The research tab shows you the quite a lot of crafting classes allowed. There are Eight schools that can be raised: Beams, Cannons, Engineering, Ground Weapons, Kits and Modules, Projectiles, Science, and Shields. Officer Training initiatives do not grant revel in, and Special Projects is for restricted time events. Each school permits crafting of different items of the college kind; Beams creates beam guns and beam consoles, Engineering creates engines and engineering consoles. Each school has a 'Research Project' possibility within it. It will be a 20 hour task that may grant 6000 experience, plus an extra a thousand if the task gets a crucial success.

At Level 15, you achieve one slot you'll be able to use to start crafting. Upon elevating a single faculty to stage 2, you'll acquire some other slot, and then any other slot at degree 3. Each task requires an available 'Research Lab Scientist Duty Officer', which is a Science Duty Officer you'll gain from body of workers requests, fleet distributors, or simply buy them on the alternate. A white (not unusual) responsibility officer is just right enough for the undertaking. Each research assignment handiest calls for certainly one of a single crafting subject matter which might be simple to find. If you find you should not have enough, buying them on the market can be an inexpensive manner of building your provide. You can run 3 'Research Project' assignments for the identical school at a time, so the most productive way is to pick a unmarried school and make sure that's always being researched every day. You want an estimated 630,000 experience in one faculty to succeed in degree 15, netting you the success.

AoY DLC - Admiralty

Once your character reaches Level 50, they free up the Admiralty campaigns, that are discovered under the Duty Officers phase of the main menu. These are background assignments much like accountability officials, handiest the assignments use your ships as a substitute of officials. For that reason why, it's best to by no means delete or ruin any send you obtain whilst leveling up. There are 3 campaigns inside the section: United Federation of Planets, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Republic. The campaigns don't seem to be restricted, so every persona can participate in all 3 campaigns. The one it would be best to focus on is the United Federation of Planets marketing campaign, as it will also assist you to development in opposition to the Specialist success.

There are all the time three available assignments, and two 'On Deck' assignments. Each project provides a specific amount of campaign enjoy, a certain quantity of specialization enjoy (used in opposition to the Specialist fulfillment and leveling), and once in a while things similar to energy credit or crafting fabrics. The most vital assignment inside the campaign is called the Tour of Duty assignment, which is a 10 step chain assignment, the place every time its completed it advances the chain some other step. Completing all ten of the Tour of Duty chain in the Federation marketing campaign provides a complete two specialization issues, that are very valuable to completing the Specialist achievement. Each Tour of Duty also provides an important amount of campaign revel in compared to the different assignments.

Each assignment has a 'Engineering/Tactical/Science' point requirement, and each send has an Engineering/Tactical/Science price on it. Each send will actually have a 'bonus' price to it, which can vary anyplace from greater critical possibilities, to '+30 tac when on my own'. When allocating ships, the closer you get the issues to compare, the more a success percentage you get with the task. Always prioritize your highest ships to the Tour of Duty assignment, to get the best possible chance of completing it. Each Tour of Duty assignment finishing touch grants 'move' tokens, which let you skip low experience assignments to get get right of entry to to 'On Deck' ones as an alternative. You wish to use those on every occasion you spot an orange 'Tour of Duty' assignment on deck. Only one tour can also be provide at a time, so you probably have one already in growth, entire other assignments till its achieved for the Tour to turn up once more. Reaching Level 10 in any unmarried marketing campaign nets you the success.

Tour the Galaxy

At level 50, start doing a day by day Tour the Galaxy mission. There isn't any success tied to Tour the Galaxy, alternatively it is an invaluable method to make a significantly great amount of Energy Credits in quarter-hour. It will greatly permit you to in buying Datachip pieces off the exchange for the Path to 2409 and History of New Romulus achievements, and whatever else you may want. This offers you some other way of obtaining the Datachip that you may well be missing for those achievements rather then the day by day restrictions. Tour the Galaxy is a mission with a 20 hour cooldown, so will also be performed as soon as a day. It tasks the character with visiting as many methods in the Alpha and Beta quadrant as they can inside quarter-hour. Each system visited provides the persona 25 thousand energy credit, with further bonuses after sure quantities of methods have been reached. Finishing the Beta quadrant grants 625 thousand, which may also be simply bought via following this walkthrough. An ideal and complete run will grant 950 thousand, then again this takes endgame items that are needless to acquire for the functions of an fulfillment walkthrough.

There are two challenge praise items in the tale arcs that the Story pages identified had been vital and should be saved, they usually come in very handy to noticeably boost your speed for this undertaking and make allowance more power credits to be gained. They are the 'Obelisk Subspace Rift Warp Core', bought from the Sphere of Influence mission in the Solanae Dyson Sphere, and the 'Console - Engineering - Polaric Modulator', acquired from the Delta Flight mission in The Iconian War. These permit your ship to both transfer sooner, and input slipstream extra often. You can even want to find a ship with a excellent turn charge, which may not be the ship you've gotten selected to fly. For Federation, a just right send is the T2 Escort for handiest 8,500 dilithium, if you don't have already got it. This ship has a flip score of 18. For Klingons, a excellent send is the T1 B'rel Bird-of-Prey for five,000 dilithium with a turn ranking of 23, or the T2 QulDun Bird-of-Prey with a turn rating of 22 for 10,000 dilithium. Romulans must buy and use one among the ships for the faction they're aligned with, as the Obelisk Warp Core would possibly not paintings in a Romulan send. Whatever ship is selected only must be flown for the Tour the Galaxy mission, and doesn't wish to replace your major send. Your slipstream drive may also be discovered beneath the LB tray wheel, and must be slotted so you'll always see when it is off cooldown. Use it when it is sensible, but it's at all times higher to use it as a substitute of ready too long, and not right sooner than you'll have to make a sharp turn. When you need to make a sharp flip, it is better to decelerate to one/4th impulse, as you flip considerably quicker than when flying full speed.

These are the optimized routes for both quadrants, with Alpha showing each routes depending on where you'll be able to Transwarp to. You'll want to be sure you're where you want to start out sooner than accepting the project. I would counsel beginning two lightyears without delay northeast of Nimbus and continuing that route. You by no means wish to start at once in the system, as from time to time it may not sign in. Likewise, when flying through systems, you wish to have to try and fly as regards to the big name, however not shut enough that you simply soar off of it. When the direction calls for you are making a sharp flip, it's best to decelerate to half velocity, turn as sharp as you'll, then velocity back up. This is why a boat with a top turning ranking is very best. When you might be at your starting point and able to start out, move to the menu, move to missions, then project magazine, then tab over to Incoming Hails. Scroll down until you to find 'Tour the Galaxy (Daily)'. Then hail and accept, then temporarily again out and continue so far as you'll.

If you do manage to finish the Beta Quadrant completely, it's beneficial to Transwarp to DS9 or Defera (Whichever you will have access to), then temporarily depart the gadget, and continue as far as you'll be able to along that path as smartly till you run out of time. If you are looking to go even sooner and acquire more, every other merchandise you should get is the Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines, which might be popularity Impulse Engines to be had after Tier 3 of Task Force Omega is bought, and a requisition task is finished. This calls for more endgame content material of entirety, however with the ones three pieces and superb flying, you'll entire both quadrants in time.

Daily Checklist

This checklist will display exactly what you must do each day to gain all the comparable achievements. Note that the cooldown timers are all based on while you remaining did the project, no longer a set time particularly. So maximum issues with a 20 hour cooldown are based on when you won or finished the project.

For Research and Development, collect completed analysis initiatives and get started 3 new projects inside of the similar college.For Admiralty, accumulate completed assignments and begin as many assignments as you can. If Tour of Duty is to be had, begin that first with the easiest three ships available.For Duty Officers, settle for all completed assignments, then go to Sector Space and get started as many higher enjoy assignments as you'll be able to. Faction headquarters might contain further assignments.For Path to 2409, bring each and every level 10+ character available to their suitable undertaking giver (Whether in Starfleet Academy or Klingon Academy) and retrieve one datachip according to personality. Mail any new datachips to the major personality gathering the lore, and update your master record of datachips required.For History of New Romulus, bring every Level 50+ character to the New Romulus Staging Area. Head to the library and receive the Duty Officer task from the Romulan Historian to Research History of New Romulus. If you should not have 4 'New Romulus Research' pieces, do the episode 'Overgrown Caves' in the New Romulus tale arc and in finding the 3 figurines. If extra are wanted, complete the episode 'Mountain Base' as neatly and in finding the 3 terminals. Send all datachips to the main personality gathering the lore, and update your master list of datachips required.OPTIONAL - If doing Reputation, accumulate every finished recognition day-to-day. Advance any tiers which might be acceptable. Begin each and every daily project for every desired recognition. If you may have run out of marks, do an acceptable PVE queue to achieve more.Complete the 'Tour the Galaxy' challenge.Refine your daily Dilithium ore, below the assets tab.7. Exploration 5. The Klingon Empire Find the rest you assume is fallacious with this walkthrough? Help us repair it by way of posting in its Walkthrough Thread.

This walkthrough is the belongings of This walkthrough and any content material incorporated will not be reproduced with out written permission. and its users have no association with any of this game's creators or copyright holders and any trademarks used herein belong to their respective homeowners.

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