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Kenny Ackerman

850 842 c. 829 Name

Kenny Ackermanケニー・アッカーマンKenī Akkāman

Alias "Kenny the Ripper" (切り裂きケニー Kirisaki Kenī?)[1] Species




Birthday February 4th[2] Status




Rank Captain (隊長 Taichō?) Affiliation Former profession

Serial killer

God-like power. Everyone who will get their fingers on it kind of feels to turn compassionate. Would the similar factor happen even to garbage like me? I wish to know... what's it really feel like? What does it appear to be from up there? Can a piece of me...ever see the similar more or less factor you spot? — Kenny's dream[5]

Kenny Ackerman (ケニー・アッカーマン Kenī Akkāman?) was once a member of the Military Police Brigade's First Interior Squad and the captain (隊長 Taichō?) of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. Kenny was a vicious killer who would slit his sufferer's throat. He was so gifted at no longer getting caught that he used to be regarded as by way of some to be an urban legend referred to as Kenny the Ripper (切り裂きケニー Kirisaki Kenī?).[1] After assembly and befriending Uri Reiss, he labored for the crown,[6] however secretly desired the "God-like power" that the Reiss family had possessed for himself.[7][8]

He was once the maternal uncle of Levi Ackerman and had taught the latter as a child on how one can live on the Underground.[9]


Kenny Ackerman used to be an overly tall and narrow man who looked to be well-built. He had brief, coarse-looking darkish hair that reached to his neck and in addition had a thin beard alongside his jawline. He had the semblance of a middle-aged man with wrinkles round his eyes, which have been small and piercing. He used to be most commonly observed wearing a simple white shirt with a black tie that was by no means absolutely carried out up, and a large black overcoat that reached past his knees. He also had a bowler hat with a white band around it. He was once almost all the time observed dressed in a pronounced scowl, even if making a nasty joke.[10]

When not engaged in struggle, Kenny, like his fellow Military Police, additionally formed a black trench coat, in conjunction with his standard attire and bowler hat.[11][12]

When he was once more youthful, Kenny had a more defined face and far fewer wrinkles. He didn't have a beard however he still had darkish sideburns. Also, his hair appeared to be reasonably longer. He used to wear a long coat, darkish trousers and footwear, a white button blouse and any other hat.


Kenny wanted power, and his character was molded round this goal. He was once a ruthless individual who did not hesitate to do anything else to get the job carried out, together with murdering youngsters[13] or betraying his allies.[14] He operated with utter professionalism, hiding his emotions in the back of a fixed expression and showing neither remorse nor pleasure in his mission. He also showed a strong impulse to kill Uri Reiss after they first met.[15]

Kenny expressed a desire to live a "fun" lifestyles, but had a unusual concept of what he considered "fun," commenting that he believed his grandfather's story in regards to the Ackerman clan's historical past because it might be extra amusing to take action, and commenting that growing outdated and residing a full lifestyles did not sound amusing. The only factor stranger than his idea of amusing was once his humorousness, seen when he said that his grandfather's tale in regards to the persecution of the Ackermans used to be "funny,"[16] and when he freed Eren Yeager in order for him to combat against Historia only for his personal entertainment, despite the fact that the way forward for humanity was once at stake.[17] He had shown a cynical mood now and again, like when he informed Rod Reiss that he was sticking round as a result of he used to be searching for a bathroom.[18]

Even so, he was once in a position to show true admiration and appreciate to those who he believed deserved it, like Uri or his 2nd in command. He may be noticed at time exhibiting genuine handle others, killing MPs that got here close to his grandfather's house so that they wouldn't harass him,[19] and elevating his nephew Levi following his sister's passing. This maintain others may be noticed in short in his interactions with Historia within the Reiss Chapel, changing into noticeably saddened to look Historia's slavish devotion to her father's will, despite the effects that she would face if she adopted via with is plan to inherit the Founding Titan. This isn't to say he was overly caring; he despised cowards and didn't respect them, and cared even less for titles, not hesitating to threaten Rod Reiss, the king of the Walls.[20]

Kenny noticed the sector with Uri, however could not feel the similar approach about it

Kenny later printed that he simplest obeyed Rod as a plan to obtain power, and that his true intentions were all the time to turn out to be a Titan and achieve the Founding Titan himself, which was in direct opposition with Rod's goals.[21] After witnessing Uri and later Frieda Reiss turn out to be benevolent other people after inheriting the Founding Titan, he questioned if the similar thing would happen to him too. He sought after to understand what does it really feel like to be sort and compassionate. His grand dream was to take the Founding Titan and see the sector like Uri once did.[5]

Despite his outward confidence, Kenny looked as if it would be afflicted by some extent of self-loathing, going as far as to explain himself as "garbage." His poor view of himself gave the impression to stem largely from a dissatisfaction along with his personal lack of empathy towards the lives of others, as his whole quest for energy used to be motivated by a hope that gaining extra power would make him a extra compassionate particular person like Uri. His self-deprecating nature additionally manifested itself in a lack of self-confidence, demonstrated by his determination to desert Levi when the latter was still a kid because of his belief that he was once no longer are compatible to be any individual's guardian.


At some unspecified point, both before or after turning into a serial killer, Levi recollects Kenny saying he felt a sudden inexplicable surge of energy and with it he knew "exactly what to do."[22]

In the a long time previous to the fall of Wall Maria, Kenny used to be an infamous serial killer that stalked victims in Mitras. His most well-liked manner of killing was once to slit the throats of his victims, which earned him his notorious deal with "Kenny the Ripper" (切り裂きケニー Kirisaki Kenī?), and it was rumored that he murdered over One hundred contributors of the Military Police Brigade.[23]

Kenny discovered his grandfather's story amusing

During this era, he had a conversation together with his grandfather, who was once about to die. Kenny informed him that he had murdered more contributors of the Military Police, and that he additionally has discovered his sister, Kuchel, working as a prostitute in the Underground and pregnant. He also defined that one part of the family had moved to the south, over Shiganshina District, however they have been nonetheless poor.[24]

Then Kenny requested his grandfather why the Ackermans, a bloodline of warriors as soon as with reference to the crown, had been being persecuted to the purpose of near extinction. His grandfather explained that the Ackermans were not hated, but feared; as a result of their reminiscences, along side the ones of the Asian races, may now not be wiped out by way of the ability of the king who created the Walls. The Ackermans of the past didn't inform their children the reality so as to give protection to them, despite the fact that this didn't prevent the persecution. Even so, Kenny found the story funny.[25]

Uri bowed prior to Kenny, changing his view of him

Sometime after that dialog, Kenny talked with a contact within the executive, who informed him of the lifestyles of the Reiss circle of relatives, the true royal family throughout the Walls. Kenny tracked down Uri and Rod Reiss and tried to kill them, however failed when Uri partly reworked into a Titan and trapped him in his hand.[26]

Though Rod tried to shoot Kenny while he was immobilized, Uri stopped him, wanting to interrogate him to find the id of his touch; discovering Kenny's hatred against them justified due to the persecution that the Ackermans suffered at the hands of the monarchy.[27]

Kenny tried some other attack by means of throwing his knife at Uri, despite the fact that the latter stopped it along with his arm. Seeing this, Kenny began screaming at Uri, requesting any other probability to organize a correct ambush. To Kenny's surprise, Uri released him, or even bowed sooner than him, apologizing for the persecution towards the Ackermans and pleading him to spare his existence. Kenny was once shocked to see this coming from a king with that a lot energy, and presented to help Uri, which the latter authorized.[26]

Kenny met Levi

Kenny became Uri's bodyguard and shut friend, and remained at his side until the latter's demise. After some years, he returned to the Underground to see his sister however discovered that she was already useless. He found, and then adopted, her son Levi but presented himself to Levi as a close friend of Kuchel's, with out revealing their true circle of relatives relationship. Kenny lived with Levi and trained him until he used to be strong enough to live on for himself; at this point, Kenny deserted his nephew without saying goodbye.[28]

Years later, Uri defined that he would no longer be lengthy for the arena and he can be passing his powers to one of Rod's youngsters, however that he would continue to exist in their memories. Uri instructed him that he saw the arena as finishing in a while however earlier than it happened, he sought after to make a paradise for mankind. Kenny it seems that didn't witness his buddy's dying, because in Rod's flashback, he was once now not provide.

The creation of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad

After Uri handed the Founding Titan to his niece Frieda and died because of this, Kenny made a plan to obtain the similar Titan powers Uri had and used his influence to establish the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. It is implied that through this point he not used to be a serial killer, as he referred to it in the past hectic to his subordinates; Kenny particularly discussed how the fear that he once impressed dwindled into not anything greater than an urban legend.[29]

However, the warriors did not care because, as Traute Caven mentioned, they'd given up within the activity of killing Titans, and the one last choice is killing people.[30] This greatly pleased Kenny, as he had found his new favourite soldier and 2d in command.[31]


Fall of Shiganshina arc Kenny kills Historia's mother

In the year 845, days after the autumn of Wall Maria, Kenny arrives with a gaggle of soldiers at Historia Reiss's home. He grabs Historia's mom and asks Rod Reiss if she and Historia are related to him. Rod Reiss denies it and Kenny slits Alma's throat. He approaches Historia to kill her too, however Rod Reiss orders him to forestall and saves her lifestyles, giving her the brand new name "Krista Lenz" to reside by means of.[32]

104th Training Corps arc

At one point, Kenny unearths himself being stalked by means of a mysterious lady. Upon confronting her, the girl claims to be an illegitimate daughter he has fostered. Kenny simply sees via her lie, assured he hasn't ever performed the rest that would lead to an illegitimate child; prior to he can apprehend her, however, the lady attacks him and flees into the sewers.[33]

Royal Government arc Kenny kills Dimo Reeves

Kenny's squad is distributed to retrieve Eren and Historia from Dimo Reeves. As his soldiers secure the two, Kenny takes Reeves to a far off spot to speak with him. Leading Reeves into the woods, he tells Reeves that he personally skilled Levi and promptly kills the person for betraying the government. After confirming that everybody from Reeves company is lifeless, he tells Caven to arrange the anti-personnel vertical maneuvering apparatus.[34]

Kenny targets his pistols at Levi after killing Nifa

Kenny travels together with his two captives to Trost, with Levi and the Survey Corps in pursuit. When Levi attempts to watch Kenny's crew, Kenny flanks Levi and his partners and attacks them. He kills considered one of Levi's companions but Levi himself manages to flee.[35] Kenny's squad pursues Levi, forcing him to take refuge in a nearby tavern.

Kenny expresses regret that his 'dream' is slipping away

Kenny follows Levi into the tavern, however isn't in a position to find him. Concluding that Levi isn't there, he's caught off guard when Levi starts to talk to him from beneath the counter. Levi expresses amazement at Kenny's operating with the Military Police, and Kenny brushes Levi off by announcing that a brat cannot perceive adult issues. Kenny continues to taunt Levi, criticizing his resolution to sign up for the Survey Corps, and throwing chairs over the bar to antagonize him. As he tries to get closer to Levi, Levi shoots him with the tavern owner's gun. Kenny manages to dam the bullet with a chair, saving his life, but is knocked out of the tavern by means of the drive of the impact.

As Levi makes his escape, Caven comes to test on Kenny. Kenny remarks that Levi has grown and that his dream is slipping clear of him. Having individually given up the pursuit of Levi, Kenny delivers Eren and Historia to Rod Reiss.[36]

In the cavern beneath the Reiss Chapel, Kenny listens on as Rod helps Historia release her reminiscences of her sister Frieda, and Eren his reminiscences of his father's last moments. As Historia absorbs the guidelines, Kenny finds himself, and informs Rod that the army has switched aspects, overthrown the puppet king, and brought over with Darius Zackly in rate. He encourages them to hurry, as they're nearly no doubt being pursued. Rod orders Kenny to take his squad and guard the doorway to the chapel, as he can handiest transfer ahead once the Anti-Personnel Control Squad leaves. Clearly displeased, Kenny pointers his hat and departs.[37]

Kenny unearths his true colours by way of confessing that he deliberate to eat Eren however now realizes it could be needless

When Rod unearths to Historia that the Founding Titan's power can simplest be absolutely realized via a member of the Reiss family, Kenny finds himself to were listening in on them. He asks Rod to substantiate what he simply said about just a Reiss with the ability to download the Titan's energy, which he does. Having deliberate to turn out to be a Titan himself and thieve Eren's energy, Kenny becomes visibly distraught as he realizes that his plan is unnecessary.[38]

Kenny turns on his former boss and outs him as a coward

Growing angry, he lifts Rod into the air through the collar and begins to threaten him, disenchanted that Rod knew his intentions and strung him alongside. Historia demands that he let cross of her father and Kenny reminds her that Rod is attempting to turn her into a monster who will devour Eren. Historia replies that she will do it if it is her project, and Kenny reminds her of her terrible formative years, suggesting that Rod only saved her as a result of Grisha killed the rest of his kids. He claims that Rod used his family as a result of he did not wish to change into a Titan, lined up the theft of the Founding Titan's energy as a way to stay the Reiss circle of relatives in energy, and sacrificed innumerable lives by way of staying quiet. Rod interjects and tells Historia that Kenny is unsuitable, claiming that he can't change into a Titan himself for an unspecified reason why.

Kenny frees Eren from his mouth restraint for his own entertainment

Kenny releases Rod, and Rod tells him that he's free to depart and should go live a longevity. Kenny sullenly remarks that Rod's suggestion would no longer be very a laugh, ahead of ascending the steps against Eren, telling him to turn into a Titan, to the horror of the 2 Reisses. Kenny says that each Historia and Eren can develop into Titans and battle to the loss of life, with peace returning if Historia wins and not anything changing if Eren wins. He slices Eren's forehead to lend a hand him turn out to be, and asks Rod if he can in point of fact call death of natural reasons living.[39]

Kenny makes use of his vertical apparatus to tug himself up to a secure distance.[40] However, Kenny gets very surprised when Historia hesitates to inject the serum.[41] He even begins laughing after Historia rejects the serum, harms her father and tries to free up Eren, cheering the 2 on for making things way more fascinating.[42] However, when Rod transforms himself into a Titan, Kenny will get dragged by Rod's heat and sheer size. As Kenny tries to escape using his maneuvering tools, he sees his squad coming against him. He tries to warn them to stick away, but is most effective ready to look at as they are overwhelmed underneath the falling debris.[43]

Kenny dies, giving Levi the Titan serum he stole

Kenny manages to live to tell the tale and get away. However, he is heavily injured in the procedure, receiving serious burns everywhere his frame from Rod's transformation.[44] Resting under a tree outside the cavern, he recalls how he first met Uri and the subsequent effects upon his personal existence.[45] Sometime later Levi and considered one of Levi's subordinates to find Kenny. Levi observes that Kenny's injuries have left him at the verge of demise, and Kenny responds by way of smugly revealing that he has a Titan injection, which could allow him to avoid wasting himself.[46]

Levi is at a loss for words as to why Kenny has now not already used it to save lots of his personal life. Kenny claims that he was terrified of finishing up like Rod, but Levi is not satisfied and asks if he has a greater explanation. As Kenny tries to think of one, he recalls the entire necessary other folks of his previous, and involves the conclusion that they all had something that drove them, which he has misplaced. At the edge of death, Kenny confesses that he is Levi's uncle, explaining that he left Levi because Kenny seen himself no longer are compatible to be a father. As a last present, Kenny provides Levi the Titan injection that he stole from Rod. Soon after, he dies, sitting below the tree where he rested.[47]


Decades in the past, the one-day captain used to be an notorious serial killer who murdered within the capital and used to be in a position to removing over 100 participants of the Military Police, showing exceptional fight prowess.[1] He used to be additionally very rapid as he abruptly gave the impression behind Historia Reiss' mother.[11] Kenny's pace was once as soon as once more proven when confronting Annie Leonhart: no longer most effective did he arrange to traverse the gap of a number of meters between them and get at the back of Annie without her noticing, however he used to be also ready to dodge her kick with apparent ease.[48] Despite her unbelievable fighting skills, Annie right away opted to retreat into the sewers, implying she used to be undecided of a victory towards him.[49] On best of that, he was the leader of the First Interior Squad, showing prime management abilities.[50]

Levi Ackerman mentions finding out quite somewhat from him relating to how you can out-maneuver his objectives, suggesting that Kenny used to be highly intelligent and a strategic thinker.[51]

When Levi felt the potential of facing his previous instructor, he used to be extremely uneasy in spite of going head-on towards Titans on a habitual basis. He may be very analytical and intelligent and is the one who taught Levi to think in the same strategic genius as he does, even outmaneuvering him and tricking Humanity's highest soldier into strolling right into a entice.[52] The incontrovertible fact that he used to be in a position to show an individual as professional as Levi these things suggests that he is an adept teacher.

Anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment

Like the Survey Corps, the First Interior Squad have vertical maneuvering apparatus as effectively, referred to as anti-personnel vertical maneuvering apparatus. However, additionally it is equipped with weapons so that you could kill people slightly than Titans. He is able to use them to scale buildings at incredible speeds and assault his objectives earlier than they may be able to react.[53]


Levi Ackerman - Kenny skilled Levi when they were more youthful, they usually even lived together. He perceived to have some appreciate for Levi since he referred to as him "his pride" and even though he revered Levi, his dream looked to be killing him. The which means behind their similar remaining names implies a familiar relationship;[54] however, Levi used to be unaware of his final name till he used to be advised by way of a soldier, although he was not shocked by him being an Ackerman. It is later printed that Kenny was once Levi's uncle, who took care of the latter after his mom, Kuchel Ackerman died. After educating Levi how you can battle, he abandoned him feeling that he could now not be a just right mum or dad to Levi. Uri Reiss - Unlike with Rod, Kenny showed true appreciate in opposition to Rod's younger brother. Rod stated that Uri used to be the one that took Kenny in, and when Rod referred to Kenny as a "stray dog" and to Uri as "whimsical," Kenny overlooked the insult in opposition to himself and only cared about Uri, threatening Rod to blow off half of his head if he stored speaking about him in that way.[55] Traute Caven - As quickly as she explained what she concept in regards to the world, Kenny were given very surprised and satisfied, showing that he certainly preferred the way in which she concept concerning the global.[56] He in the end valued her experience sufficient to make her his 2d in command of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad. Rod Reiss - Though first of all Kenny gave the impression to be loyal to Rod, being a kind of "right-hand man" for him, it was later revealed that he does no longer like him in any respect, believing that he's a coward that best cares about himself, and handiest obeyed him as a result of he wanted to scouse borrow the Founding Titan from him. When Rod printed that the Founding Titan would be needless if it weren't used by a member of the Reiss bloodline, Kenny confirmed his true colors and didn't hesitate to insult and threaten Rod. Historia Reiss - Kenny killed her mother, Alma, without hesitation and was going to kill Historia had Rod no longer intervened. Years later, he insulted her when he captured her and Eren, pronouncing that within the five years since he last saw her, she has slightly grown. However, he gave the impression to pity her, as he explained her that Rod was going to make her become a Titan and eat Eren and told her that Rod was a liar and a coward.

People killed

Failed attempts


Kenny tied with Sasha Blouse for twenty-first in the Second Character Popularity Poll. Kenny's backstory, preferred method of killing, and title "Kenny the Ripper" resemble real-life serial killer Jack the Ripper. One concept of the Ripper's identification and purpose used to be that he was once a government agent murdering victims as part of a bigger conspiracy. Kenny was once the heaviest known human personality within the series, weighing One hundred twenty kg. Hajime Isayama has mentioned that Kenny's personality was once in part impressed by way of the nature Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto V.[61]



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Kenny Keith Ranchero : kenny, keith, ranchero, Surprise!, Kenny..., Bruno's, Classic, Muscle,LLC, Facebook

Here Is Our Surprise! Kenny... - Bruno's Classic Muscle,LLC | Facebook

Kenny Keith Ranchero : kenny, keith, ranchero, Surprise!, Kenny..., Bruno's, Classic, Muscle,LLC, Facebook

Here Is Our Surprise! Kenny... - Bruno's Classic Muscle,LLC | Facebook

Kenny Keith Ranchero : kenny, keith, ranchero, Surprise!, Kenny..., Bruno's, Classic, Muscle,LLC, Facebook

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