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Find and observe posts tagged hugs and kisses on Tumblr. #Things I realized when I understood you had been by no means coming again #hugsandkisses #hugs and kisses #hugs #kisses #love #break up #dating #failed courting #heart spoil #damaged heart #heartache #we nonetheless had such a lot to do...Hugs and Kisses is also the name of a charity, among other organizations and causes, elevating budget for most cancers patients who may surely use some love. In the romantic division, the 1978 thriller movie I Miss You, Hugs and Kisses flashes the word's sign-off cred while...Send this cute hugs and kisses card to someone special. A fun ecard for somebody who makes you feel happy. Jumbo-sized Hug! Send a big squeeze your good friend's/ loved one's approach!Thank you for yor kindness and attention, Thinking the best for you, Til then, my beloved, Till we meet again Hug ya, Hugs and pogo sticks! (my personal favorite), Hugs, kisses, and damaged armsHugs and kisses, abbreviated in North America as XO or XOXO, is an off-the-cuff time period used for expressing sincerity, religion, love, or excellent friendship at the finish of a written letter, electronic mail or textual content message. In the United Kingdom, the word 'hugs and kisses' is broadly used but XO or XOXO don't seem to be...

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Tenor shall be adopting the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for all accounts starting on March 3, 2021. To learn extra check out our FAQ.Sending Some Kisses Just For You... Pictures, Photos, and 736 x 649 jpeg 44 КБ. Hugs And Lots Of Kisses For You. Free Hugs eCards four hundred x 400 animatedgif 251 КБ. and kisses with the my very friendship for you my pricey friendsAbbracci e baci con sincera amiciziaper voi mie care amicheCalin et bisous avec sincére amitiìepour vous mes chére amìes.Hugs and kisses That's it each day! And this video is only a part of it. Hugs and Kisses for Grandma is an all instance musical greeting by way of Johnny Prill and a great way to mention I like you!

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hugs and kisses. A pleasant, casual valediction on the end of a message. Anyway, I'll wrap up this email. I am hoping we get the danger to speak again quickly. I leave out you terribly, bestie! Hugs and kisses, Janet.You've seen XO as a sign-off representing love, affection, or friendship on letters, cards, emails, chat rooms and textual content messages. You may have even been torn on whether or not or to not come with each the X and the O, considering one signifies hugs and the other manner kisses. Use the incorrect image...Hugs and Kisses also known as Love and Kisses is a time period for a sequence of the letters "X" and "O", e.g. "XOXO", usually to specific affection or excellent friendship at the end of a written letter, e mail or text message. [cite web | name = Oxford English Dictionary.......Sending you hugs and kisses. thank you, Jilly Bean. Last edited through a moderator: Jan 6, 2009. Thank you such a lot. However, what is the translation for this ONE sentence? "Sending you hugs and kisses" Ti mando baci e abbracci.Whether you finish a letter or e-mail with it—or you acknowledge it from the tip of each Gossip Girl episode—"Xoxo" is recurrently identified to check with the word "Kisses and hugs." But how did these two inconspicuous letters come to represent that well known word? One conceivable rationalization is that an...

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Whether you end a letter or electronic mail with it—or you recognize it from the end of every Gossip Girl episode—“Xoxo” is frequently known to check with the phrase “Kisses and hugs.” But how did these two inconspicuous letters come to represent that well known phrase?

One imaginable explanation is that an “X” is a stylized representation of 2 mouths kissing, whilst the “O” represents two pairs of arms coming together to finish a hug. This emoticon-inspired account is sensible, however the real explanations are more likely rooted in spiritual historical past.

Because many people in the Middle Ages may just not read or write, they would sign important documents with an “X," which was both a simple mark to make and a reference to the Christian cross. The signee would then kiss the "X" to display his sincerity and that what used to be written in the document used to be true—in much the same approach that Christians kissed the Bible to display their trust in Christ. Besides referencing the real go itself, the “X” alluded to the early Christian symbol called the Chi-rho—named after combining the primary two letters of the Greek phrase for Christ, ???????.

Tracing the starting place of how the “O” came to represent a hug is more challenging. One possible clarification is that Jewish immigrants, upon arriving within the U.S., used the logo instead of a signature, very similar to the way in which the "X" was once used by Christians. Instead of the use of an "X," which invoked Christ—a determine that didn't align with Jewish beliefs—illiterate Jewish other folks arriving within the U.S. would signal documents with an “O.”

Combined with the acquainted Christian use of an “X” signifying the oath sealed with a kiss, the “O” was once likely then tailored to mean hugs as an equal illustration within the sincerity of the sentiment on notes, letters, or even e-mails.

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