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Just use the embed links on the proper side of each and every gif page, copy the Direct Link (e-mail & IM) and paste it for your reaction. Alternative, you can download (save) the gif for your laptop and use it afterward to respond your messages. To find a response gif that matches your needs. Use the drop-down beneath to choose some of the standard classes.GIF by way of NBC/Comedy Central UK. Seriously, though… how you doin'? Yep, just as we concept — by no means will get outdated. 3. Ross proves he's Rachel's lobster. GIFs by the use of NBC/The Official Beverly YouTubePrevious: Happy I Love You Next: Awesome Similarly Awesome GIFs:Joey & Chandler Clapping (Friends)Joey Is Shocked (Friends)I'm so excited, I may vomit. (Friends)Yeah, certain. (Friends)How you doin? (Joey)Just use the embed links at the right facet of each and every gif web page, replica the Direct Link (e mail & IM) and paste it to your reaction. Alternative, you can obtain (save) the gif on your laptop and use it later on to respond your messages. To find a reaction gif that fits your needs. Use the drop-down below to make a choice one of the vital popular categories.Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) pronouncing "how you doin'?" to Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) all over an episode of Friends. ← Shocked CM Punk "Somebody's Got a Case of the Mondays" (Office Space) →

Friends 20th anniversary GIFs: How you doin', Smelly Cat

See extra how you doin GIF! Create and proportion your own how you doin GIFs, with GfycatPrevious: Will Smith Clapping Next: Good job (Iron Man) Similarly Awesome GIFs:Joey Is Shocked (Friends)I am so excited, I would possibly vomit. (Friends)How You Doin'? (Joey Tribbiani)Hungry JoeyJoey & Chandler Clapping (Friends)With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, upload standard How You Doin animated GIFs on your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>>You're doin' a hell of a role. Anime Good Job GIF. How to do a really perfect task without leaving a automotive. Cwey great work there. Very great. Funny wrestling GIF. Referee thumbs-up. If you want to say "nice job" to a game developer, then this GIF fits You perfectly. 10 out of 10, the entire judges.

Friends 20th anniversary GIFs: How you doin', Smelly Cat

How You Doin'? (Joey Tribbiani) | Reaction GIFs

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How to pronounce GIF: JIF or GIF?

I thought the talk ended when the file structure went obsolete, but then GIF came again as an animated record layout. And with it came the argument of how to pronounce GIF. Is it JIF or GIF?

Steve White, the inventor of the file format, broadcasts it JIF, and in the 80s, so did near to everyone else. In the mid 90s, saying it like GIFT without the “T” was commonplace, the logic being that the “G” stands for “Graphics,” not “Jraphics.”

What is a GIF?

The GIF document format first appeared in 1987. And people have been arguing about how to pronounce GIF ever since. Or a minimum of since the mid 90s.

GIF is a cross-platform graphics report format offered by the web service Compuserve in 1987 and revised in 1989. Computer graphics had been advancing rapidly on the time, thanks partly to the Amiga and Atari ST, and the then-new IBM PS/2 and color Macintosh. These computer systems all operated at identical resolutions.

But shifting graphics between them was once a problem. All of them had different de facto standards for graphics codecs. Some of them have been an identical, but none were totally compatible. Also, their graphics functions differed slightly. The Atari ST may display up to 16 colors out of a palette of 512. The Amiga may just show Sixty four and even 4,096 colors out of a palette of four,096, albeit with limitations. The PS/2 and Mac may display 256 colours out of a palette of 262,144.

Enter Compuserve

Compuserve created GIF to work around all of this. At the time, Compuserve was the sector’s biggest online provider, they usually noticed an opportunity. If they might get other people to spend more time downloading graphics to view offline, they'd earn more money.

GIF stood for Graphics Interchange Format, and it used to be cross-platform from the get-go. If you created a picture on an Amiga and converted it to GIF, a GIF viewer on an Atari ST or Apple IIgs may render a very fair approximation of that symbol. It would lack one of the crucial fidelity of the Amiga unique, however must be very recognizable. For that subject, depending at the nature of the picture, an 8-bit pc like a Commodore 64 might be able to render a recognizable approximation of the original using its 16-color palette. And an IBM PS/2 or a colour Mac will have to be able to render a virtually similar model of the picture. For that matter, a PC with an EGA card and track could display an inexpensive approximation of the image.

The format served as one thing of an equalizer. Within a few years, the solution of 320×two hundred with 256 colors turned into a standard. But till then, it meant other people with their fancy new VGA playing cards could view and revel in graphics created on an Amiga or ST or IIgs.

Compuserve’s reason

Compuserve gave it away, treating it as an open layout even supposing competitors like AOL and Prodigy would benefit from it. The more widespread GIF was, the extra they stood to have the benefit of having the largest library of GIFs. And having created the structure and already having 1000's of pictures on its service to transform, Compuserve may just give itself a huge head get started.

GIF adoption

GIF remained a curiosity for many of the 1980s. The technique of loading the information from disk and translating between colour palettes was beautiful slow. On an XT-class PC with CGA or EGA, you could watch the image paint line by line, taking a just right minute or two to show. On an 8-bit laptop like a Commodore 64, rendering a picture was once painfully gradual, taking several mins. It was simpler as computers and modems become sooner.

If you had a computer and a modem and referred to as BBSs, you knew what GIFs were, and naturally in the 90s modems turned into increasingly more well-liked. GIF overtook most proprietary report formats, however remained a solution on the lookout for an issue for most people. It appeared roughly wasteful to spend hundreds of bucks on a 386 computer and masses extra on a high-speed modem and primarily use it for looking at pictures. There had been such a lot of other issues to do with it, like play video games.

Then the World Wide Web got here along. It was once cross-platform. GIF used to be cross-platform. The Web wanted a graphics format. It gave the impression of a excellent match. So the internet used GIF extensively at first.

GIF fell out of style due to its boundaries and because of patent issues round its compression means, but never totally went away. While JPEG and PNG regularly have benefits for still photographs, GIF stays in widespread use, particularly as an animated layout. Plus the relevant patents expired in 2004, so it can as soon as once more be considered an open layout.


GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format.” In English, the letter “G” may also be pronounced as a tough G, as within the word “gift,” or as a tender g, as in the phrase “web page.” Then there are words like “storage,” with a hard g at first of the word and a tender g at the finish.

That’s the problem with the English language. Rule #1 is that there’s an exception to every rule.

The argument for GIF

Proponents for the hard-G GIF, as in “present,” point out a number of of arguments in desire of their desire.

GIF is spelled like “gift” without the “t” on the endGIF stands for “graphics,” which isn’t pronounced “jraffics.”In English, the soft-g is more likely to seem at the end of words while a hard-g is much more likely to look at the frontWords in English the use of a soft-g firstly are in most cases derived from phrases followed from different languages, the place GIF isn't

When I first read about the GIF report structure in a computer mag in 1988 or so, I assumed the pronunciation used to be with a hard g. That’s not unusual when folks be informed a word thru studying rather than hearing it spoken.

The argument for JIF

In the autumn of 1988, I started meeting individuals who owned computers and in reality used them. A lot of them had modems, and computer systems speedy enough to render GIFs. And in chatting with them, they all the time pronounced it “JIF.” Like the emblem of peanut butter.

Why pronounce it JIF?

Steve White, the writer of the document structure, pronounced it that approach, and he nonetheless doesCompuserve developers had a pronouncing in-house: “Choosy developers choose GIF,” taking part in off the advertising slogan for the logo of peanut butterThe soft-g sounds more herbal in speech. The hard-g seems like someone with a speech downside pronouncing “gift.”It’s the longer-standing, extra conventional pronunciation

How to pronounce GIF: Which is proper?

Most dictionaries list both pronunciations, although they tend to disagree on which one is the main.

In English, it’s now not unusual to have more than one permitted pronunciations for words. Someone from the United Kingdom will pronounce the phrase “garage” another way from somebody from the States. In the UK they’ll use two lengthy as, like “gary.” In the States, we are saying it as though we’re talking French. If I use the UK pronunciation when speaking to some other Missourian, the other individual would possibly suppose I’m fooling around, but they’ll most certainly perceive what I’m announcing. Or sooner or later figure it out.

There are regional variations too. In the South, for instance, individuals are known for dropping the g on the finish of phrases. Politicians will regularly drop gs to take a look at to sound extra right down to earth. “How are you doin’?” People in New England will drop the g on the end of phrases too, nevertheless it’s different phrases. I as soon as labored for a guy from Rhode Island. He stated “doing,” not “doin’.” But he additionally stated “anythin’,” now not “anything else.” I’ve never heard a southerner say “anythin’.” I’ve additionally noticed that British singers will drop the g in “factor,” but now not in “doing.” It’s a interest.

Bottom line

So I’m not going to tell you how to pronounce GIF. I’ve been the use of the delicate g since no less than 1989. I never had a dialog with somebody who insisted on a tough g till past due 1995, when I first took a category on internet design. But once I requested my wife and children simply now, they all said they pronounce it with a hard g. Though none of them were adamant about it. At least not to my face. But for all I know, my kids are off telling their pals what a boomer their dad is as a result of he says “JIF.”

I will apply that if you pronounce GIF with a soft-g, you most certainly had a pc in the 80s. If you use the hard-g, you most certainly didn’t, and the people who did would possibly think of you as a n00b. You may in flip say they’re elitist. And the argument will continue.

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