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GTA 3: Espresso-2-Go! ((*2*) (*3*)). GTA 3 ESPRESSO-2-GO,mission trick.with a cheat code.GTA 3 - Espresso - 2 - Go! (*2*) Gamer (*3*): Grand Theft Auto 3 Online Commentary In Cartoon Style Hindi Audio GTA III - Espresso - 2 - Go - PC Gameplay I keep in mind having issues of this project in GTA 3 for the PS2 but I figured a very easyI made up our minds to play GTA (*(*3*)*) just for a laugh and i came throughout a challenge that ive never been ready to go known as Espresso-(*3*)-go by asuka. I cant get past it and ive tryed for over (*3*) years in all lol.. it's the toughest mission ive ever been threw and i still cant get right.. i'd sooo extremly apreicat...GTA 3 (*(*3*)*) (*3*) go карта. Всё из GTA:LCS в GTA 3 - обзор мода LCS map. Кофе на вынос! #(*3*). GTA 3 Миссия #21 - Последние запросы. Прохождение GTA 3 на 100% - Импорт и Экспорт: Список 1 (Портленд).Grand Theft Auto III Mission Guide / Walkthrough Video in High (*2*) Mission No. 064 Location: Staunton Island, Liberty City Mission Name: - Espresso-2-Go! (Deutsch) - Espresso e via! (Italiano) - Marchando un expreso (Español) Mission Boss: Asuka Kasen GTA Series Videos is a devoted...

Gta 3 Espresso 2 Go Easy Way

Grand Theft Auto III Mission Guide / Walkthrough Video in High DefinitionMission No. 064Location: (*2*) Island, Liberty CityMission Name:- Espresso-2-Go!-Espresso-2-Go! is a project in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude via Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen from a (*2*) Construction Company construction website online in Fort Staunton, Staunton Island, Liberty City.- Cafe rapido (Français) - Espresso-2-Go! (Deutsch) - Espresso e by means of! ((*2*)) - Marchando un expreso (Español). GTA Series Videos is a devoted fan-channel protecting you up-to-the-minute with all of the newest news, video walkthroughs and legit trailers of probably the most a success video video games published by way of...Espresso-2-Go! Walkthrough of the Seventh Asuka's Mission. First of all, go to the southern a part of Staunton Island and ruin the primary stall near the monument. Be careful, the (*2*) is armed with a shotgun.

Gta 3 Espresso 2 Go Easy Way

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Grand Theft (*3*) III ● GTA 3 GROUP. GTA 3 (PS2) - Очень странный баг. Владимир Кондратьев.GTA (*2*) (*3*) Cheats Cars Screenshots Patches. 2. Use WinZip or some similar device to extract file. 3. Copy GTA3sf1.b document to GTA3 save folder 4. Start your GTA3 sport and cargo first save sport.GTA 3: (*3*) #47 - 'Espresso-2-Go!' NOTE: Ray's BP (Bullet Proof) (*2*) used to be used in this video, no cheats or mods.(*2*), walthroughs, hints and guidelines for GTA III. iGrandTheftAuto gifts Espresso-2-Go! Espresso-2-Go! Psy 4209 Days Ago 11774 Views....(*2*)-2-Go! is a challenge in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by means of Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen from a Miguel has knowledgeable Asuka, who's torturing him, about espresso stands around Liberty City. GTA 3 - Walkthrough - (*3*) #34 - Payday for Ray (HD). LEE CHAOLAN.

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Walkthrough of the Seventh Asuka’s Mission

InformationRewardsConditions of failure For Asuka Kasen Unlocks S.A.M. Unlocked by means of Bait Necessary to Achieve 100% Yes Wasted Busted Time runs out

In this project, you need to wreck 9 coffee stalls utilized by the Cartel to push SPANK. The difficulty is that the stalls start to show on the radar most effective after you approached them. Also after destroying of the first stall, you will have simplest eight mins to spoil the remaining 8 stalls.

This project is one in every of the most tough in the game. Read this guide moderately and see the video at the end. The map below displays all of the stalls.


The very best car for this undertaking is Ray’s bulletproof Patriot. If you don’t have it, use a automobile with top durability however no longer too sluggish. Also, refill the guns, the Rocket Launcher will also be especially helpful.

To ruin a coffee stall, hit it by means of a car at a low pace and instantly depart, as a result of Cartel guardians are neatly armed and will attempt to attack you. Another option is using a rocket launcher or grenades.

Staunton Island

First of all, go to the southern part of Staunton Island and destroy the primary stall near the monument. Be cautious, the Colombian is armed with a shotgun. Go north, the following stall on your method is positioned west of the Love Media Building. Near it, there may be a stall near the church in Bedford Point. Next, take the street north, it will take you to a stall at Belleville Park. The last stall is located close to the multi-level parking in New Port. Destroy it and power to Portland across the Callahan Bridge.


After leaving the bridge, continue to force straight on the street and do no longer flip any place. This highway will bring you to a stall in front of the entrance to the port. The second stall in Portland is located in Saint Mark’s reverse Salvatore’s Gentlemen’s Club. Mafiosi are a little less unhealthy than usual now as a result of during this challenge they don’t use shotguns. But it’s nonetheless higher to get there in a roundabout means, quite than on the roads. The secure technique to break this stall is to hearth a rocket from a place the place no persons are spawning. Afterward, pressure to Shoreside Vale during the Porter Tunnel.

Shoreside Vale

Here you're going to be rammed by a Cartel Cruiser. This is the only enemy automobile here, decide for your self to spoil it or not.

After leaving the tunnel, flip left and smash a stall near the airport, next to the monument. After that, it will remain to destroy a stall subsequent to the medical institution in Pike Creek and the mission can be completed.

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