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Rockyou - rockyou.txt Download Complete Wordlist (139.ninety two MB) Download Complete Wordlist bzip2 Compressed (60.50 MB) Showing 100 Randomly Sampled LinesDownload Rockyou.Txt uploaded at™, document hash 9076652d8ae75ce713e23ab09e10d9ee, file dimension 133.44 MB and final changed on 2015-05-Sixteen 02:00:46.TryHackMe is a free on-line platform for studying cyber security, using hands-on workouts and labs, all over your browser!rockyou.txt download torrent. Information Word's count: 14344390: Size: 133.44 Mb: Rate: 23 : Passwords from SecLists. The Passwords listing will cling a number of password lists that can be used through a couple of tools when attempting to guess credentials for a given targetted service. This will include numerous very popular lists in cooperationRockYou was a company that advanced widgets for MySpace and implemented programs for various social networks and Facebook. Since 2014, it has engaged essentially within the purchases of rights to classic video games; it comprises in-game commercials and re-distributes the video games.

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Quien no conoce el famoso wordlist rockyou.txt, el cual es utilizado para realizar password cracking en los CTF, e incluso en pruebas reales de intrusión ya que no falta el usuario que tenga alguna contraseña débil, considerando que los angeles misma este en ingles o tenga alguna referencia especifica a un lindo keymap walking esta mas que claroEducation purposes best!Download the text file right here. Approach: First, import the zipfile module. Initialize the ZipFile object which helps in extracting the contents of the zip document. Count the collection of words found in "rockyou.txt" file and display it on the terminal. Call the "crack_password" serve as which returns true if a password is located else returnsBuilt-in Kali Linux wordlist rockyou.txt. We use cookies on Kaggle to ship our services and products, analyze web traffic, and strengthen your enjoy at the website.

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We would like to display you an outline here however the site may not permit us.Check my Blog for additional information :) My Newly Launched Website htt...Useful lists for geeks, device finding out, and linguists. Download: rockyou.txt Copyright © 2008-2021. All rights reserved.We will desire a script, It comes at the side of Kali so, you don't actually want to download it. #discovering the file updatedb find cp $(find . #now, we will be able to create a hash the use of it python id_rsa > id_rsa.hash Now, let's in finding and replica rockyou.txt.gz, our wordlist. locate rockyou.txt cp $(locate rockyourockyou.txt.gz; Find report History Permalink. Imported Upstream version 0.3 · 249f397c Devon Kearns authored Mar 03, 2013. 249f397c rockyou.txt.gz 50.Nine MB Web IDE. Download (50.9 MB)

Passwords - SkullSecurity

Password dictionaries

These are dictionaries that include equipment/worms/and many others, designed for cracking passwords. As some distance as I do know, I'm now not breaking any licensing agreements by mirroring them with credit; if you do not want me to host any such recordsdata, let me know and I'll remove it.

Leaked passwords

Passwords that were leaked or stolen from sites. I'm internet hosting them because it sort of feels like no person else does (with a bit of luck it is not as a result of website hosting them is illegal :)). Naturally, I'm now not the one who stole these; I simply found them online, got rid of any names/e mail addresses/and so on (I don't see any explanation why to supply usernames -- for those who do have a excellent explanation why, e mail me (ron-at-skullsecurity.internet) and I'll see if I've them.

The perfect use of these is to generate or check password lists.

Note: The dates are approximate.

Name Compressed Uncompressed Date Notes Rockyou rockyou.txt.bz2 (60,498,886 bytes) n/a 2009-12 Best record available; massive, stolen unencrypted Rockyou with rely rockyou-withcount.txt.bz2 (59,500,255 bytes) n/a phpbb phpbb.txt.bz2 (868,606 bytes) n/a 2009-01 Ordered by way of commonnessCracked from md5 by way of Brandon Enright(97%+ coverage) phpbb with depend phpbb-withcount.txt.bz2 (872,867 bytes) n/a phpbb with md5 phpbb-withmd5.txt.bz2 (4,117,887 bytes) n/a MySpace myspace.txt.bz2 (175,970 bytes) n/a 2006-10 Captured by means of phishing MyArea - with count myspace-withcount.txt.bz2 (179,929 bytes) n/a Hotmail hotmail.txt.bz2 (47,195 bytes) n/a Unknown Isn't clearly understood how those had been stolen Hotmail with depend hotmail-withcount.txt.bz2 (47,975 bytes) n/a Faithwriters faithwriters.txt.bz2 (39,327 bytes) n/a 2009-03 Religious passwords Faithwriters - with rely faithwriters-withcount.txt.bz2 (40,233 bytes) n/a Elitehacker elitehacker.txt.bz2 (3,690 bytes) n/a 2009-07 Part of zf05.txt Elitehacker - with count elitehacker-withcount.txt.bz2 (3,846 bytes) n/a Hak5 hak5.txt.bz2 (16,490 bytes) n/a 2009-07 Part of zf05.txt Hak5 - with depend hak5-withcount.txt.bz2 (16,947 bytes) n/a Älypää alypaa.txt.bz2 (5,178 bytes) n/a 2010-03 Finnish passwords alypaa - with rely alypaa-withcount.txt.bz2 (6,013 bytes) n/a Facebook (Pastebay) facebook-pastebay.txt.bz2 (375 bytes) n/a 2010-04 Found on Pastebay;appear to be malware-stolen. Facebook (Pastebay) - w/ rely facebook-pastebay-withcount.txt.bz2 (407 bytes) n/a Unknown porn website online porn-unknown.txt.bz2 (30,six hundred bytes) n/a 2010-08 Found on No clue the place they originated, but clearly porn site. Unknown porn web page - w/ count porn-unknown-withcount.txt.bz2 (31,899 bytes) n/a Ultimate Strip Club List tuscl.txt.bz2 (176,291 bytes) n/a 2010-09 Thanks to Mark Baggett for finding! Ultimate Strip Club List - w/ count tuscl-withcount.txt.bz2 (182,441 bytes) n/a [Facebook Phished] facebook-phished.txt.bz2 (14,457 bytes) n/a 2010-09 Thanks to Andrew Orr for reporting Facebook Phished - w/ depend facebook-phished-withcount.txt.bz2 (14,941 bytes) n/a (8,936 bytes) n/a 2010-05 - w/ count (9,774 bytes) n/a (50,697 bytes) n/a 2010-10 - w/ rely (52,884 bytes) n/a Unnamed monetary website online (reserved) (reserved) 2010-12 Unnamed monetary site - w/ count (reserved) (reserved) Gawker (reserved) (reserved) 2010-12 Gawker - w/ count (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) (reserved) 2010-12 w/depend (reserved) (reserved) (second time hacked) (reserved) (reserved) 2010-12 w/depend (2d time hacked) (reserved) (reserved) Statistics

I did some assessments of my various dictionaries in opposition to the other sets of leaked passwords. I grouped them by way of the password set they have been trying to crack:

Miscellaneous non-hacking dictionaries

These are dictionaries of phrases (etc), not passwords. They is also useful for one reason or some other.

Name Compressed Uncompressed Notes English english.txt.bz2 (1,368,one hundred and one bytes) n/a My mixture of a couple lists, from Andrew Orr, Brandon Enright, and Seth German german.txt.bz2 (2,371,487 bytes) n/a Compiled through Brandon Enright American towns us_cities.txt.bz2 (77,081 bytes) n/a Generated by way of RSnake "Porno" porno.txt.bz2 (7,158,285 bytes) n/a World's biggest porno password assortment!Created by means of Matt Weir Honeynet honeynet.txt.bz2 (889,525 bytes) n/a From a honeynet run by way of Joshua Gimer Honeynet - w/ rely honeynet-withcount.txt.bz2 (901,868 bytes) n/a File destinations file-locations.txt.bz2 (1,724 bytes) n/a Potential logfile locations (for LFI, and so on).Thanks to Seth! Fuzzing strings (Python) fuzzing-strings.txt.bz2 (276 bytes) n/a Thanks to Seth! PHPMyAdmin locations phpmyadmin-locations.txt.bz2 (304 bytes) n/a Potential PHPMyAdmin destinations.Thanks to Seth! Web extensions web-extensions.txt.bz2 (117 bytes) n/a Common extensions for Web information.Thanks to dirb! Web mutations web-mutations.txt.bz2 (177 bytes) n/a Common 'mutations' for Web files.Thanks to dirb!

DirBuster has some superior lists, too -- usernames and filenames.

Facebook lists

These are the lists I generated from this knowledge. Some are extra useful than others as password lists. All lists are taken care of by means of commonness.

If you want a number of these, I extremely suggest the usage of the torrent. It's faster, and you can get them all at once.

Name Compressed Uncompressed Date Notes Full names facebook-names-unique.txt.bz2 (479,332,623 bytes) n/a 2010-08   Full names - w/ rely facebook-names-withcount.txt.bz2 (477,274,173 bytes) n/a First names facebook-firstnames.txt.bz2 (16,464,124 bytes) n/a 2010-08   First names - w/ count facebook-firstnames-withcount.txt.bz2 (73,134,218 bytes) n/a Last names facebook-lastnames.txt.bz2 (21,176,444 bytes) n/a 2010-08   Last names - w/ count facebook-lastnames-withcount.txt.bz2 (21,166,232 bytes) n/a First initial final names facebook-f.last.txt.bz2 (67,110,776 bytes) n/a 2010-08   First initial last names - w/ count facebook-f.last-withcount.txt.bz2 (66,348,431 bytes) n/a First identify last preliminary facebook-first.l.txt.bz2 (37,463,798 bytes) n/a 2010-08   First identify last initial facebook-first.l-withcount.txt.bz2 (36,932,295 bytes) n/a

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