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Tamil; finger millet: ஆரியம், கேழ்வரகு, கேப்பை: barnyard millet: குதிரைவாலி: broom corn millet: பனிவரகு: bull rush millet (power millet) கம்பு: clubbed finger, clubbed finger,clubbed toe: திரள்முனைவிரல்: commonplace millet: பனிவரகு: effective milletFinger Millet (Ragi in Kannada / Kelvaragu in Tamil / Ragulu in Telugu / Koovarugu in Malayalam/ Mundua in Hindi): A staple in many parts of Karnataka where it is not uncommon to find Ragi Dosas or Rotis. Ragi Porridge is a great change for oats or cereal at breakfast.Hi this video is about easy methods to make ragi porridge.Recipes for summer season.Ragi recipes for weight reduction.Sweet and salty finger millet porridge.Porridge for babiesHe...Finger millet or ragi idli is made with rice, urad dal and ragi flour. No different grain has such a lot calcium as ragi and it is usually an excellent supply of iron. It is helping deal with bone well being and forestalls osteoporosis. Ragi (known as kezhvaragu in Tamil) is a superb meals for those with low hemoglobin ranges.Tamil: Telugu: Malayalam: Barnyard Millet: ಊದಲು. Oodhalu: झंगोरा, संवा - Jhangora, Sanwa: குதிரைவாலி. Kuthiravaali: ఒడలు. Odalu . Kavadapullu: Brown Top Millet: ಕೊರಲೆ. Korale - - - - Finger Millet: ರಾಗಿ. Ragi: मंडुआ, नाचनी. Mandua, Nachani: கேழ்வரகு. Kelvaragu: రాగులు. Ragulu

South Indian Millets: How Ancient Grains Are Becoming

Millets are known as "Small Grains" or "Siru Thaaniyangal" in Tamil.Millets are probably the most oldest foods identified to people and possibly the primary cereal grain to be used for home purposes.Millets also are unique due to their brief growing season. They can increase from planted seeds to mature, ready to reap plants in as low as 65 days.Find right here main points of companies promoting Finger Millet Seeds in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Get newest information on Finger Millet Seeds, providers, wholesale providers, retailers & buyers with Finger Millet Seeds costs for getting.Ragi in Kannada is known as finger millet in English, ragulu in telugu, kezhvaragu or keppai in tamil, nachani in marthi and gujarati, marwa in bengali & nepali, mandika in Hindi. In the recent years, this surprise grain received reputation due to the top absorbable vitamins in them which might be available at an affordable price.Finger Millet Farming (Ragi) Guide:-Finger Millet Farming (Ragi) Introduction of Finger Millet: - Finger Millet also knows as "Ragi" in India .This is a hardy in style food and beauty grain crop subsequent to wheat, maize & rice in India. This grain is valued as staple food. It is sometimes called dry land crop cultivated in both tropical and sub tropical regions and basically cultivated in Andhra

South Indian Millets: How Ancient Grains Are Becoming

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finger millet in Tamil translation and definition "finger millet", English-Tamil Dictionary on-lineRagi Rava Dosa in tamil/Instant Ragi dosa /Ragi dosai in tamil/Finger Millet dosa/Siruthaniya dosai /Kezhvaragu dosa recipe/Sooji dosa/ Breakfast Recipes inToday's recipe is an overly conventional one made in South India, especially in Tamil Nadu and Karnatake. It is a thick gluten unfastened pancake made from finger millet flour. It is loaded with fiber and calcium. Its a perfect recipe for people on vitamin and for diabetic sufferers.In India finger millet is frequently known as via various names like ragi (in Kannada, Telugu and Hindi), also Mandua/Mangal in Hindi, Kodra (Himachal Pradesh), Mandia (Oriya), Taidalu (in Telangana region), Kezhvaragu in Tamil and so on. Nutritive value of Ragi. Finger millet is regarded as one of the most nutritious cereals. Finger millet comprises about 5-8% protein, 1-2% ether extractives, 65-75% carbohydrates, 15-20% dietary fiber and a pair of.5-3.5% minerals. Of the entire cereals and milletsCK And Co. - Offering Finger Millet, Pack Size: 25 Kg at Rs 26/kilogram in Salem, Tamil Nadu. Read about corporate. Get touch details and deal with | ID: 16171714088

Finger Millet Farming (Ragi) Information Guide

Finger Millet Farming (Ragi) Guide:-

Finger Millet Farming (Ragi)

Introduction of Finger Millet: – Finger Millet additionally knows as “Ragi” in India .This  is a hardy widespread meals and wonder grain crop next to wheat, maize & rice in India. This grain is valued as staple meals. It is often referred to as dry land crop cultivated in each tropical and sub tropical regions and principally cultivated in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and TamilNadu & Kerala.

Health Benefits of Finger Millet:-  Finger Millet has superb health benefits. Some of them are listed underneath.

Finger Millet might help in weight reduction. Finger Millet is very good supply of calcium, therefore increases bone strength. Finger Millet might help in regulating blood sugar levels. Finger Millet would possibly cut back cholesterol, hence protecting from chance of stroke. Finger Millet is excellent supply of protein & amino acids. Finger Millet may assist in treating anemia. Finger Millet might help in digestion. Finger Millet might help in increasing lactation. Finger Millet has anti getting older homes, hence would possibly revert skin growing old.

Health Benefits of Finger Millet – Ragi

Finger Millet Grown States in India:- Throughout India.

Local Names of Finger Millet in India:- Finger Millet (English), Mandua/Finger Millet (Hindi), Kelvarugu/Aariyam (Tamil), Koovarugu/ Finger Millet (Malayalam), Ragulu (Telugu), Finger Millet (Kannada), Maruba dhan (Assame), Marwa (Bengali), Nagli, Bavato (Gujarati), Nachani (Marathi), Mandia (Oriya), Mandal (Punjabi),Finger Millet (Rajasthani).

High Yielding Improved Varieties of Finger Millet in India:- CO-9, CO-13, CO (Ra)-14 and TRY-1,Paiyur-1,Paiyur-2, VL Mandua-101,VL Mandua-124,VL Mandua-149,VL Mandua-204,VLMandua-146,VLMandua-314,VLMandua-315,H-22,Okay-1,Hullubele,Karegidda,Gidda ,Jasarilambi ,Madayyanagiri-1 ,Madayyanagiri-2, Dodda, Jadesanga and Jenumudda.

Agro-Climate Required for Finger Millet Farming:- Finger Millet crop requires day temperatures of 30° C to 34° C and 22° C to twenty-five° C nightly temperatures for optimal growth together with good sunshine. It thrives best possible in the areas the place annual rainfall is set one hundred cm.

Soil Requirement for Finger Millet Farming:- Finger Millet crop can be grown on quite a lot of soils from wealthy loam to poor shallow upland soils with just right organic subject. However, porous/light crimson loam/sandy loam soils with good internal drainage are just right for its cultivation. Black soils with excellent drainage can be considered for this crop cultivation because it tolerates rather water stagnation. Finger Millet crop prospers best in soils with pH of 4.Five to 8.0. Heavy clay soils with deficient water drainage must be avoided.

Land Preparation in Finger Millet Farming:- The land preparation is other for rainfed and irrigated stipulations. In case of rainfed crop (crop with 80 cm of rainfall), primary box will have to be ploughed 2 or thrice deeply to preserve the moisture content material in the soil. In case of irrigated crop, it's required to plough the field until the wonderful tilth upon monsoon arrival.

Propagation and Sowing Methods in Finger Millet Farming:- Propagation in Finger Millet farming  is finished mainly through seeds. The following sowing strategies are used in rainfed crop of Finger Millet.

Broadcasting: This is most commonplace means practiced & the Finger Millet seeds are at once sown in the sphere via broadcasting. Line Sowing: In this system, Finger Millet seeds are sown in traces & line sowing means is better than broadcasting approach. In this system, spacing of twenty-two cm to 30 cm between traces & 8cm to 10 cm inside traces will have to be maintained. The Finger Millet seeds will have to be sown about 3 cm deep in the soil. Drilling in rows: In this technique, seeds are sown the use of drill. Sowing seeds via seed cum fertilizer drill may be very really helpful in line sowing. Transplanting the seedlings: Transplanting is a process of elevating the seedlings in nursery beds and transplant to the primary field. Leveling & watering of beds is required all the way through transplanting. Seedlings with Four weeks age must be transplanted in the sphere. For early Rabi and Kharif season, seedlings must be transplanted @ 25 x 10 cm and for Late Kharif season @ 30 cm x 10 cm. planting should be done Three cm intensity in the soil.

 Before transplanting, apply these illness preventive strategies.

Use 0.1% carbendazim option to dip the leafy portion of Finger Millet seedlings to   save you the blast from nursery to primary field. Drip the foundation portion of the Finger Millet seedlings in the solution of Azospirillum inoculants in Forty to 45 liters of water for approximately 30 minutes.

Note: Start watering the seedlings after third  day of transplanting.

Seed Rate in Finger Millet Farming:- Seed charge in Finger Millet Farming is set  10 to fifteen kg according to hectare.

Crop Rotation in Finger Millet Farming:- Following the crop rotation is essential in Finger Millet cultivation and it results in just right yields and reduce the inorganic fertilizer software as smartly. Below are one of the crop rotations adopted in south and north India.

South India North India Finger Millet – Tobacco Finger Millet – Mustard Finger Millet – Groundnut Finger Millet – Gram Finger Millet – Potato – Maize Finger Millet – Barley Finger Millet – Potato – Finger Millet Finger Millet – Linseed Finger Millet – Sugarcane Finger Millet – tobacco

In south Karnataka, the Finger Millet crop rotations are as follows:

Season Crop Rotation Kharif Castor and Horse Gram Kharif and Rabi Pigeon Pea Kharif Green gram, Black gram & Cowpea

Manures and Fertilizers in Finger Millet Farming:- Incorporate 13 tonnes Farm Yard Manure (FMY)/ha in the soil. Application of the fertilizers like NPK depends upon the region and soil. Different states have different necessities for each irrigated and rainfed stipulations. For example: Finger Millet cultivation in Tamil Nadu calls for NPK of 30:30:30 Kg/ha at the time of seed sowing & where as Karnataka calls for NPK of 50:50:50 Kg/ha on the time of seed sowing. For other areas based on the fertility of the soil, NPK should be applied (contact your nearest agriculture division for NPK requirement for each rainfed and irrigated stipulations).

Intercropping in Finger Millet Farming:- Inter cropping at all times brings excellent returns .some  of the most productive intercrop combination of Finger Millet is discussed underneath.

Finger Millet + maize = Highest yield. Finger Millet + field bean or Fodder sorghum = Enhancing the productivity. Finger Millet + Pigeon pea = Higher returns. Finger Millet + black gram or inexperienced gram = Profitable crop combinations. Finger Millet + mustard = Profitable.

Irrigation in Finger Millet Farming:- Following are the irrigations required in Finger Millet Farming.

No. of irrigations. Red Soils. Heavy  Soils. 1st Immediately after sowing Immediately after sowing second 3rd day after sowing 4th day after sowing third 7th day after sowing ninth day after sowing 4th twelfth day after sowing 16th day after sowing 5th 17th day after sowing ..

Weed Control /Inter cultural Operations in Finger Millet Farming:- In irrigated crop ,weeding is very important operation to be carried out on common base in Finger Millet cultivation. Hand weeding can also be completed or weedicides can implemented in the field. Hand weed should be given twice on the ninth and 19th day after transplanting the seedlings. The inter cultivation and weeding should be completed with hand hoe after Four weeks of sowing. 2 or Three hoeing could be sufficient. Thinning operation need to be performed 2 weeks after sowing as Finger Millet is densely sown crop. Usually hand thinning is practiced.

In rainfed crop, in line sown Finger Millet crop requires 2 to a few inter cultivation operations.

Pests and Diseases in Finger Millet Farming:- Main pests discovered in Finger Millet cultivation are :Pink stem borer, Leaf folder, Earhead worm, Earhead malicious program ,Aphids, White stem borer, Root aphid, Finger Millet leaf hopper, Cutworm, Yellow aphid and Grasshopper. Blast and Mosaic are primary sicknesses in Finger Millet crop. For symptoms and keep an eye on measures  for these pests and illnesses, contact your nearest agriculture division.

Harvesting of Finger Millet:- Finger Millet crop shall be ready and matured in Four months to 5 months length. Finger Millet begins flowering in 2 to 3 months. This crop should be minimize above floor stage and dry them in the sun for two to three days.  Bullocks or sticks can be used to separate the seeds from the plants.

Yield of Finger Millet: – Yield always is dependent upon the crop management practices and the range cultivated. In Finger Millet farming, a mean yield of 12 to fifteen quintals/ha may also be expected in case of rainfed crop. In case of Irrigated crop, Forty to 45 quintals/ha may also be bought.

Bottom Line of Finger Millet Farming:-  With highest crop control practices and minimum investment, one can be expecting good returns.

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