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N-6 on the Map Ancient Colossae Co-los'sse, in KJV Colosse. (close to Khonai, Turkey) Colossae was a city of southwestern Phrygia in Asia Minor, now not some distance from the rivers Lycos and Meander. In antiquity Colossae was once at the business course (from Ephesus to the Euphrates River) heading east and was once a vital town.Colossae used to be situated in Phrygia, in Asia Minor. It used to be situated 15 km southeast of Laodicea at the highway in the course of the Lycus Valley close to the Lycus River at the foot of Mt. Cadmus, the very best mountain in Turkey's western Aegean Region, and between the cities Sardeis and Celaenae, and southeast of the ancient town of Hierapolis.But Colossae's importance as a industry center diminished considerably round one hundred BC, when the neighboring town of Laodicea was based as an lively and commercially aggressive competitor. The two cities, at the side of neighboring Hierapolis, were destroyed by earthquakes in AD 17 (in the reign of Tiberius) and once more in 60 (in the reign of Nero).Colossae or Colosse used to be an historic city in the Lycus River valley, about one hundred miles east of the nice, cosmopolitan capital town of Ephesus, located in the Roman province of Asia, in present-day Turkey. Colossae used to be the smallest of 3 cities within the Lycus Valley -- along side Laodicea (12 miles west) and Hierapolis (15 miles northwest).How to pronounce Colossae ; Colossae Pronunciation ; Colossae that means ; Colossae definition - Duration: 1:06. Learn it with Radhika - English Pronunciations 5,543 perspectives 1:06

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Colossae Map This is a map of historic town Colossae in Denizli, Turkey showing the site, geography and structures. This is your historic map information and the entire information you need. The map displays Colossae's location and historical data equivalent to the ancient sights in Colossae.Colossae was once situated a hundred and twenty miles east of Ephesus within the Lycus River Valley in historical Phrygia, a part of the Roman territory of Asia Minor. It was once one in every of a triad of towns within the house (the other two being Laodicea and Hierapolis), resting on the foot of Mount Cadmus.Colossae lasted until the 7th and 8th centuries, when it used to be progressively deserted underneath drive of the Arab invasions. Its position was taken by Khonae ( Khonas) - a strong fort on a rugged spur of Mt. Kadmus, Three m. to the south, which was a place of significance right through the wars between the Byzantines and Turks, and used to be the birthplace of theAn historical place, cited: BAtlas sixty five B2 Colossae Show position in AWMC's Antiquity À-la-carte , Google Earth , or Pelagios' Peripleo . Show house in GeoNames , Google Maps , or OpenStreetMap .

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Colossae Map; Photo Gallery; Video Center; The Church of Laodicea in guide of Revelation (New Testament, Bible) Laodicea receives passing point out in the epistle to the Colossians and is one of the Seven church buildings of Asia discussed within the Book of Revelation. The Laodicean Church had most definitely been based through the Colossian Epaphras, who shared theListen to the audio pronunciation of Colossae on pronouncekiwi. Sign in to disable ALL commercials. Thank you for helping build the most important language group on the web. pronouncekiwi - How To Pronounce Colossae. pronouncekiwi. Currently fashionable pronunciations. Have a truth about Colossae ? Write it here to share it with all the group.Colossae was once positioned in the province of Asia (Number 28). The map beneath makes use of 1 Kilometer answer satellite imagery. Colossae used to be roughly one hundred miles east of the provincial capital at Ephesus. (Taken from National Geographic Map Machine)COLOSSAE. ko-los'-e (Kolossai, "punishment"; the King James Version Colosse): A town of Phrygia at the Lycus River, one of the branches of the Meander, and 3 miles from Mt. Cadmus, 8,013 feet. top. It stood on the head of a gorge the place the two streams unite, and at the nice freeway traversing the rustic from Ephesus to the Euphrates valley, 13Reader: Philemon at Colossae; Why: To ask Philemon to forgive and welcome back the runaway slave Onesimus, now a brother in Christ. The Letter is a style of forgiveness, love, and tact . Map - Paul Writes from Prison in Rome. Map Key: Letter for Philemon sent from 1 to a few

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The oldest of the 3 primary cities (with Laodicea and Hierapolis) within the Lycus Valley, within the southwestern part of historic Phrygia. It was mentioned by way of both Herodotus and Xenophon. Although it used to be on one of the crucial routes from Antioch in Pisidia to ephesus, it does no longer seem that Paul visited the Christian group there (Col. 1.6–8). It have been evangelized by way of the Colossian Epaphras (Col1.6–8; 4.12–13). Jewish, Greek, and ancient Phrygian parts composed the inhabitants; the Christians have been basically of Gentile foundation. The city was once deserted in the eighth century, and the website has now not yet been excavated.

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