Circuit Breaker Abbreviations

Circuit Breaker: CB: Carte Blanche (credit card) CB: Construction Battalion (SEABEES) CB: Children's Bureau: CB: Chicago Bears: CB: Chris Brown: CB: Certification Body: CB: Certification Bodies: CB: Cambridge (postcode, United Kingdom) CB: Capacity Building: CB: Code Block: CB: Competition Bureau: CB: Cambodia: CB: Coldwell Banker: CB: Charlie Brown: CB: Call Back: CB: College Board: CBAbbreviations Commonly used in Electrical Documents A A Amperes, amps. A.C. or AC or a.c. Alternating current or voltage. ACB Air circuit breaker. ACSR Aluminium conductor metal reinforced. AGME American Gear Manufacturer's Association AH Ampere-hour capability of batteries.Electrical and Electronics Engineering Abbreviations with Full Forms Below is the listing of 800+ quick shape or abbreviation with full shape utilized in electric and electronic engineering.All the abreavtion are listed from A to Z and Numerical form in Ascending shape.Need to understand how Circuit Breaker is abbreviated in Engineering? Check out variant for Circuit Breaker abbreviation in Engineeringcircuit breaker = A device designed to open and close a circuit by non-automatic way and to open the circuit robotically on an overcurrent without injury to itself when properly carried out within its rating. circuit breaker communications module (BCM) = A module which, when installed in a circuit breaker, receives and transmits knowledge on the

Abbreviations Commonly used in Electrical Documents

abbreviations (no longer all abbreviations are necessarily used on this project) + mounting height above completed floor coordinate with architectural plans (e) current to stay (er) current to be got rid of circuit breaker - molded case kind // present transformerEvery permanent electrical tool in your home is attached to a circuit that is controlled by a circuit breaker on your breaker box, correctly known as the principle provider panel.When you need to shut off the facility to a circuit or to reset a breaker that has tripped, it's important to to find the best breaker for the circuit.This is in regards to the time you start cursing your own home's builder for failing toA circuit breaker is an routinely operated electric switch designed to offer protection to an electrical circuit from damage caused by way of excess current from an overload or brief circuit.Its fundamental function is to break current flow after a fault is detected. Unlike a fuse, which operates as soon as and then should be replaced, a circuit breaker will also be reset (both manually or routinely) to renewLooking for the abbreviation of breaker? Find out what's the most not unusual shorthand of breaker on! The Web's largest and maximum authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

Abbreviations Commonly used in Electrical Documents

800+ Electrical & Electronic Abbreviations with Full Forms

Wire Color Abbreviations. Different electric wires perform other duties. Colored wires are found in department circuits, which are the wiring between a circuit breaker or other protecting software and an electrical load. If you are undecided about the colour wire you're running with, check out those abbreviations and definitions.Circuit Breaker: CBM: Certified Ballast Manufacturer: CCT: Circuit (also: CIR, CKT) CCTV: Closed Circuit Television: CD: Candela: CIR: Circuit (additionally: CCT, CKT) CKT: Circuit (additionally: CCT, CIR) CLF: Current Limiting Fuse: CPT: Control Power Transformer: CT: Current Transformer: CU: Copper: dB: Decibel: DC: Direct Current: DIA: Diameter: EB: Equipment Branch: EC: Electrical Code or Electrical Contractor: EFmolded case circuit breaker — (MCCB)A circuit breaker which is assembled as an integral unit in a supportive and enclosed housing of insulating subject matter, generally 20-3000A in ampacity and utilized in programs up to 600Vac and 500Vdc.installations. In the UK historically known as miniature circuit breakers (MCB's). Relates to Low Voltage Circuit Breakers for use in commercial and equivalent installations. In the United Kingdom traditionally known as moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB's ) and also air circuit breakers (ACB's).Code Requirement. The 1965 version of the NEC, article 384-15 was the first reference to the circuit total limitation of panelboards. As of 2008, the positioning of this language is at Article 408.fifty four now titled "Maximum Number of Overcurrent Devices."Non-CTL panels have not been made by reputable producers since 1965.

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AcronymLong-FormAAmpereAAACAll Aluminum Alloy ConductorAACAll Aluminum ConductorACAlternating Current or Auxiliary CarryA/CAir ConditioningACBAir Circuit BreakerACCBAir Case Circuit BreakerACDBAlternating Current Distribution BoardACSRAluminum Conductor Steel ReinforcedADCAnalog to Digital ConverterAFAudio FrequenceAFCAutomated Frequency Control or Available Fault CurrentAFCIArc Fault Circuit InterrupterAGCAutomatic Gain ControlAGMAAmerican Gear Manufacturer’s AssociationAhAmpere-hourAHUAir Handling UnitAICAmpere Interrupting CapacityAlAluminumALCIAppliance Leakage Current InterrupterALEAddress Latch EnableALUArithmetic Logic UnitAMDAdvanced Micro DeviceANSIAmerican National Standards InstituteAPFCAutomatic Power Factor ControlASIAsynchronous Serial InterfaceASCIAmerican Standard Code For InformationAskAmplitude Shift KeyingASTAAssociation of Short-circuit Testing AuthoritiesATCAutomatic Temperature ControlATSAutomatic Transfer SwitchAVRAutomatic Voltage RegulatorAWAAluminum cord ArmourAWGAmerican Wire GaugeBElectrical Susceptance or BaseBBULBumpless Build-Up LayerBCDBinary Coded DecimalBGABall Grid ArrayBILBreakdown Insulation LevelBJTBipolar Junction TransistorBLACBrushless ACBLDCBrushless DCBMSBattery Management SystemBPSKBinary Phase Shift KeyingBTBBranch Target BufferBTUBritish Thermal UnitsCCapacitance or Capacitor or Collector or Celsius or CentigradeCADComputer-Aided DesignCATVCable Television or Community Antennae TelevisionCBCircuit Breaker or Common BaseCBCUCircuit Breaker Control UnitCBMCertified Ballast ManufacturerCBRConstant BitrateCCCommon CollectorCCRCentral Control RoomCCTVClosed Circuit TelevisionCCUCentral Control UnitCDACommon Drain AmplifierCDIPCeramic Dual In-Line PackageCDMCharged-Device ModelCDMACode Division Multiple AccessCECommon Emitter or Chip EnableCEGBCentral Electricity Generating Board CISCComplex Instruction Set ComputerCLFCurrent Limiting FuseCMOSComplementary Metal Oxide SemiconductorCont.Continuous QuantityCOR CUCorrugated CopperCos φPower FactorCPGACeramic Pin Grid ArrayCPTControl Power TransformerCPUCentral Processing UnitCROCathode Ray OscilloscopeCRTCathode Ray TubeCSChip SelectCSACross-Sectional Area or Common Source AmplifierCSICurrent Source InverterCSPChloro-Sulfonated PolyethyleneCSSComputerized Synchronising SystemCTCurrent TransformerCUCopperCUWBCopper Wire BraiddBDecibelDDegree or DiodeDACDigital to Analog ConverterDBDistribution BoarddbDecibelDCDirect CurrentDCDBDirect Current Distribution BoardDCSDistributed Control SystemDEDrive End of a shaftDia.DiameterDIPDual In-line PackageDMADirect Memory AccessDMSData Management SystemDMTDefinite Minimum TimeDOLDirect On-LineDPDouble PoleDPDTDouble Pole Double ThrowDPICDouble Pole Iron CladDPRDividing Pulse RelayDPSTDouble Pole Single ThrowDSSODouble Switched Socket OutletDTDefinite TimeDUTDevice Under TestDWRDivided Winding Rotor EEarth or EmitterEBEquipment BranchEBCDICExtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange CoadECElectrical Code or Electrical Contractor or Electronic CommutatorECCError Checking & CorrectionECGElectro Cardio GraphsECHAEquipment Certified for Hazardous AreaEEMUAEngineering Equipment and Materials Users AssociationEFExhaust Fan or Earth FaultEFREarth Fault RelayEHTExtra-High TensionEHVExtra-High VoltageEIEMAElectrical Installation Equipment Manufacturer’s AssociationEINVExtremely InverseELCBEarth Leakage Circuit BreakerELEVElevatorELVExtra Low voltageEMEmergencyEMAEthylene Methyl AcrylateEMCElectromagnetic CompatibilityEMF or emfElectroreason Force EMIElectromagnetic Interference or Electro Magnetic InductorEMTElectrical Metallic TubingEOSElectrostatic OverstressEPEmergency PowerEPAElectrostatic Discharge Protected AreaEPDMEthylene Propylene Diene MonomerEPOEmergency Power Off (Button or Switch)EPREthylene Propylene RubberERAElectrical Research AssociationERMElectronic Restart ModuleESDEmergency Shut Down or Electrostatic DischargeESDSElectrostatic Sensitive Device SystemESPElectric Submersible PumpESTExtra Super TensionEWCElectric Water CoolerEWSEngineering Work StationFFuse or Frequency or Fahrenheit or Fire or FaradFAFire AlarmFAAFire Alarm AnnunciatorFATFactory Acceptance TestingFBAFactory Built AssembliesFBTFlyback TransformerFCPGAFlip Chips Pin Gird ArrayFCUFeeder Control UnitFETField Effect TransistorFig.FigureFLAFull Load AmperesFlexFlexible (use for the cable)FMCFlexible Metal ConduitFrResonant FrequencyFSKFrequency Shift KeyingGGround or Conductance or Gas or GeneratorGCBGas Circuit BreakerGCPGenerator Control PanelGDTGas Discharge TubeGFCIGround Fault Circuit InterrupterGFIGround Fault InterrupterGISGas-Insulated SwitchgearGNDGroundGOGang OperatedGORGas to Oil RatioGPIOGeneral Purpose Input/OutputGPSGlobal Positioning SystemGRMCGalvanized Rigid Metal ConduitGRPGlass Reinforced PlasticGSWAGalvanised Steel Wire ArmourGSWBGalvanised Steel Wire BraidGTG or GTGas-Turbine GeneratorGTOGate flip off thyristorHHourHCLHydrogen Chloride, Gas or AcidHFHigh FrequencyHIDAHold AcknowledgeHOAHand-Off-Automatic SwitchHOLDHold IndicatesHRCHigh Rupturing CapacityHTHigh TensionHVHigh VoltageHVACHeating Ventilation and Air ConditioningHzHertz (Frequency in Cycles/Second)ICurrent or InputIALAInternational Association of Lighthouse AuthoritiesIBBase CurrentICColleter Current or Integrated CircuitICIBDBIron Clad Distribution BoardICSPIn-Circuit Serial ProgrammingICTPIron Clad Triple PoleICUInstruction Control UnitIDMTInverse Definite Minimum TimeIEEmitter CurrentIECInternational Electrotechnical CommissionIEEInstitution of Electrical EngineersIEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics EngineersIGIsolated GroundIGBTInsulated-Gate Bipolar TransistorIHSIntegrated Heat SpeakerIMCIntermediate Metal Conduit IMCSIntegrated Motor Control SystemIMSInformation Management SystemInst.Instantaneous IntInterlock or Intermittent INTAInterrupt AcknowledgeINTRInterrupt RequestIOWInput / Output WriteIPMSMInterior Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorIRInsulation Resistance or InfraredIREInstitution of Radio EngineersISStarting CurrentISOInternational Standards OrganisationJJoule or JumpJFETJunction Field Effect TransistorKCMILThousand Circular MilsKKelvinKvKilo VoltsKVAKilovolt-AmperesKVARKilovolt-Amperes ReactiveKwKilo-wattKWhKilo Watt HourLLine or Inductance or InductorLALightning ArresterLANLocal Area NetworkLCCLeadless Chip CarrierLCDLiquid Crystal DisplayLCS Local Control StationLDRLight Dependent ResistorLEDLight Emitting DiodeLFLow FrequencyLFMCLiquid Tight Flexible Metal ConduitLLRPLow-Level Reader ProtocolLMSLoad Management System or Line Maintenance ServiceLNGLiquefied Natural GasLOPTLine Output TransformerLPSLightning Protection SystemLRALocked Rotor AmperesLSDLeast Significant DigitLSFLow Smoke and FumeLSILarge Scale IntegrationLSSLoad Shedding SystemLTLow TensionLTGLightingLVLow VoltageLVDTLinear Variable Differential TransformermMeter or MilliMMotormAMilli-ampereMCMetal Clad CableMCBMain Circuit BreakerMCCMotor Control Center MCCBMoulded Case Circuit BreakerMCMMulti Cavity ModuleMCPMotor Circuit ProtectionMCRMaximum Continuous RatingMCUMotor Control UnitMfMultiplying FactorMhoUnit of AdmittanceMIMineral Insulated on Machine InterfaceMICMinimum Ignition CurrentMISOMaster Input Slave OutputMESGMaximum Experimental Safe GapMLOMain Lugs OnlyMMMachine ModelmmMillimetersMMFMagneto-Motive ForceMMIMan-Machine InterfaceMMSCFMillion Standard Cubic Feet MOGMagnetic Oil GaugeMoleMolecular WeightMOSIMaster Output Slave InputMOSFETMetal Oxide Semiconduction Field Effect TransistorMOVMetal Oxide VaristorMSMain SwitchMSDMost Significant DigitMSIMedium Scale IntegrationMSWModule Steel Work MTMain Terminal MTBFMean Time Between FailuresMTTRMean Time To RepairMVMedium Voltage or Milli-VoltMVAMega-Volt-AmpereMVARMega-Volt-Ampere ReactiveMWMegawattNNeutral or Number NBRNitrile Butadiene RubberNCNormally ClosedNCTNeutral Current TransformerNDENon-Drive EndNECNational Electrical CodeNEMANational Electrical Manufacturers AssociationNERNeutral Earth ResistorNFPANational Fire Protection AssociationNINVNormal InverseNLNeutral Link or Night LightNONormally Open or NumberNOxNitrogen-based Gas EmissionsNsSynchronous Speed or Motor SpeedNTSNot To ScaleOOpen OCOver Current or Open CircuitOCBOil Circuit BreakerOCTCOn-Circuit Tap ChangerOFOver FrequencyOHLOverhead LineOhmResistance UnitOIMOffshore Installation ManagerOLOver LoadOLTCOn-Load Tap ChangerOFAFForced Circulation of Internal Liquid ForcedOVOver VoltagePPole or Power or Active PowerPAPublic Address (Use in the machine)PAMPulse or pole Amplitude ModulationPBPush Button or Panic Button or Pull BoxPBWBPhosphor Bronze Wire BraidPCProgrammable Controller or Personal Computer or Program CounterPCCPoint of Common Connection or Power Control Centre PDPotential DifferencePDIPPlastic Dual In-Line PackageP&IDPiping and Instrument DiagramPETPower Equipment TestingPFPower FactorPGAPin Grid ArrayPhPhasePIPOParallel In Parallel OutPISOParallel In Serial OutPkPeak ValuePLCProgrammable Logic ControllerPLCCPlastic Leaded Chip CarrierPMPulse Modulation or Permanent MagnetPMSPower Management SystemPMSMPermanent Magnet Synchronous MotorPNLPanelPPGAPlastic Pin Grid ArrayPSKPhase Shift KeyingPSWProgram Status WordPTPotential Transformer or Power TransformerPTBPhysikalisch-Technische BundesanstaltPUPer UnitPVCPolyvinyl ChloridePWMPulse Width ModulationQReactive Power or ChargeQAQA Quality AssuranceQCQuality ControlQPSKQuadrature Phase Shift KeyingQty.QuantityRResistance or Resistor or Reset or Remote or RectifierRadRadianRAMRandom Access MemoryRCBCResidual Current Circuit Breaker RCCBResidual Current Circuit BreakerRCDResidual Current DeviceRCURemote Control UnitRef.ReferenceREFRestricted Earth FaultREQRequiredRFIDRadio Frequency IdentificationRISCReduced Instruction Set ComputerRLARated Load AmpereRMCRigid Metal ConduitRMGRing Main GearRMSRoot Mean SquareRMURing Main UnitRNCRigid Non-Metallic ConduitROMRead-Only MemoryRPRReverse Power RelayRSRecommended StandardRTDResistance Temperature DetectorRTSRemote Test StationRTURoof Top Unit or Remote Transmitter UnitRxReceiverSSet or Apparent Power or Start or Slip or SwitchSBSwitch BoardSCShort CircuitSCADASupervisory Control And Data AcquisitionSCFStandard Cubic FeetSCIMSquirrel Cage Induction MotorSCKSerial ClockSCRSilicon Controlled RectifierSEBService End Line Box or Service Electrical BoxSECSingle Edge Cartridge or Single Edge ContactSECTSkin Effect Current TraceSELVSafety extra-low voltageSF6Sulphur Hexa- FluorideSFUSwitch Fuse UnitSIInternational System SIDSingle Input Data or Serial Input DataSPSpare or Single Phase or Single PoleSPDTSingle Pole Double ThrowSPISerial Peripheral InterfaceSIPISerial In Parallel InSIPOSerial In Parallel OutSISOSerial In Serial OutSMPSSwitch Mode Power SupplySODSerial Output DataSPSingle PoleSPMSMSurface Permanent Magnet Synchronous MotorSPSTSingle Pole Single ThrowSPTStranded Parallel ThermoplasticSqSquareSRMSwitched Reluctance MotorSSISmall Scale IntegrationSSRSub Synchronous Resonance or Solid State RelaySSSOSingle Switched Socket OutletSTShunt Trip or Super TensionSTGSteam Turbine GeneratorSTRStatimax Trip ReleaseSwSwitchSWASteel Wire ArmourSWBDSwitchboardSWGRSwitchgearSYMSymmetricalSyRMSynchronous Reluctance MotorSync.SynchronizingTTime or Temperature or TimerTBTerminal Box or BlockTCTrip CircuitTCPTurbine Control PanelTCSTrip Circuit SupervisionTDTunnel DiodeTDRRTime-Delayed Restart RelayTEFCTotally Enclosed Fan CooledTELTelephoneTemp.TemperatureTESFCTotally Enclosed Separate Fan CooledTGTurbo-GeneratorTGBTelecommunications Grounding BusbarTHFTelephone Harmonic FactorTLSBTranslation Look A-Side BufferTMCBThermal Magnetic Circuit BreakerTOPTurbine Operating TemperatureTPTriple PoleTPNThree-Phase and Neutral TPPLTotal Plant Peak LoadTPRLTotal Plant Running LoadTranTransformerEntice ITrap InterruptTTLTransistor-Transistor LogicTMCBThermal Magnetic Circuit BreakerTPDTTriple Pole Double ThrowTPICTriple Pole Iron CladTPSTriple Pole SwitchTPSTTriple Pole Single ThrowTRSTough Rubber SheathedTvTelevisionTVSDTransient Voltage Suppression DiodeTxTransformerUVoltage (Use for Energy)UARTUniversal Asynchronous Receiver and TransmitterUCUnder CurrentUJTUni Junction TransistorUCPUnit Control PanelUDSUniform Drawing SystemUELUpin line with Explosive LimitUFUnder FrequencyUGUnder GroundUHFUltra-High FrequencyULUnderload or Underwriters LaboratoryULSIUltra Large Scale IntegrationUPSUninterruptible Power SupplyUSARTUniversal Synchronous and Asynchronous Receiver and TransmitterUSBUniversal Serial BusUVUnder Voltage or Ultra-VioletVVoltage or VoltVAVolt-AmpereVacAlternating VoltageVArReactive Volt-AmpereVCBVacuum Circuit BreakerVCRVideo Cassette RecorderVdcDirect VoltageVDRVoltage-Dependent ResistorVDUVisual Display UnitVFDVariable Frequency DriveVFDPVariable Frequency Drive PanelVHFVery High FrequencyVIFVirtual Interrupt FlagVIPVirtual Interrupt PendingVIRVulcanized Indian RubberVSDVariable Speed DriveVSDSVariable Speed Drive SystemVSIVoltage Source InverterVTVoltage TransformerVVRVoltage Variable ResistorWWatt or Wire or Frequency (in radian/second)Wdg.Winding (Use in a device)WHWater HeaterWHRUWaste Heat Recovery UnitWPWeather ProofWRIMWound Rotor Induction MotorWRSMWound Rotor Synchronous MotorXReactanceXFMRTransformerXLPACross-Linked polyalkeneXLPECross-Linked PolyethyleneYAdmittanceZImpedanceZHZero Halogens (use for cables)

For Example:

What does DC stand for?

DC stand for "Direct Current".

You can use this as short hand Electronics and electrical dictionary.

I’m listing down the ones abbreviations in alphabetical order. Along with the total form, one of the crucial abbreviations are linked to a piece of writing that can describe that terminology intimately like definitions, formulation, and usages.

Also, in commercial automation study, we used different quick abbreviations. You can learn the Industrial Automation Dictionary.

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