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Josh welcomes the audience and says that they are the first visitors for Blue's birthday celebration. He says that the viewers are early and, since they are, he wants to ask for assist in getting issues in a position for the birthday celebration and taking part in Blue's Clues to find out what Blue needs for her birthday. They agree and assist out with the special dance for Blue.Apr 25, 2013 - Explore Autumn Rougeaux's board "Blues Clues Cakes", followed by 1089 people on Pinterest. See extra ideas about blues clues, clue celebration, cake.Blues Clues birthday birthday celebration ideas, birthday party games, decorations, invitations, meals and more all with a Blue's Clue's theme. Roses are purple,violets are blue, we are so lucky to say we are "tied" to you! Follow the strings, that is your only clue, somewhere on the end a wonder can be waiting for you!Just some footage from the outlet of the Blue's Birthday VHS, plus the cold open of the particular episode.Blue's Clues is a play-along, think-along sequence that includes hosts, Steve or Joe, and an energetic pet named Blue. In each episode, Joe or Steve invites viewers into a computer-animated storybook global to look for clues and solve the day's puzzle.

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"Blue's Birthday"

Episode quantity

Season 2, Episode 9 (#209)


June 14, 1998 (US)August 29, 1999 (UK)

Question in the episode

What does Blue want for her birthday present?


The Color GreenA TankA Shell

Answer to Blue's Clues Previous episode Next episode Update in or theme concept made into "Blue's Birthday" is the 9th episode of Blue's Clues from the second one season. It was the twenty-ninth episode to be produced and the twenty-seventh to be aired.


Steve is website hosting a birthday birthday party for Blue.


Question: What does Blue need for her birthday provide? Clues: 1. The Color Green 2. A Tank 3. A Shell Answer: A turtle Living room picture: Present Store (Same as Mailbox's Birthday and Math!) Skidoo locations: TV (VHS handiest) Present Store


Special Guests Gloria Estefan Melissa Joan Hart (early airings; stays intact on UK version) The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss Season 2 cast (early airings; remains intact on UK model) Whoopi Goldberg (early airings; remains intact on UK model) Tia and Tamera Mowry Spice Girls (early airings; remains intact on UK model) Amanda Bynes Michelle Trachtenberg Rosie O'Donnell (TV model most effective)VHS Extended Version Carly Lycke Victoria Stern Dale Woodley Timely


Steve welcomes the audience and says that they're the primary guests for Blue's birthday celebration. He says that the viewers are early and, since they are, he needs to invite for lend a hand in getting things ready for the celebration and enjoying Blue's Clues to find out what Blue desires for her birthday. They agree and help out with the special dance for Blue. Sidetable Drawer was once so excited for Blue's Birthday Party. As Sidetable Drawer opens up her drawer, confetti sprinkles out. Steve had a birthday pocket book for a birthday sport of Blue's Clues. Steve explains how one can play Blue's Clues to the viewers. Soon after, Steve heads into the kitchen. He spots some cupcakes with blue frosting and sprinkles that Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper simply made. But, one of the crucial cupcakes had no sprinkles. "Forgotten sprinkles", they each mentioned. "Where?" they each requested. They in finding out which cupcake wanted sprinkles. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper are so fascinated with Blue's Birthday and so was Steve. Steve heads outdoor and saw the backyard decorated. Steve comes across an invitation on the path. Later, they to find the primary clue, which is the colour inexperienced. Steve will get out of his notebook. But because this was once a coloured clue, he wanted a green crayon. Steve attracts the first clue. But he needed two extra clues. Soon after, Steve helps out by solving extra issues which can be misplaced. They complete a set of balloons that used to be missing one and position a missing serviette on a table. Steve then Skidoos on my own to the current retailer and alternatives out presents for Blue, they purchase her a crammed blue pet and Steve buys her a turquoise turtle. The money sign up names the turtle "Turquoise". They skidoo house and find the second clue, a tank. So far, Steve had two clues. The colour green and a tank. Gingerbread Boy arrives for Blue's Birthday Party and joins in on some birthday party games. In the mail-time section, Blue will get a birthday card from a number of special visitors wishing Blue a happy birthday. There was once Gloria Estefan, Melissa Joan Hart, the Season 2 cast of "The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss", Whoopi Goldberg, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Amanda Bynes and Michelle Trachtenberg, and in spite of everything Rosie O'Donnell. Baby Bear shows up next to Blue's Birthday Party. Then, many characters watch as Blue unwraps her items, every of which works the personalities of the pal that gave them to her. Slippery Soap gave Blue a bottle of bubbles. Gingerbread Boy gave Blue a gingerbread house. Tickety Tock gave Blue a clock puzzle. The audience gave Blue the blue spotted-you puppy. Shovel and Pail gave Blue some vegetation from the lawn. Baby Bear wrote a e-book all by way of himself. Magenta arrives on the door. As she walked in, a shell falls at the floor which was once the ultimate clue. After the remaining clue, a shell, Steve goes to inform Blue. Just as Steve heads back outdoor, Blue opens Magenta's present. Steve remembered that they took the picture when Magenta came over to play. Steve had some excellent news to inform Blue. He discovered all 3 clues. So, Steve and Blue head inside of to the thinking chair. Steve sits down in the thinking chair and tries to figure out what Blue wants for her birthday present. The clues have been the colour green, a tank, and a shell. Steve discovered that Blue sought after a turtle for her birthday. Steve stands up however the tune doesn't play just yet. Steve whispers to the audience up shut that a turtle was what he purchased at present store. So, Steve tells Blue that they found out Blue's Clues, and confetti rains down on best of them. Blue opens Steve's present and finds the pet turtle from the present store. Steve tells Blue it was once a different green turtle with a blue-spotted shell. Steve told Blue that her identify is Turquoise. "Happy Birthday Blue, I love you", Steve tells Blue as she licks Steve. Blue then plays a temporary spherical of Pin the flag on Mailbox sooner than the birthday cake is delivered. The forged sings the Birthday Song. Soon after, Blue and Steve blow out the candles. Steve chuckles after which, thanks to the audience, sings the ‘So Long Song’ and the episode ends.

VHS Extended Version Cold Open

The viewers are greeted by means of three young children who're on the point of watch Blue's Clues. Steve is at the television seeking to make up a birthday dance for Blue however he had just a little bother. Steve tries a birthday dance at the youngsters observing him on TV. Steve was no longer doing so neatly. Then, he heard Blue who remains to be sleeping. Blue was once going to get up quickly and today used to be her large birthday birthday celebration and so much needs to be performed. Gifts must be wrapped, streamers have to be strung, balloons need to be hung, birthday celebration hats to make, birthday food needs to be made and a number of Blue's pals are coming over. And Steve still has to make up a birthday dance for Blue. Steve asks the youngsters, "Do you know a birthday dance?" and the children respond to him "the birthday candle dance". The kids said that they will train Steve find out how to do it however he has to skidoo to see them. Steve Skidoos and is so glad the youngsters invited him over in order that he could be informed the birthday candle dance. The handiest problem is, he does now not have a lot of time and Blue's birthday party is nowadays. Steve talks to Timely and asks him how a lot time he has sooner than Blue's birthday birthday celebration as a result of he nonetheless has to be informed the birthday candle dance. One of the 3 youngsters tells Steve that the clock does now not talk. Steve can turn out it to them. The youngsters wanted to peer for themselves. Steve and the youngsters watch and wait. In a couple of seconds, eyes appeared. The youngsters gasp and then a mouth appears. The youngsters laughed. Timely greets the youngsters and Steve. "Steve! Blue's birthday party starts soon. You need to be back when both my hands are on the number 12. That means 12:00. You don't have much time" says Timely. Steve best has ten mins to be informed the birthday candle dance. Steve sits down on the floor as he watches the youngsters how the birthday candle dance goes. Steve watched them do it with and with out the song. Then, Steve had to try it. Steve remembers the words however he had to be told the right actions. He needed to put one foot out, bring it in, however the opposite foot out and produce it in. Then he needed to soar and point on the identical time. Next, he needed to take three steps forward while bringing his arms out. The next move is to stay out the thumbs. The next transfer is to step again 3 times and roll the fingers. Then, he needed to do the twist to the left facet, the best facet, and then twist to left. But Steve also had to move down while he is twisting. So, all he needed to do was once simply bend his knees. The remaining transfer is that Steve needed to get up directly and tall and bring his hands up over his head to make a candle. The remaining section is that Steve has to believe himself being blown out identical to a real candle. So, he simply has to touch the ground along with his fingers. When Steve after all were given the proper actions, he joined the youngsters within the dance and so they succeeded. Timely tells Steve "It's almost time for Blue's birthday party. It's time to Skidoo!" Steve saw that it was nearly 12:00. Steve had to skidoo again to the TV. Steve says goodbye to Timely and Timely tells him, "Have a great 'time'" and giggles. As Steve Skidoos again into the television, the episode starts.

Bonus Scene

After Blue blows out the candles, Blue leaves the desk and is nowhere to be found, so Steve heads within the house to try to search out her. He thinks he has found her in the back of Sidetable as he sees the party hat she was wearing. But it turns out to be aside of the decoration, and this huge "thinking chair swirled red" present seems, and it's for Steve. Steve denies that it's for him since it isn't his birthday, but the children convince him to open the existing to find a big "bedroom polka-dotted purple" provide, which turns out to be a medium "kitchen swirled yellow" provide, which then turns out to be a small "Steve striped green" provide. Inside, this is a heart form cookie that says "Thank You" on it. Blue had made it for Steve as a way of saying thank you for the celebration. They get back outdoor to the birthday celebration and ends with the goodbye track and credit on the banner.


Watch Episode

The complete episode is available at the NickJrPlay YouTube channel. Watching the video requires cost or a subscription.


This episode has the "She's right there!" Phrase in the opening as a substitute of the useal "There she is!" Phrase. While Steve Skidoos in the frame, he does no longer sing "Blue Skidoo, We Can Too." Instead, he sings "Let's Skidoo, Don't Tell Blue". Even if a turtle used to be never the solution to Blue's Clues, Steve would've were given one for Blue anyway. There was once a two-disc PC recreation in keeping with this episode launched by way of Humongous Entertainment as Blue's Birthday Adventure. This is the remaining time where Steve Skidoos into the Present Store. On the VHS Version, four celebrities who needed Blue a happy birthday are: Gloria Estefan. Tia and Tamera Mowry. Amanda Bynes and Michelle Trachtenberg. Even despite the fact that Rosie O'Donnell didn't appear in the VHS model, she did so appear in each TV and DVD variations. Original airings in 1998 also featured famous person birthday needs from Whoopi Goldberg, Melissa Joan Hart, Spice Girls, and the cast of The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss. Those famous person appearances had been taken out of next airings, in addition to the VHS model, but they were extensively utilized and saved within the Kevin and Duarte versions. Blue does no longer skidoo into the Present Store as a result of her marvel celebration shall be spoiled. This is the only time within the sequence where Steve Skidoos alone. Joe will Skidoo through himself in the Season 6 episode "Playdates". This marks the last time the "Play Blue's Clues" photos from What Does Blue Want to Make? is used. This is the third episode to use the brass instruments in the music. This is the closing episode where Steve's off display screen friends (The Viewers) sing out Blue's Clues in the Demo Theme Song. This is the ultimate episode that Steve sings "We can do anything that we wanna do." together with his buddies (the audience) at the ending, apart from for What Time Is It for Blue?, Blue's Story Time, The Trying Game, Blue's Senses, What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?, Blue's ABCs, and Math!. The other episodes have been What Was Blue's Dream About?, What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?, What Does Blue Want to Build?, Steve Gets the Sniffles, Blue's News, Magenta Comes Over, What Is Blue Afraid Of?, Tickety's Favorite Nursery Rhyme, What Does Blue Want to Make?, Blue Wants to Play a Song Game, The Grow Show, Blue Wants to Play a Game, A Snowy Day, Pretend Time, Blue Goes to the Beach, Adventures in Art, Blue's Favorite Song, What Does Blue Need?, Mailbox's Birthday, and Snack Time. Although, Steve and the viewers sang that line separately in What Story Does Blue Want to Play?. This is the only episode to make use of the turtles (therefore Turquoise's debut) in the Nick Jr. nonetheless brand (With the final credits song ends all through and brief 1998 copyright info.) On the 2006 DVD unlock of Blue's Biggest Stories (The TV version of this episode was used,) the emblem got plastered by means of Nick Jr. Productions and Nickelodeon trademarks (The later got the 2006 copyright data.) From now on with the exceptions of Blue's Big Musical, Blue's Big Costume Party, and Blocks, Steve will stop giving wrong solutions. This was once not the primary time that this happened as a result of this already happened in What Does Blue Want to Make Out of Recycled Things?, which was once the primary time that Steve did not give out the incorrect resolution. Joe never gave out incorrect answers in all of his episodes, as a result of in Joe Gets a Clue, Steve teaches his brother Joe to not give out mistaken answers before more episodes of it. Also in Joe's Surprise Party, Periwinkle, Slippery Soap and Tickety Tock by no means gave the flawed answer too. Because of Jeffrey Fernandez's hairstyling for Steve Burns, this is the primary time Steve's hair used to be shorter, not counting the theme tune from the episodes. In the Steve and Duarte variations, the credit are shown in the birthday banner at the finishing of this episode as the "So Long Song" is being sung. This is also the primary time this occurs. In the Kevin model, the credit are shown after Kevin blows his party noisemaker in the same white web page as any other credits. "Blue's Birthday" is to be had at the VHS of the same identify. The VHS comprises extended material that's not seen on tv. This is all over again the "No, a Clue" word is heard. This is one of the instances "A Clue, A Clue" is heard. This is the one of the episodes where the lines “A Clue“ and “Notebook” is heard. The ultimate fourteen episodes had been What Was Blue's Dream About, What Story Does Blue Want to Play?, The Lost Episode!, Blue's Surprise at Two O'Clock!, What Experiment Does Blue Want to Try?, What Does Blue Want to Do on a Rainy Day?, Math!, Occupations, Signs, Blue's Big Holiday, Weight and Balance, Art Appreciation, Nurture! and Blue's Sad Day. This episode introduces Blue's pet turtle, Turquoise, who will appear in some long run episodes. This is the primary time this system had featured famous person guests, however they are going to appear repeatedly sooner or later, either as themselves or as personality voices. When Steve sang We Just Figured Out Blue's Clues, confetti rained down in the lounge. In the Mailtime section in the TV model of Blue's Birthday, Rosie O'Donnell was the final famous person proven in the letter. Rosie's birthday needs from Blue edited out within the VHS prolonged version of this episode due to copyright problems with Warner Bros. This is the second episode to make use of the original cheers and applause sound impact. This is the only episode the place Magenta (Barking), Tickety, Slippery, Shovel, Pail, Gingerbread Boy, and Baby Bear all yell out "Thinking Chair!" after Steve says "You know what it's time for? Our..." This is every other episode the place "Yes!" was heard from Blue's ABCs. The invitation had seven candles as an alternative of eight. This is the ultimate episode to make use of the previous season's graphics. In the VHS model, in the live-action living room scenes within the cold opening, Steve's hair from mid-late Season 3/early Season Four is used. This is due at that time, mid Season 3 episodes were being filmed as it is wear his hair got more shorter even supposing Season 2 used to be still not completed airing at the moment. Because of the airdate, Blue's Birthday is June 14. This is the primary episode the place Steve will get to use a different-colored crayon to draw a colour clue. This is the only episode the place Mailbox is seen with out his flag. However, in Kevin's model, Mailbox is observed with his flag. The spiral on the pocket book changed. This marks the primary episode to characteristic a distinct variant of the Handy Dandy Notebook. This also happens in later episodes. Out of all the episodes that characteristic a different variant of the pocket book before Love Day, this the one episode in where Blue pulls out the pocket book's variant all through the theme song. Unlike the opposite episodes, Blue pulls out the traditional notebook. This is almost certainly because the animation with Blue dressed in the party hat was once in a position to add the birthday notebook, not like different instances. Some of the toys at the present retailer include Gingerbread Boy and Tickety Tock's items, in addition to several toys from the house from earlier episodes (just like the Toy Giraffe from Blue's Senses). Other issues discovered in the present store (specifically on the shelf close to Cash Register) include birthday cards 3 bubble bottles of various colors (Slippery Soap got the crimson one as his present for Blue). This is the one time the place some of the major characters (Except for Blue) has skidooed into the real world. The intro of the episode from the VHS model is equal to the kids are heard originally of the TV version. This is the primary episode to function the color green as a clue. It is followed by way of Dress Up Day. In the unique model, the tank clue is in the kitchen, and in the model from Blue's Clues & You, it's within the provide store. This episode used to be later remade in Blue's Clues & You, as titled Happy Birthday, Blue!. This episode breaks the theme tune tradition in several techniques because it will have to now not have completed, like within the early episodes of season two, excluding Steve Gets the Sniffles. His hair from past due season 1 is used in this theme tune. When Steve begins the Play Blue's Clues tune, a re-shot of him along with his hair from Mechanics! is used. The episode makes use of the viewers shouting "Blue's Clues" in each and every verse, which would be the ultimate episode to do this as this episode should no longer have finished it both. This also occurs in all 19 episodes of season one (expect Blue's News, which used to be the one episode of season one not to have the children shout “Blue’s Clues” after each verse and the first episode of the entire collection to not do it) and Steve Gets the Sniffles. He additionally sang the lyrics for the first time. This is the one episode in which Steve Skidoos solo. Goofs Captioning for Blue's barking all over the episode reads such things as "bowwow," which isn't a normal follow. Normally, it just says "(Blue barking)" or something to that impact. In the scene where Steve leaves the kitchen to move out of doors, at the bottom of the display is a black stripe, and when Blue jumps and looks within the window, you can see her backside half lacking sooner than and after she jumps. Before Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper convey the cupcakes, the latter used to be observed at the left side of the screen. When Steve says "Okay." The Boom Mic is seen on top of the display screen. When Steve comes somewhat on the subject of turquoise, part of his neck is bring to a halt. In the finishing/closing credit, Angela Santomero is credited as Angela C. Santomero.

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