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When & most effective when first switched on there is a pop noise from one of the most speakers. Disconnected all gadgets and speaker connections = no noise. By disconnecting each speaker in flip (switching on and off in series) and a means of elimnation I got to having no speakers connected and no noise but if just one speaker is attached (doesn't topicI've bought two OEM radios that fit the original radios section numbers, but both have no sound, won't play a CD, and can not exchange the sound equalizer atmosphere on the screen. Both radios come on, and can exchange monitors, and the again up digital camera works too. This is a VAN, so there isn't a amp in the trunk. No sound in any of the speakers.Some of the more commonplace issues come with your amp would possibly not flip on, no sound coming from the amp, or the protect mode gentle comes on. Other amp issues come with sound distortions that sound clipped, hissing, and even sounds very similar to flatulence. This article explains six commonplace automobile amp problems and the right way to repair them. Lifewire / Miguel CoThat approach its just your aftermarket radio and the speakers.. no shitty manufacturing facility amp or bogus interface causing you issues. Amp is up prime in passenger kick, take away glove field and a 10mm bolt at the back of kick for additonal room. Simply take amp bolts out, unplug, and remove, run speaker wires from radio to output harness from amp and performed!If the sunshine isn't on on your amp, that is the place to appear. It needs 12v power, in addition to 12volt power from the headunit to show the amp on. Check to make sure to reconnected the power going to the amp on the battery.

my radio is on but there is no sound from the speakers

For proceedings of no audio from car provided with a non-class 2 amplifier, perform the following checks to decide if it is a radio or an amp factor. Do those tests with automobile running, radio on and amp plugged in. Check for audio at the Rear Seat Audio controls in the course of the head phones. If there may be, then the radio is generating audio.Perform the steps below in case you have exterior amplifier: Turn on your audio device with out the auto working. Put in a CD and set the CD participant on pause, or insert a clean tape in case you have a cassette deck. Turn up the quantity to an ordinary list degree. If you listen a hissing sound, turn down the achieve on the amplifier and turn up the quantity on theLook beneath the passenger seat to peer if your automobile uses an amp. By 2004 radio amps, and most computers on all manufacturers of cars no longer turn on just by turning on the ignition switch. The authentic radio generates a digital "turn-on" signal this is broadcast over the information buss. The amp turns on when it sees that sign.If your stereo's head unit nonetheless works but you get no sound during the speakers, it is most likely that your amp has failed. This occurs slightly ceaselessly to Mini's with the Harmon Kardon sound device. To exchange the amp you'll be able to want to remove it from the compartment behind the rear passenger seat.

my radio is on but there is no sound from the speakers

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Test the output of the amplifier through first disconnecting the speaker wiring from the amplifier. Then use a identified good check speaker and attach it to one channel of the amplifier at a time. If the test speaker works on all channels then you definitely realize it is something after the amplifier. This may well be non-functioning speakers, issues of the speaker wiring or just a bad connection. If the amplifier turns on but there's no output to the test speaker than you are aware of it isn't a problem after theAbout Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new options Press Copyright Contact us CreatorsUsually the first thing I do was to glue a speaker on the output jack to look if the sound in point of fact now not present. Another check is to test the output DC voltage at the speaker output jack. It will have to now not have DC voltage and from the check I got 35.6 DC volt which imply the inner power transistor had already shorted.She attempted this on the 30 amp fuse on her old amp, and the method labored (the multimeter modified to 0.1). However, when she puts the leads on the subwoofer terminals, no exchange happens. But if she connects the speaker cables from the amp to the sub and plays the similar check, the multimeter reads 0.1. So that is the place we are at.Swap your vacuum tubes one after the other if you are the use of a tube amp. While this can be a fairly lengthy process, an overheating tube is a quite common reason for a guitar amp to have no sound or intermittent sound. Turn off your amp to change out tubes. Remove the tube and insert a new one.

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Hi Jeff, I don’t have a lot enjoy troubleshooting amps, as I’ve had superb good fortune with all of mine, until only in the near past. I own a Fender Blues Junior, which is a great little amplifier. Recently, despite the fact that, it died at a practice session. It made a crackling sound, then no sound. The power indicator lamp on the regulate panel lights, preamp and tool tubes all glow, but no sound in any respect. I’ve tried unplugging and quickly replugging the software enter and speaker cable, turning all knobs, and de-pressing and liberating the fat switch. Still no sound in any respect. With this rather restricted data, do you will have any thoughts as to what the problem might be? I don’t abuse the amp, but I do set the grasp volume at Four or so (11 o’clock) to get a rather loud clear sound. Thanks for any lend a hand or tips you'll be able to provide. Keep smilin’, Bill Hruz

Hello Bill,

Thanks to your question. I’m going to use it as the root for a generalized, amplifier troubleshooting 101, acceptable to maximum tube amps (and yours as neatly) and executable by most avid gamers. Since the ability indicator lamp is lit, we will be able to be pretty certain the AC mains fuse is not blown. Most AC mains fuses are positioned in the circuitry prior to energy is applied to any part of the circuit, so if one thing is lighting up when you engage the power switch, it must be nice.

Since there are a lot of power indication schemes, and numerous ways to light up them, this doesn’t tell us much else. If there is no indication of power in anyway, the fuse must be the primary merchandise checked.

Next, you mentioned that the preamp and tool tubes all glow. This is an indication that the filament voltage is being implemented to the tubes. This voltage, in some shape, is developed by way of some of the secondary windings of the mains (energy) transformer. This indicates two things: one, that AC energy is being applied to the principle of the transformer; and two, at least one of the vital transformer secondary windings is functioning. Be positive, however, that the filaments are lighting in the entire tubes. An inoperative filament in even one tube may cause the entire amp to fail. If there are multiple tubes with filament failures, substitute a new tube, one position at a time, as some amplifiers place a couple of filaments in collection, and a failure in one can cause filament outages in more than one.

The subsequent item to check, must the amplifier have one, is a chain effects loop. In most collection loops, if the switching contacts within the jacks grow to be grimy or oxidized, their ability to routinely close properly turns into compromised and signal won't drift correctly thru them. This occurs most commonly in amps where the loop isn't continuously used, because the jacks are not exercised and the switching contacts don’t be capable to self-clean.

Take any guitar cable (brief results jumpers paintings easiest) and “jump” the loop—plug one finish into the send jack and one into the return jack. If the amp begins to function, then the issue may well be dirty contacts in some of the jacks. Spray a bit of digital contact cleaner into every jack (I favor with lubricant, if conceivable). Cycle a plug in and out 8–10 occasions so that the contacts open and close, and then leave the plugs inserted in the jacks so that the contacts can dry correctly (anywhere between an hour to overnight should be positive). Test the amp once more. If there are still intermittent issues, the jacks might want changing.

Next, we’ll move on to the speaker and speaker connections. With a “no sound” symptom, the amplifier electronics might be operating effective, but the sound has nowhere to go. This can damage a tube amp, so that you’ll need to keep away from diagnosing the problem via enjoying at high quantity when you bang on the top of the amp! A rousing rendition of “Smoke on the Backline” can ceaselessly observe. If possible, unplug the speaker(s) connected to the amp and connect another speaker using another speaker cable. If you presently have output from the amp, the cause of the failure is either an open speaker (or speaker cabinet) or open speaker cable. You’re if truth be told as prone to find a misguided speaker cable in a combo as you might be in a head/cupboard configuration. I’ve seen a variety of “molded plug” cable assemblies fail in combo amps.

If you have a multimeter, take a look at the resistance across the speaker(s). In a combo amp, measure the resistance across the speaker terminals (ensuring that the speaker is disconnected from the output of the amp). A studying of 3 to fourteen Ohms should be nice. For an extension cupboard, connect a known-good speaker cable to the cabinet and measure the resistance between the top and sleeve. Again, whether it is between Three and 14 Ohms, the cupboard will have to be functioning.

If you’ve achieved all the above and still haven’t discovered the source of the problem, the one different user-serviceable chance is to replace a known-good preamp tube in every preamp tube location, one at a time, even if all the filaments are lit. Just for the reason that filament is lit does no longer imply the tube is functioning. I wouldn’t suspect a faulty output tube, as those will generally proceed to blow the fuse, but a inaccurate preamp tube can close down the audio trail.

Those are the elemental tube amplifier troubleshooting steps that every player can use. Anything greater than that wishes the immediate attention of a professional provider technician… (simply want I knew one!)

Play on, my friends…

Jeff Bober Co-Founder and Senior Design Engineer Budda Amplification [email protected] or

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