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John Ridd watches as his father is killed by means of the dreaded clan, the Doones, and swears to avenge his demise. Years later, when he meets the gorgeous Lorna the enchantment is rapid, but when Lorna later unearths herself to be a Doone, John is horrified. John realizes he cannot combat the affection rising between them and he must rescue her from changing into the unwilling bride of her ruthless cousin.SYNOPSIS FREEDOM ROAD is a barren stretch that leads in and out of the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women. Yet for one of the women incarcerated there, freedom has been redefined through the power of the pen.We could use a good movie recommendation! What is your favourite movie of all time? 🎥 2081 Columbiana Road, Vestavia Hills . Philip E. Gable, P.C. 1487 Montgomery Hwy Ste A, Vestavia Hills . AlaServe, LLC. 321 Lorna Sq . Expedited Process Serving, LLC. 321 Lorna Sq, Hoover . Collins Law, LLC. 431 Lorna Square . Centro Legal - AbogadosFind 42 listings associated with Carmike 10 Lorna Road in Birmingham on YP.com. See evaluations, footage, instructions, phone numbers and extra for Carmike 10 Lorna Road places in Birmingham, AL.The former AMC Classic Lorna Ridge 10 movie theater off Lorna Road is slated to be transformed right into a Hindu temple.

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Hoover Monarch, 3651 Lorna Road, Hoover,\nAL 35216 - Restaurant inspection findings and violations.Find showtimes and movie theaters close to zip code 35216 or Birmingham, AL. Search native showtimes and buy movie tickets before going to the theater on Moviefone.Lorna Dane, also known as Polaris, is a level-4 mutant who can generate and manipulate magnetic fields. Lorna may be the daughter of Erik Lehnsherr, the female friend of Marcos Díaz, a former member of the Hellfire Club and a member of the Mutant Underground. She is now within the Hellfire Club getting knowledge for the Underground to forestall the Club's harmful plans. 1 Biography 1.1 TheLorne Theatre Program Print program DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS, WE HAVE TAKEN SOME STEPS TO OPERATE WITHIN THE COVID SUMMER GUIDELINES. WE HAVE ALLOWED MORE TIME BETWEEN SESSIONS TO ENACT OUR CLEANING PROGRAM AND MANAGE ATTENDANCE. PLEASE MAINTAIN YOUR SOCIAL DISTANCE FROM OTHER GROUPS (1.5M - 1.5M) WHILST IN ATTENDANCE. WEDNESDAY 17 MARCH …

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Created by Ann McManus, Maureen Chadwick. With Philip Martin Brown, Jason Done, Chelsee Healey, Denise Welch. A modern drama series set in a challenging complete college.The AMC Classic Lorna Ridge 10-screen theater off Lorna Road in Hoover, Alabama, is now proposed for use as a Hindu temple. This is how the theater appeared in June after it closed.About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new options Press Copyright Contact us Creatorscarmike 10 (dollar movie) vestavia hills • carmike 10 greenback movie vestavia hills • carmike cinemas vestavia hills • carmike cinemas 10 vestavia hills • carmike cinemas lorna road vestavia hills • dollar movies vestavia hills • buck theater on lorna road vestavia hills •carmike 10 (greenback movie) vestavia hills • carmike 10 greenback movie vestavia hills • carmike cinemas vestavia hills • carmike cinemas 10 vestavia hills • carmike cinemas lorna road vestavia hills • buck motion pictures vestavia hills • buck theater on lorna road vestavia hills •

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Lorna Dane, also known as Polaris, is a level-Four mutant who can generate and manipulate magnetic fields. Lorna could also be the daughter of Erik Lehnsherr, the girlfriend of Marcos Díaz, a former member of the Hellfire Club and a member of the Mutant Underground. She is now within the Hellfire Club getting data for the Underground to stop the Club’s harmful plans.


The Gifted Early existence

Lorna's step-father was a pilot who died in a plane crash, her biological father was once a "king" within the Hellfire Club. Unbeknowst to her Lorna had if truth be told met her organic father in her youth but thought he was just a good friend of her mother's. After her parents loss of life she was once taken in by means of her aunt. When she was once Thirteen years old Lorna's father dropped at her a metal amulet for her birthday which she has kept into grownup hood.

Four years after the disappearance of each the X-Men and the Brotherhood, Lorna attended a pro-mutant rally which discovered itself threatened through anti-mutant "Purifiers". As a result, six of the Purifiers "accidentally" fell off a highway overpass - actually shoved through Lorna, the usage of her powers to violently shield the protestors. Lorna was once arrested after the incident, however were given a gentle sentencing because of her age, and through pleading psychological instability due to her bi-polar dysfunction, with the pass judgement on going simple on her as a result of he had a sister with the similar condition. Instead, Lorna were given a lighter psychiatric sentence to Lakeview Mental Hospital. While there, she was visited through a mysterious lady named Evangeline, herself a mutant, who explained that the X-Men were looking to set up a "Mutant Underground". Lorna first of all scoffed that the X-Men had been just an city legend but nonetheless she in the end agreed to the offer. Lorna quickly met fellow mutant John Proudstar and the 2 went on to shape the Mutant Underground to check out and give protection to mutants from the Sentinel Services.

Lorna went directly to lend a hand save mutants from being taken away or even helped flip the lives of a few of them around. At some time, she had taken Eclipse under her wing and taught him to embrace his powers. The two of them then went on to shape a courting when they found that their joint powers may just create an aurora.


In eXposed, Polaris, Eclipse, and Thunderbird tracked down a mutant fugitive named Blink to an deserted workshop in Atlanta. She and Eclipse introduced themselves as Lorna and Marcos. Initially fearful, Blink settled down when they defined that they were mutants as neatly, with Polaris demonstrating her keep watch over over magnetism via yanking the steel stapler out of Blink's hand. Unfortunately, they were pressured to take duvet throughout the workshop as officers of the Atlanta Police Department surrounded the development. After the use of an electro magnetic pulse to kill the lighting, she and Thunderbird took duvet at the wall, staring at the police as they pulled up. Polaris stepped out in entrance of the window, and gestured her fingers in a downward motion, which despatched out am electromagnetic wave so robust that it took out the police cruisers engines, lighting and sirens. Because of this, a hailstorm of bullets were fired into the workshop. As she took duvet in the back of the wall, Polaris steered Thunderbird to seek out in a different way out while she held off law enforcement. Polaris used her abilities yet again to disable the police officers and halt the firing bullets. With the police making use of drive, Eclipse got here to her rescue, emitting a blinding gentle from his fingers, which in return both surprised the police and supplied Polaris with the chance to escape.

As Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird, and Blink made their way back to the getaway vehicle, Marcos is shot from behind which sent Lorna into a fury of blind rage. She attacked the taking pictures officer with great force, the usage of her skills to slam him towards a dumpster more than one instances. While she made fast paintings of the solo officer, she was unprepared for the again up that followed. Polaris was tazed, taken to the ground, and arrested, forcing Thunder, Eclipse, and Blink to go away without her.

Following her arrest, Lorna used to be taken to the mutant wing of the Garland Detention Center, the place she was once imprisoned inside of a transparent and plastic mobile. Reed Strucker, a mutant prosecutor, entered the cellular to tell her that she was once being charged with the tried homicide of 2 officials in addition to the unlawful use of her talents. Reed offered her a discounted sentence in change for her cooperation, however Lorna claimed to don't have anything to provide. She was walking through the rain when an officer randomly fired at her, or so her tale went. However, with documented information touching on Lorna, and her association to the Mutant Underground, Reed knew higher than to take Lorna for her phrase. She and her friends had aided and abetted loads if now not thousands of mutant fugitives. Taking under consideration the severity of her fees, Reed claimed that he used to be simply trying to help her. He reiterated her charges of tried murder. With her ability to keep watch over magnetism, Lorna flippantly pulled at the screws embedded in Reed's knee after an previous sports injury. If she wanted to, she could tear out the screws, and show him what attempted homicide really seemed like. All this to end up some degree; that if she wanted those officers useless, they'd be. There was a factor that Lorna was once no longer conscious about even though. Reed pulled her clinical examination from a folder. What Lorna read shook her to her core. She had a big resolution to make. Angered via this recent construction, Lorna lashed out, and in a super display of power, shattered the lights, broke a window, and cracked her cell with It later being published that the contents of her scientific exam confirmed that she used to be pregnant.


Polaris is delivered to Lakewood County Jail Where she is given a "flea collar" on her neck which assists in keeping her from the use of her powers. The other inmates additionally jeer at her for being a mutant. Polaris attempts to use her magnetic powers at the steel bar but triggers the collar, causing her ache and knocking her down. Another inmate then warns her that mutants do not continue to exist long in Lakewood. As the day goes on Lorna continues to be stressed. She does then again understand any other mutant with vibrant white pores and skin and tries to make pals together with her to no avail. Later Lorna showers and the black dye comes out of her hair, revealing her hair's true green color beneath much to the inmates shock.

In the jail yard, a prisoner tells Polaris that mutants within the prison work for her. She tries to intimidate Polaris, but Lorna then again isn't impressed and threatens her back. Before she can stroll away, one of the most lady's henchmen jumps her. The woman kicks Polaris in the stomach after noting that Polaris is pregnant. Polaris on the other hand determined to protect her unborn child fights through the pain from the collar and manages to use her powers to toss a table on the lady. The others pile on her but Polaris is taken away and installed solitary confinement much to her dismay.


While being held in a mobile in Fulton County Jail, Lorna was once visited through Agent Jace Turner. He threatened that he was going to take down the Mutant Underground, beginning together with her "baby daddy". However he noted that her cooperation could get her visitation rights, in exchange, that may allow her to look Marcos and their kid, and keep away from somewhere much worse than prison. Baffled that she would nonetheless remain behind bars, she grew to become away from him in disgust as Turner steered her to consider the be offering, as if they controlled to do it with out her, she would haven't any playing cards left. As a helpless Lorna sat on her mobile ground, she regarded at the metal gadgets decorating her small cell. Looking at the metal door, she was conquer via the idea of the use of her powers, despite the collar on her neck, to wreck herself out from the mobile. Reassuring herself that she could do it, Lorna stood up and prepared to make use of her powers. Fighting throughout the excruciating ache caused through her collar and the usage of all her willpower along side blood gushing from her nose, Lorna controlled to tear open the door. She managed to move slowly out, however the guard arrived just as she handed out.

"eXit strategy"

Agent Turner escorted Lorna to a cellular next to Strucker, who she simplest knew as her prosecutor. Lorna relished in the concept that Reed used to be headed to the similar place she used to be. Reed however defined the placement and his touch with Marcos and claimed they had to stick in combination and informed her that he was once working with Eclipse. Lorna on the other hand was nonetheless hesitant to consider him.

Later Reed tried to provide an explanation for himself and his scenario to Polaris, telling her about how he came upon his own kids have been mutants and that their struggle had opened his eyes, and proceeded to ask for forgiveness to Lorna. Lorna on the other hand satirically congratulated him on understanding he was on the wrong facet and pointed out all of the households and lives the folks he had worked for and by way of extension himself had ruined and if he sought after forgiveness he must ask them.

In the morning, Polaris and Reed were loaded onto the bus. However their delivery quickly came below assault as a group of the Mutant Underground consisting of Thunderbird, Eclipse, Blink, Dreamer, Caitlin, the Strucker Twins, and Harry. 

Reed satisfied Polaris that this can be their opportunity to escape and that they want to paintings in combination to which she agreeded.

When Turner ordered the Reed and Lorna be moved to a extra protected location they removed Polaris’ collar. She and Reed then attacked the guards. However one of the guards controlled to get the higher hand and knock them down. However thanks to Thunderbird knocking out Pulse who was once using his powers to keep the mutants from the use of theirs. Lorna beneath Reeds insistence takes the screws from his injured knee and makes use of them to take out the guards. The two reunite with with the crowd and break out from the realm.

"boXed in"

Polaris, Eclipse, Thunderbird Caitlin and Reed went into an abandoned lot to retrieve the untraceable getaway automobiles they had left close by. John stopped in short however to provide an explanation for to them that Pulse used to be answerable for them dropping their powers at the warehouse district. Lorna and Marcos were in disbelief as they have been all under the impact that he died two years ago on the relocation facility. Before they may speak about the subject more John then heared an incoming Sentinel Services drone. Marcos volunteered to draw it away whilst John, Caitlin and Reed headed again to Headquarters. Lorna decided to help Marcos and joined him.

Lorna and Marcos drew the drone away as planned although they struggled with taking it down. Lorna at first attempted to succeed in it on her own together with her powers but it was once to far out of vary. Fortunately When Marcos pointed out that it was above the automobile, Lorna got here up with an idea. She pulled off the rear view reflect and levitated it simply out of doors the car permitting Marcos to then shoot his plasma beams at it, which reflected off the mirror and destroyed the drone. Lorna and Marcos then expressed how a lot they cherished one another and shared a passionate kiss.

When the coast gave the impression transparent Marcos took benefit of the time to address the truth that she was once pregnant with their child and asked of the young children wellbeing. Lorna admitted that whilst she had certainly been through so much, the infant seemed k by means of all accounts as she may really feel it similarly to her with the ability to really feel steel or electrical energy. Marcos asked Lorna if she was happy and Lorna informed him that whilst imprisoned she idea so much about bringing a child like theirs into the world they lately are living in. Marcos on the other hand could now not wait to be a father and as their hands contact, similar to earlier than, they created a small aurora borealis. Lorna then determined that If it used to be a lady she would title her "Aurora" in connection with the aurora borealis they devise when they contact while Marcos advised the identify "Rory" if the newborn was in fact a boy, Lorna laughed hysterically and decides against it then again.

This much wanted moment of peace and levity was interrupted however when they arrived at a roadblock set up by Agent Turner and Sentinel Services. While Marcos sought after to search out some other course, Lorna demanded that they he stay going taking keep an eye on of the auto and proceeded against the roadblock at high speed earlier than taking note of Marcos protest to forestall the auto. Abruptly doing so and getting out the automobile Lorna made quick work of the 2 agent backing Turner prior to disarming him of his gun and kidnapping him with the goal of getting solutions.

Lorna and Marcos took Agent Turner to an deserted warehouse, the place she positioned him up towards a wall and magnetically wrapped a work of rebar around his neck, and giving Agent Turner a collar of his own. Lorna then started to tighten it to the point where Turner may simply barely breathe worry Marcos who pointed out the dangers that can definitely follow with them abducting a Sentinel Services agent. However, Lorna wanted to grab the opportunity to figure out what Sentinel Services did to Pulse and identified that If they discovered a way to turn mutants against each other, then the Underground will not stand a chance. Lorna additionally reminded Marcos that Augustus was John's very best pal and If they can turn him, then any mutant can be grew to become. As further reassurance, Lorna informed Marcos that they have been certainly going to check out to turn her as well.

Marcos then demanded to grasp why Pulse used to be working the convoy. Agent Turner explained that now not all mutants had been terrorist just like the Mutant Underground apparently used to be, however he and Lorna did not imagine this for a second. When Lorna accuseed them of committing genocide, Agent Turner laughed, telling them that his actions stemmed from the July 15th, also known as 7/15 incident. Marcos alternatively pointed out, that 7/15 was the movements of just a few mutants, no longer all and in spite of political claims people died on both sides all through catastrophic match. Turner however beloved that in the end nobldy had to die at all and claimed he used to be now not going to say sorry for looking to stop mutant violence. Marcos puzzled the common sense on how he may combat violence with more violence as 7/15 at the start began out as a calm protest. However a lot to Lorna and Marcos marvel Turner published that the so called “peaceful protest” killed Turner's daughter Grace that day who used to be simplest 7. Stunned via this divulge Lorna referred to as Marcos over to remind him that they will have to stay focused and that while she did really feel sympathy for Turners lost 7/15 modified the world which ended in thousands lifeless, Relentless mutant persecution all around the nation, and that that they had misplaced loved ones as neatly. They may not afford to show weak point as they wer now preventing for each and every mutant which may be became a weapon which Marcos agreeed was once a fight worth fighting but he did not think Turner would provide them with any useful data. Lorna then came up with the speculation to take the ideas from him by way of calling Sonya to inform her that they kidnapped Agent Turner and that they wanted her help.

Agent Turner knowledgeable Lorna that she used to be I sufficient trouble because it used to be and adding the abduction of a federal agent would most effective make issues worse for them and informed them that their most effective wise transfer used to be to let him cross and hope for the most efficient. Lorna claimed she prepared to make him a deal then again on the situation that she would let him go if he instructed them the reality about Pulse and the name of the game detention facilities that he previously discussed. Turner claimed alternatively that they had been simplest kept secret to protect them from folks like them and advised them he had no goal of telling them what was once carried out to Pulse. Although Lorna then informed him, he did not need to as Dreamer arrived with Blink by way of portal. Unfortunately, just in the back of them used to be each Sentinel Services and Atlanta PD, who call for they give up.

Sentinel Services surrounded the warehouse the place Polaris, Eclipse, Blink and Dreamer were retaining Agent Turner hostage. Agent Turner warned Dreamer as she approached that the usage of her powers on him was an assault towards a federal officer. , Dreamer spoke back that he wouldn’t feel a thing as she exhaled pink smoke into his face. With Sentinel Services moving in, Lorna purchased Sonya extra time by way of launching rebar out the window at the agents, forcing them to momentarily retreat. While taking a look through his reminiscences, Dreamer noticed his most up-to-date encounters with Polaris, as well as his memories involving a courthouse, the similar symbol John saw on Pulse, and a bunch of mutant files, considered one of which was once titled "Hound". Unfortunately, with Sentinel Service moments clear of invading the warehouse after throwing in tear fuel, Polaris ripped Dreamer away from Turner sooner than she may repair his reminiscences, leaving him in a state of pain and confusion.

At Headquarters, Lorna, Marcos and Sonya convened with John and Reed. Sonya drew a number of well detailed illustrations of what she may just recall seeing in Agent Turner's thoughts. Noting it was hazy, however Turner indisputably knew Pulse and that there used to be a building, documents, and an emblem. While Reed used to be just as unfamiliar with the emblem as everyone else, John remembered seeing the brand branded on Pulse's arm. Fortunately, Reed did recognize considered one of Sonya's drawings. He known it as being the Baton Rouge Federal Building. Noting some folks Mutants he prosecuted were transferred there, however they disappeared soon thereafter.

"got your siX"

Lorna requested an indication of power from Naya, one of the crucial new arrivals. She possessed the ability to keep an eye on and manipulate water. After destroying a vase, Lorna signed Naya up for training. Caitlin interrupted to asks what Lorna's intentions were with training them. Lorna revealed that she planed on training them for struggle for the reason that they had been confronted with constant persecution much to Caitlin's shock.

Lorna, John, Reed, Marcos, Sonya, Shatter and Sage accumulated round to speak about their plan of breaking into the federal construction as their mission used to be not as regards to hiding mutants and that they have been now taking the fight to the enemy, making it an issue of survival. It was once printed that some of Reed's circumstances had been transferred to Baton Rouge. Where there was a judge named James Kresge who dealt with most of Reed's circumstances. Although it was rare and all they instructed in keeping with Reed was that some of his instances were being prosecuted under a special federal program. Marcos was once considering getting past the wall to the recordsdata, which he planned on Clarice getting them to. Only for John to expose that Clarice had left the station. Having eavesdropped on their complete discussion, Andy volunteered to get them in the course of the wall, as he may just do it quicker than Marcos, who claimed he may just minimize thru it.

Lorna later convened in the lobby with Lauren Wes, Naya, and Skyler within the foyer for training. She advised them that in the real global, they'd be combating for helps to keep, so the similar laws implemented all the way through training. Skyler was once the primary to step ahead as Lorna grabbed a hammer from a toolbox and asks if he is ready ahead of launching the hammer in his direction. Prepared for the assault, Skyler was once ready to repel the hammer. Wes volunteered to move next up, creating an illusion in the shape of flora to seem in place of Lorna's metal gear. While the others have been amused, this angered Lorna, who scolded Wes for his childish behavior as he didn't seize the dangers they would face. Lauren then came forward because it was once her turn. Although, she used to be ready for whatever Lorna has to throw at her, Caitlin suddenly walked in and stepped in front of Lauren.Openly opposing Lorna's unhealthy training methods. Despite Lauren begging her mom to take part in the training consultation, Caitlin refused and advised Lauren to return with her.

Lorna later got a call from Marcos as he arrived on the Federal construction with Reed and Andy to inform her that the courthouse used to be extra protected than to start with concept and that they needed to discover a new entry level. Andy concept he could get them in during the parking storage of the development next door because it shared a wall with the courthouse. Lorna informed Marcos to be careful sooner than announcing that she liked him. Lorna then bumped into Caitlin who understood that she used to be seeking to help the youngsters. However Caitlin believed that the speculation was to provide the children a long term. Lives after the preventing used to be over. While Lorna expressed that it was a pleasant idea, Lorna explained that as mutants they'd very likely be fighting for the rest of their lives. Something Caitlin did not want for Andy and Lauren. Lorna informed Caitlin that Andy and Lauren's powers were improbable and beyond what they normally see. Caitlin said that they nonetheless needed some roughly normalcy, but as far as Lorna used to be involved, the station is their normalcy as persecuted mutants.

Lorna, Caitlin, and Lauren were knowledgeable by John of an ambush arrange by way of Sentinel Services to trap Marcos, Andy and Reed on their as far back as the station. Despite getting away the first time, Lorna explained that the law enforcement officials stopped them on their strategy to Baton Rouge and whilst they did not find anything else, the driver had lied and mentioned he was going to Denver, so that they were marked by the tollway cameras when spotted in Baton Rogue. With John failing to come up with a plan, Lauren devised a plan of her personal, person who involved Wes developing one among his phantasm. John and Caitlin stayed in the back of whilst Lorna, Lauren, and Wes headed out to avoid wasting Marcos, Reed, and Andy from Sentinel Services' ambush.

Polaris, Lauren and Wes arrived at a nearby stadium to get a skyline view of the roadblock being arrange by police and Sentinel Services in preparation for Andy, Reed, and Eclipse's arrival. While on the phone with Eclipse, Polaris instructed him to tell the driving force to keep going it doesn't matter what, and that they would deal with the rest. Polaris then told Lauren that they have been going to use her shields to get the truck in the course of the roadblock. However whether or not or now not Laurens shields had been stable sufficient for a truck to pressure over used to be a query that now not even Lauren knew. Polaris told to focal point and to fail to remember about everything except the target. After that, the whole thing was once as much as Wes. Agent Weeks made several request for them to tug the automobile over, however as instructed, the driving force saved going. As the truck neared the roadblock, Sentinel Services and Atlanta PD opened fire. Polaris electromagnetically halted the bullets being directed at the truck whilst Lauren shaped a row of shields on the road, performing as a ramp, which propelled the truck transparent over the roadblock. Wes then created an illusion of the truck going down two separate paths, all while cloaking the actual truck that stored riding ahead.

"eXtreme measures"

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"threat of eXtinction"

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Character traits

Lorna is strong-willed, brave and loyal mutant. Lorna additionally suffers with depression and a psychological sickness which impacts her moods on the occasions.

Powers and Abilities

Powers Mutant Physiology: Polaris is a particularly robust mutant who possesses magnetogenesis, magnetokinesis, ferrokinesis, and many others. Whenever Polaris utilizes her magnetic powers; both of her arms glow greenish-black. Magnetogenesis: Polaris can generate, create and mission greenish-black magnetic fields from each her palms or her whole frame. Magnetokinesis: Polaris can manipulate magnetic fields. Ferrokinesis: Polaris can manipulate all types of metal.Abilities Skilled Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Lorna is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant; as she able to to knock a Sentinel Services guard subconscious by kneeing him the top. She additionally knocked out a Trask employee via punching him in the face with a metal spoon wrapped round her hand.Weaknesses Non-Metallic Objects: If Polaris is in a space with no metal; she is nearly utterly powerless. However, regardless of this, she remains to be highly athletic and in a position to physically combating others.



The Gifted (1 TV sequence)


In the comics, Lorna Dane can regulate magnetism much like Magneto, who is her biological father. This has been confirmed in The Gifted series continuity. She made her first appearance in the 1968 comic sequence titled "Uncanny X-Men #49". In the comics, Lorna and Havok have a romantic relationship. While she did not make an appearance, Polaris' name did appear on William Stryker's laptop in X2: X-Men United Emma Dumont published during 2018's Heroes & Villains fan fest panel that Polaris was to start with going to be killed off in the pilot. The inexperienced glow that looks when Polaris uses her powers is visually similar to the crimson glow used to portray Scarlet Witch' abilities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This similarity is notable as a result of, in most incarnations of the characters, Scarlet Witch and Polaris are each daughters of Magneto. In "dreaM" Lorna is wearing a inexperienced headpiece connection with her unique headpiece from the comics In the comics, Lorna doesn't have Bipolar Disorder, she does have a mood. Whenever she becomes very disillusioned, her powers can become a rage. 


The Gifted Promotion, Filming and Concept Art


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