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Help us excursion the global: http://www.twosetviolin.com/kickstarterBuy the violin + piano ranking: http://www.twosetviolin.com/product/dabsong/=====Imo...A3C used to be a Dab festival because nobody may face up to each time "Jumpman," "March Madness," "Where Ya At" or "Commas" would play. Which was each other song.Even Labour MP Chuka Umunna carried out a dab in public (more or less), possibly under force from his younger target market. . @tom_watson me and all the kids at @Hitherfield15 following your lead! #DAB, or Digital Audio Broadcasting radio, has been round for just about 3 a long time. The technology arrived in the UK in 1995, following the BBC's discovery of multiplexing. They discovered it was a extra efficient solution to broadcast radio channels. DAB is the radio standard for a lot of audio lovers nowadays.Watching my dab love it's cinemax Dab on them other folks, dab on them other people, I do it Eat it up, consume it up 'til you get complete We ball like Kareem, I'm talking that bull Smoking on fuel, smelling like cow manure We trendsetters, we piped em up with the dab Infected, you niggas unfold it like a rash Emmitt Smith, we brought the stakes, want the money

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Dub tune is characterized through a "version" or "double" of an current song, ceaselessly instrumental, first of all virtually at all times pressed on the B-sides of 45 RPM data and usually emphasizing the drums and bass for a legitimate well-liked in local sound techniques.A "version" is another minimize of a song made for the DJ to "toast" over (a form of Jamaican rapping), normally with some or all of the uniqueSong: iHeartMemphis - Lean and DabHands Down, this is prolly our BEST comeback Session YET..NEED yall to delight like share and SUBSCRIBE to develop into a new fan!...Digital radio: all you wish to have to know. Forget about AM and FM, as virtual radio (or DAB+) is the way of the long term. It options interference-free transmissions, rewind and pause, and track info."Dab Lasagna," a song through Sam Dubs, is a parody of the widespread diss monitor, "Bitch Lasagna" through PewDiePie.The parody options popular YouTuber, DanTDM, as he expresses his unfavorable views on

Answered: What is the Dab Dance? - DJBooth

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Digital audio broadcasting (DAB) is a virtual radio usual for broadcasting digital audio radio products and services in many nations round the world but now not in North America the place HD Radio is the standard for virtual radio. The DAB standard used to be initiated as a European research project in the Nineteen Eighties.Definition of dab in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of dab. What does dab imply? Information and translations of dab in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the internet. dab. Song lyrics through dab-- Explore a large number of song lyrics carried out by way of dab on the Lyrics.com website online. DAB.The Dab or Dabbing, to not be puzzled with the leisure use of hash oil that is going by way of the same identify, is a style of hip hop dance that comes to shedding one's head with one arm raised and resting the face inside the elbow of the other arm, which necessarily resembles the gesture of a polite attempt at muffling a loud sneeze. Originating from the hip hop scene in Atlanta, Georgia, the danceDAB stands for 'Digital Audio Broadcasting' - the future of radio here in the UK and in lots of different nations around the global. As neatly as being interference-free it additionally opens up new opportunities for broadcasters and a dramatic building up in listener selection.While the 'Dab' used to be created in the summer time, and Cam debuted it in October, the movement is nonetheless going strong today. He'll most likely dab greater than as soon as in Sunday's Super Bowl.

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Since no less than 2012, the phrase dabbin' or dabbing has referred to the act of heating a sticky oil or wax of concentrated THC extracted from cannabis and inhaling the vapors. While this system of smoking THC vapors is itself very old, this identify for it is not. The use of dab in this sense has now not been common enough to get our attention, but there are two other new uses that seem to be spreading—and all 3 may be hooked up.

'Dabbing' is a dance move believed to have originated in the Atlanta, Georgia rap scene. In addition to that, 'dabbing' is getting used as a generalized time period to say that anyone is confident. A song through the group Migos (pictured) states that whilst different individuals are "still sayin' swag" they have "switched it up we call it dab."

Dabbin' or the dab is also the identify of a dance move believed to have originated in the Atlanta, Georgia rap scene, and in addition to that, dabbin' is being used as a generalized time period to mention that any individual is self-assured. The two uses seem to have developed around roughly the identical time.

In May of 2015, a dance video seemed on YouTube titled "Dabbin Dance Official Video."

[embedded content material]

That fall, a hip hop trio known as Migos released a song titled "Look at my Dab." The following lyrics from the Migos song point out that "feeling Fab" is a results of dabbin', however it isn't right away clear if this dab is regarding the drug use, the dance transfer, or the confident use—or a mix of the 3. On the one hand, the lyrics clearly reference the drug:

Look at my dab, were given me feelin' like I'm FabLook at my dab, spreadin' dab across the mapI'm dabbin' when I stroll up in the trapI take a look at the pot, I'm like get in thereI play with the water want swimming gearLook at my dab, get in there—"Look at My Dab," Migos

On the different hand, later in the song they clarify that other persons are "still sayin' swag" and they have got "switched it up we call it dab." Shortly earlier than the song used to be launched, Atlanta rapper PeeWee Longway defined dabbin' in a video on YouTube:

When it is that time to come out and time for [them] to peer it on you . . . you got to actually come via that even dabbin. . . . When you put your favourite outfit on, you dabbin’ at that second. . . . It must be fitted, though. It ain't for those with the big clothes.—PeeWee Longway, 11 Mar. 2015 interview

which is in agreement with the definition from Migos:

thinkin' that it's only a danceWhen dabbin' is some way of favor—"Look at My Dab," Migos

It's clear that the "confidence" meaning and the use for the dance move are hooked up, and that one can display one's confidence through doing the dance move.

Emerging out of the Atlanta hip-hop scene, the dab is an expressive sneezing gesture that somehow shows your swagger dominance over all other haters. (Because not anything says “swag” like a sneeze).—Dashel Pierson, The Intertia, 1 February 2016

In case you’re wondering, ‘Dab’ is supposedly the new ‘Swag’ alternative and ‘Dabbin’ is the dance that signifies your swag dab.—ATLien, Straight from the A, 8 Dec. 2015

By July of 2015, the term was defined on Urban Dictionary as "Atlanta lingo for a level of confidence to your swag" and later "to give a sharp nod to your raised four [sic] arm. Dancing with sharp nods repeated," and Cam Newton made "the dab" his signature touchdown birthday celebration transfer, sparking speedy spread all over the nation.

But are those makes use of connected to the drug that means? Despite claims that the dance transfer has nothing to do with the drug use, there is some speculation that it gets its title as it looks as if a cough that effects from breathing in the concentrated THC vapors, however this concept is not supported by many. Still, whilst you believe the adjective use of dope it doesn’t seem too far-reaching to postulate that this "confidence" use of dab could have been born from the drug use, at least lexically talking.

We cannot say yet if those new makes use of of the phrase dab have endurance, however with their various bureaucracy, both syntactic and semantic, it's something value keeping an eye on. Migos, on the other hand, already made their prediction:

Look at my dab, everyone sayin' dab...Dabbin' goin' in the dictionary, Birds sangin' just like Mary Mary—"Look at My Dab," Migos

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