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Our Copper Roofs are hand crafted on Cape Cod to the very best of specifications. A Cape Cod Business; Since 1971. Dennis, MA. SOLID RELIABLE CONSTRUCTION AT FAIR PRICES; Phone: 508-385-9646;Compare Local Roofing Experts With Reviews From Your Neighbors.Another giant metal roofing company right here in MA had a complete roof blow off on Cape Cod, because half of it was once now not nailed in any respect! There are many examples like this. The point this is that while you pay a high worth, you don't in point of fact recuperate high quality vs. the mid-range guy.Authorized Installer for Cape Cod Copper, Inc. MK Specialties Inc is devoted to providing top quality set up of Cape Cod Copper Products. Take a look underneath to find out what we specialise in, and make contact with any further questions or to learn more.Traditionally, Cape Cod roofs have been cedar shakes but that may pose a large number of issues in the iciness and summer when the temperatures may purpose the shakes to crack, making the roof extra liable to moisture injury. The best possible way to mimic the traditional Cape Cod roof could be to move for a metal shake roof.

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Cape Cod Roofing and Siding, Wareham, Massachusetts. 642 likes. ROOFING, SIDING, REMODELING, COPPER WORK, GUTTERS, SKYLIGHTS, residential-commercial-industrialThese cupolas are crafted using cell pvc-vinyl with a metal roof and base and will match maximum development color combos. Available in sizes 24,30,36,42,48,60,and 72" Accommodates up to a 6/12 roof pitch, prolonged bases to be had. See color chart below in your choice of metal and vinyl colors. Optional copper base and roof available.Garlock-French Corporation lists down four architectural types excellent for metal roofing. Cape Cod and Dutch Colonial - Cape Cod and Dutch colonial structure are straight away recognizable for their symmetrical design, dormer windows, central chimney, and shingle siding. The steep roofing has wood shakes and, recently, asphalt shingles.Portico Roof Line: A portico on a Cape Cod house typically features a gabled roof that matches the roof pitch of the main area.However, porticos may additionally have a hip, shed, or flat taste roof line. Flat roofs require rubber membrane roofing products however gable, hip, and shed roofs have more creative roofing options.

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New Roof Cost vs. Value: Are You Paying Too Much For Roof

Local Roofing Siding in Cape Cod, MA. Compare professional Roofing Siding, learn critiques, and to find touch knowledge - THE REAL YELLOW PAGES® Roofing Contractors Sheet Metal Work Roofing Contractors-Commercial & Industrial (2) BBB Rating: A+. Website Services (508) 428-1177. 1031 Main St. Osterville, MA 02655.Cape Cod Roofing & Siding has been servicing, repairing, supplying and putting in NEW metal roof and siding panels for over 3 a long time. Call us lately ! Find us at the following.coms's: FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, YOUTUBE, ALIGNABLE, PORCH. BLUE BOOK of CONSTRUCTION, TWITTER.Www.capecoral.web 1766 cape coral pkwy east harbor south rental 0079 ward nathaniel l jr 174524c100400000a akm enterprises inc b13-01354 2t,13s,5kw split crowther roofing & sheet metal b13-00562 cut up,3t,13s,10kw 1820 se thirty seventh ter kessinger richard + louise 0566 stewart john 054524c4005660120 … View DocumentMetal roofs replicate the suns UV and infrared gentle rays that give a contribution to roof surface radiant heat, which can lead to a 10-25% reduction in cooling costs. Environmentally friendly. Metal roofs not only have 25-95% recycled content, relying at the material used, however also are 100% recyclable at the finish of their lifestyles as a roof.A Custom System Installed on an IHOP restaurant in Cape Cod, MA: In the business environment, prices can range any place from about $1,000.00 in keeping with square of roofing fabrics, plus labor, the entire approach as much as as much $1,500.00, and in some circumstances, even higher. Metal roofers all over the installation of an IHOP Metal Roof:

New Roof Cost vs. Value: Are You Paying Too Much For Roof Installation?

The reasonable price of a brand new shingle roof is ,870 – 6,750, installed on a classic 1,six hundred sq. feet. ranch house.

However, the reality is that roofing prices can range greatly relying on many components, corresponding to quality of the material, contractor you hire, seasonal exertions charges, your geographic location and so forth.

Average Roof Replacement Cost:

Low End


Mid Range


High End


This post will mean you can figure out whether you're getting a fair deal from a roofing contractor. Compare the quality of roof set up for Low, Mid-Range and High-End value quotes.

We will show you the real value behind a roof estimate, and let you make a choice the appropriate professional. This will help you avoid overspending or installing a low quality roofing subject matter.

What Is Roof Value?

You can bring to mind it as a measure of ways much “bang for the dollar” you get for each buck you spend on roof replacement.

To determine this out, you want to grasp the average roof value in your house. This is essential, as a result of native contractors will probably be providing you with pricing according to this figure. You will most probably get a Low-End Price (less than average), Mid-Range (very close to the common), or High-End (higher than the average).

You can plug on your zip code under, to learn how a lot does it price to interchange a roof in your space.


Mid Range


High End


See prices for your house Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

The chart above displays you a US National Average cost to interchange a roof on a 1,six hundred square foot ranch area. It contains removal of one layer of present asphalt shingles, in addition to all subject material, accessories and labor prices.

Installation costs are in response to re roofing a Gable roof. Other varieties are extra hard work in depth and feature a higher waste factor. Thus, they value somewhat extra. For instance, a Hip roof has a 15% waste factor, while a Gable’s is handiest 5-7%.

The National Average above corresponds to about in step with squareft. If we additional spoil it down, this corresponds to



.45 according to square foot for install and materials and [scrape_url:1]



[/scrape_url].Fifty five in step with sq. foot for tear-off and disposal of previous shingles.

Over the span of 10+ years of gathering and analyzing pricing data, we came to a conclusion that / sq. foot (or 0 / square) is the typical of what people in fact pay for installation of a 30 year / Lifetime architectural shingles.

However, in different cities throughout the USA, these prices will be slightly other. In pricey areas, hard work rates can be upper, and in less affluent areas, exertions charges will probably be decrease.

For instance, in Metro Boston / Eastern Massachusetts space, roofing value in step with square is 0-380 – this is quite upper than the average. The cost of residing round Boston is high, so naturally you get higher roof installation prices. Overall, roofing costs in New England are about 7.37% higher than the National Average.

Roofing Cost vs Value

Lets use the numbers in the graph to know what you're if truth be told getting while you pay Low, Medium and High roof substitute prices.

-Low end at 53 or



.40/sq.ft. = LOW VALUE

-Mid Range at 16 or .00/sq.ft. = BEST VALUE

-High end at 20 or .75/sq.ft. = OK VALUE

As a rule of thumb, you in most cases get the MOST worth (bang for the dollar) while you pay a Mid Range Price.

It is vital to notice that this rule does NOT at all times paintings. Sometimes, you can get EXCELLENT installation quality, paired with excellent roofing materials for a very fair, and even low price.

Other occasions, you'll be able to get a VERY CRAPPY roof, for which you paid top dollar!

Still, most of the time, the “golden middle” is whilst you get Very Good installation, good materials, and pay someplace in the course of cheap and expensive (Mid Range value).

Why Mid Range Roofing Prices Are The Best

Here is an example from my own trade that illustrates why homeowners get nice value after they go with corporations that supply mid-range pricing.

When I first turned into an independent contractor, I had excellent revel in, however no popularity and no longer a lot as far as references and portfolio goes. So, I had to compete more on value. At the same time, each roof I put in was completed as if it was once my very own space (superb quality). This is when house owners where getting a excellent deal from me.

As I won popularity and references, I raised my costs a little bit, to be somewhere in the center. At the same time my work quality stayed on a very prime degree (at this level I was charging Mid Range pricing).

On ALL of my sloped roofing installs, we used GAF DeckArmor breathable synthetic underlayment, which was very expensive compared to roofing felt – about / sq. in 2006 vs / square for #15 felt.

So, I used to be doing top of the range installs, the usage of very good fabrics, involved in a Mid-Range worth. My company isn't the one one who does trade like this. Many small, owner operated companies do great paintings, and price heart of the street costs to stick competitive.

High-End Roof Price Does Not Automatically Mean Great Value

Many house owners make the error of assuming that in the event that they pay top dollar, they're guaranteed the most efficient conceivable quality of materials and labor. While this should be true, it’s regularly not the case.

In reality, maximum “prime end” roofing outfits are just overpriced to pay for high overhead, and to place themselves as “elite”. However, they provide no real development within the quality of each roof installation and materials used at the task.

In fact, I do know many examples when a High-End contractor did sub-par work here in Massachusetts.

For example – when installing metal shingles over 1×6 boards substrate, you need to add a layer of continuing sheathing. This is because they are installed horizontally, and there can be cases when an entire row of shingles will align with an opening between forums, and fasteners will probably be nailed into the air (necessarily). We always installed 3/8″ plywood to make the roof substrate steady.

Installing Plywood over Roof Boards – Metal Roof Installation in Revere, MA – 2008

But I do know a “premium priced” contractor that did a task – put in metal shingles over previous asphalt shingles, and plenty of nails were not attached to the wooden.

Another large metal roofing corporate right here in MA had an entire roof blow off on Cape Cod, because part of it was once now not nailed in any respect!

There are many examples like this. The level here is that while you pay a top price, you don’t actually get better quality vs. the mid-range man.

Why You Should Stay Away From Low-End Roof Quotes

No subject how tempting it can be to hire the most cost effective contractor, we strongly recommendation in opposition to it!

While “what you pay is what you get” isn’t all the time proper, in case of roofing, it is exactly on point.

All roofers pay pretty much the same for materials, inside of the similar geographic location.

Thus, decrease roofing value ALWAYS comes on the expense of quality.

If you pay 0 / square for asphalt shingles, and fabrics cost 0, the roof artisan is left with 0 in step with square to cover all costs, overhead, and hard work. And the roofer nonetheless needs to make money, so they cut corners – big time!

Not installing underlayment, not flashing chimneys, not putting in ice and water barrier within the valleys, now not changing step flashing and pipe flashing, not solving rotted picket, nails and trash in all places your backyard – these are all examples of cheap roofing.

Underpaid roofers haven't any need to paintings further arduous to ship a prime quality service. These guys are usually paid -50 according to square to rip and install a roof. In case of our conventional 16 squares (1600 s.f) that would be 0-800 to put in your roof! Do you truthfully be expecting excellent high quality for this sort of money?

How To Choose The Right Roofer & The Right Price Point

Of route, many people wish to pay much less, and a 1,000 difference between roof estimates could also be very interesting.

After studying this you may think that the majority roofers will do bad work, and why must you pay extra, if you'll be able to pay much less? So I will tell you – I don’t advise to pay greater than you must, but don’t attempt to squeeze out each penny both.

75-80% of the time, the Value you get from a Mid-Range priced job would be the highest.

Here are a few things I recommend:

1) Choose a smaller, proprietor operated corporate. Preferably one the place the owner installs or a minimum of manages every process in my opinion. An proprietor who is personally concerned in your roof replacement is much more likely to remember to get a top quality process, than anyone who subs figure out.

2) Do not attempt to save a few greenbacks by buying materials yourself. In the tip, it'll at all times cost you extra as a result of:

a) employees will waste extra materials.

b) you are going to now not know precisely what and what kind of to buy.

c) this may occasionally create logistical nightmares, which will end up costing you extra in trade orders and time beyond regulation a roof artisan wastes looking forward to something you didn't buy.

3) Avoid trying to calculate how a lot the professional is making off of you. Roofing is difficult work, and it's NOT properly compensated for on account of steep festival.

4) Hire a contractor all the way through the OFF season – you will all the time get a better value. Even just right ones might and frequently will be available to work for you.

Also, its important to appreciate that roof value is just a little subjective. It is determined by your perception and data of what high quality installation really is, your “rapport” with the contractor, and lots of different elements that can make your venture a breeze or a nightmare.

Short vs. Long-term Roof Value

When determining how a lot you need to spend on roof set up, you will need to keep your finish objective in mind.

Are you planning to reside on this house for over 10 years?

Do you plan to sell your home within the next 3-5 years?

Are you putting the house up on the market now and wish to temporarily change the roof because its outdated and damaged?

In normal, a pleasing roof can upload no less than 15% of worth to your own home worth. If you are making plans to are living in your home, its worth it to take a position extra money (mid-range) vs low-range and get a roof that will be durable and long lasting. You don’t need to trouble with upkeep and replacement each and every 5 years, because you are trying to save cash and rent the most affordable guy for the task.

On the other hand, if you are making plans to promote your home now or in the foreseeable future, you'll believe doing a budget re-roof. This will give a boost to the curb attraction of your home, draw in more consumers, and building up your house resale value.

Lastly, should you personal a dear property and wish to substitute the old roof, you should pay more for an skilled contractor and top quality materials. You don’t wish to jeopardize the glance and worth of your home with reasonable roofing.


Published: May 15, 2018

This roofing guide is presented through Leo B. I've been a roof craftsman for 15 years, and specialise in Metal Roofing and Flat Roofing. Have a roofing query or issue? Ask me any roofing question! Roofing Contractors - sign up for our free Local Roofers directory to get extra shoppers!

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