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The great city of Dis occupies most of Hell's 2d layer. It is a place where secrets are exposed and shared with the absolute best bidder, making tieflings tied to Dispater very good spies and infiltrators. Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity ranking increases by way of 1. Legacy of Dis. You know the Thaumaturgy cantrip.The Leviathan additionally planned to build centers to treatment diseases like cancer, so that their meals provide could be disease free. While trapped in Purgatory, Castiel was once repeatedly hunted through Leviathan. They gave the impression all of sudden as a mass of black goo after crash touchdown into the bottom, inflicting a crater, and morph into human form.In Mass Effect: Scanning a planet finds "The Leviathan of Dis", the corpse of a presumed-dead living starship. In Mass Effect 3: If you saved Balak alive within the Mass Effect: Bring Down the Sky DLC, the character hints that the Leviathan was a dormant Reaper, which the Batarians by accident reactivated.Leviathan of Dis Favorites Update Last updated: 2020-06-17 23:03:20. Summary Champions Leagues Live Game. Ranked Solo. Unranked Flex 5:5 Rank. Unranked S2020 Total ; Ranked Solo ; Ranked Flex 5v5 ; Jhin CS 188.4 (5.8) 3.50:1 KDA. 8.5 / 5.1 / 9.4. 64% 11 PlayedLeviathans are found 5 occasions, through title, in 4 Old Testament verses in the King James translation.The animal is described in Job 41, Psalm 74:14, Psalm 104:26, and Isaiah 27:1. All references are derived from the Hebrew word livyathan (Strong's Concordance #H3882).. The Behemoth, not like the Leviathan, is found handiest in Job 40:15 and is described in verses 15 to 24.

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The dissolution of a common-wealth is in most cases because of the "Imperfect Institution" from which it comes, and these "infirmities" or "diseases" resemble the ones of the human body. One such infirmary is when a sovereign power is content material with less power than what they in reality possess to protect and protect a common-wealth. Power will also be denied through lack of expertise, or it may be denied intentionallyA abstract of Part X (Section10) in Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan. Learn precisely what took place in this chapter, scene, or section of Leviathan and what it manner. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans.Firstly, to dis-embed Renaissance Man from his notion of being a microcosm interpenetrating within a limiteless surrounding, living macrocosm (this goal being in large part achieved by the use of the arrival of empirical Scientism); then the de-coupling from Latin Catholicism (by the use of Protestant individualism); and in recent years, liberation from the secular countryside (throughMass Effect 3 Citadel DLC: All Citadel Archives incl. Indiana Jones Arc & all Shepard's backgrounds - Duration: 6:31. FluffyNinjaLlama 172,496 perspectives

Leviathan (Ultimate Amalgamation) | Supernatural Fanon

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Bride of Cthulhu, The Leviathan of Diseases: An enormous mass of coiled, writhing tentacles. She is Cthulhu's sister and mate, who bore him the dual daughters Nctosa and Nctolhu. Kaunuzoth The Great One, Cannoosut A squat, sea cucumber-like monstrosity with 5 eyes, three-toed, taloned appendages, and a big mouth.Dis Lexics vault of Secrets. Ideas, plot bunnys that won't let pass, conceivable long term tales. be happy to pick up the tales if you happen to like them. why didnt i do something like this sooner? honestly, I do not know. anyway, for the first instalment, it is an answer to DZ2s Abandoned Harry challenge. Green Eyed LeviathanThe Leviathan of Dis is the colloquial name given to the large corpse of a Reaper present in a large crater in the world Jartar in 2163 CE.The Reaper were killed through Leviathans, and floated derelict in house prior to coming to leisure on the planet. The corpse used to be discovered and tested through a batarian survey team. The to find was once documented, albeit briefly as a batarian dreadnought entered theIn his seminal textual content, Leviathan, the philosopher Thomas Hobbes offers what used to be then a radically novel conception of the origins of civil govt.Hobbes' concepts of the commonwealth are predicated upon his perspectives of human nature and the state of mankind without govt, and so he establishes his place on these ideas prior to addressing the commonwealth's advent.The Leviathan of Dis is the name given to a huge corpse that disappeared from a crater on Jartar in 2163. It is believed to be the remains of a genetically engineered starship and its age was once at the beginning placed at nearly one thousand million years outdated. Discovery [edit | edit supply]. There was once little time to check and discover the true nature of this mysterious find.

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American creator H. P. Lovecraft (1890–1937) created a host of fictional deities all the way through the direction of his literary profession. These entities are usually depicted as immensely tough and totally detached to humans who can slightly start to comprehend them, even though some entities are worshipped through humans. These deities come with the "Great Old Ones" and extraterrestrials, such because the "Elder Things", with sporadic references to other miscellaneous deities (e.g. Nodens). The "Elder Gods" are a later creation of other prolific writers who expanded on Lovecraft's ideas, corresponding to August Derleth, who was once credited with formalizing the Cthulhu Mythos.[1][2] Most of these deities had been Lovecraft's unique creations, but he additionally adapted words or ideas from previous writers equivalent to Ambrose Bierce, and later writers in turn used Lovecraft's concepts and expanded his fictional universe.

Great Old Ones

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An ongoing theme in Lovecraft's paintings is the entire irrelevance of mankind within the face of the cosmic horrors that exist within the universe, with Lovecraft repeatedly referring to the "Great Old Ones": a unfastened pantheon of ancient, powerful deities from area who as soon as dominated the Earth and who have since fallen right into a deathlike sleep.[3]

Lovecraft named several of those deities, together with Cthulhu, Ghatanothoa, and Yig. With a few exceptions, Cthulhu, Ghatanothoa, et al., this unfastened pantheon it seems that exists 'out of doors' of commonplace space-time. Although worshipped through deranged human (and inhuman) cults, these beings are typically imprisoned or restricted of their talent to have interaction with most people (beneath the sea, inside the Earth, in other dimensions, and so forth), at least till the hapless protagonist is unwittingly exposed to them. Lovecraft visited this premise in lots of of his tales, particularly his 1928 quick tale, "The Call of Cthulhu", on the subject of the eponymous creature. However, it was Derleth who implemented the perception to all of the Great Old Ones. The majority of these have bodily bureaucracy that the human mind is incapable of processing; simply viewing them renders the viewer incurably insane.

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Name. This is the frequently permitted title of the Great Old One. Epithet(s), other title(s). This field lists any epithets or choice names for the Great Old One. These are names that continuously seem in books of arcane literature, but can also be the names most popular by cults. Description. This entry offers a brief description of the Great Old One.Great Old Ones Name Epithet(s),different identify(s) Description Abholos[4] Devourer in the Mist A gray festering blob of countless malevolence, described because the lesser brother of Tsathoggua or spawn of Cthulhu, born from his bile and tears.[5]Alala[6] Herald of S'glhuo An entity of dwelling sound local to the Gulf of S'glhuo, and manifesting as a huge monstrous being. He is served via the Denizens of S'glhuo, which are made of his same substance. Ammutseba Devourer of Stars A dismal cloudy mass, with tentacles, absorbing falling stars. Amon-Gorloth[7] Creator of the Nile and Universe's Equilibrium A gigantic mysterious entity whose cult is possibly coincident with that of Egyptian God Amun. Once residing in a gigantic palace referred to as Gz-eh near the Valley of the Kings, his dreaming drive used to be in a position to shape reality. Causing existence to eventually flourish throughout the Nile Valley, over 3,000 years ago, prior to the celebrities ceased to be right, and the advancing wasteland entombed his titanic frame underneath the sands. Priests of his cult have constructed up secret subterranean mausoleums to get entry to the Great Old One's frame, and please the snoozing god by way of giving cattle as sacrificial victims. Aphoom-Zhah The Cold Flame, Lord of the Pole Appears similar to Cthugha, but gray and chilly. Apocolothoth The Moon God Lunar entity that dwells within the Dimension of Enno-Lunn. Arwassa The Silent Shouter on the Hill A humanoid-torso with tentacles as a substitute of limbs, and a brief neck finishing in a toothless, featureless mouth. Atlach-Nacha The Spider God, Spinner in Darkness A giant spider with a human-like face. Ayi'ig The Serpent Goddess, Aeg, Aega Daughter of both Yig and the Outer Goddess Yidhra, appearing as a big octopus-like horror with serpentine eyes, and removable tentacles, which would possibly move independently. She dwells throughout the cavern of a deep canyon somewhere in Texas. Aylith[8] The Widow in the Woods, The Many-Mother A tall, shadowy humanoid determine with yellow glowing eyes, and bizarre protrusions just like the branches of useless trees. She is a servant of Shub-Niggurath. Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg The Bringer of Pestilence An enormous, flying scorpion with an ant-like head.[9]Basatan Master of the Crabs Not described, most likely has fins and tentacles.[10]B'gnu-Thun The Soul-Chilling Ice-God Appears as a cyanotic humanoid, followed through an eerie blizzard. Bokrug The Great Water Lizard, The Doom of Sarnath Appears as a huge water lizard. Bugg-Shash[11] The Black One, The Filler of Space,He Who Comes in the Dark Appears as a black slimy mass covered in eyes and mouths, just like a Shoggoth. Byagoona The Faceless Ones Revered as a god of the useless and reanimated the deceased to sustain itself on their existence drive. Theorized to be an avatar of Nyarlathotep, although this is not confirmed. Byatis The Berkeley Toad,Serpent-Bearded Byatis Appears as a huge multicolored toad with one eye, a proboscis, crab-like claws, and tentacles under the mouth. Chaugnar Faugn The Horror from the Hills,The Feeder, Caug-Narfagn A vampiric elephant-like humanoid, with a mouth at the finish of its trunk. Coatlicue Serpent Skirted One[12] Appears as a huge reptilian humanoid with two going through snakes in position of an actual head, as depicted in the Coatlicue statue. She was once the previous mate of Yig, respected in K'n-yan in conjunction with her consort. The Color The Colour Out of Space Appears as a mutagenic, glowing, foul-smelling mist or fluid that mutates all organisms round it while slowly eating their life-force. Coinchenn[13] — A marine tentacled horror made of fish, whale, and octopus-like features.[14]Crom Cruach[15] Master of the Runes, Bloody Crooked One[16] Not described, however most likely one thing gigantic and serpent or worm-like. Cthaat The Dark Water God A formless mass of shape-shifting water. Cthaeghya — (Half-)sister of Cthulhu, which spawned the Star-Spawn of Cthulhu. Cthugha The Living Flame, The Burning One Appears as a living conflagration. Cthulhu Master of R'lyeh, The Great Dreamer A large hybrid of human, octopus, and dragon. He is most often depicted as being loads of meters tall, with webbed arms, tentacles, and a couple of rudimentary wings on his back. Cthylla Secret Daughter of Cthulhu Appears as a huge winged octopus-like creature with six eyes. Youngest of Cthulhu and Idh-yaa's progeny. Ctoggha The Dream-Daemon No description to be had. Cyäegha The Destroying Eye, The Waiting Dark Appears as a gigantic black mass of tentacles, with a single inexperienced eye at the heart. Cynothoglys The Mortician God, She Whose Hand Embalms Appears as a formless mound, with one arm-like appendage. Dhumin The Burrower from the Bluff A serpentine (likely Tremors-like) earth-shaking horror dwelling in the subsoil of Memphis, US. Dygra The Stone-Thing A jewel-facetted, semi-crystalline geode with mineral tentacles. Dythalla Lord of Lizards A gigantic saurian creature similar to Bokrug, however terrestrial, and endowed with a mane of tentacles.[17]Dzéwà[18] The White God A starving plant-god who arrived from Xiclotl to Earth, awed by the Insects from Shaggai. He seems as a white orb hiding an enormous magenta excrescence, like an orchid or a lamprey-like mouth, with emerald tentacles, tipped with hands emerging from inside the hideous mass. Eihort The Pale Beast, God of the Labyrinth Appears as a huge, pallid, gelatinous oval with a myriad of legs and multiple eyes. Ei'lor The Star-Seed, The Plant-God A plant-like parasitic horror local to the jungle planet Kr’llyand, which orbits a useless, green famous person. Etepsed Egnis[19] — A formless monstrosity with a huge, arm-like appendage. Ghadamon A Seed of Azathoth A bluish-brown, slimy monstrosity riddled with holes, and an occasional malformed head. Ghatanothoa Lord of the Volcano, Thoa[20] Appears as a colossal horror with multifarious appendages, and Gorgon-like powers. Ghisguth The Sound of Deep Waters A titanic mass of jelly-like subject matter. Gi-Hoveg The Aether Anemone A cosmic-entity manifesting as a big, spongy, and fleshy mass lined in a myriad of both eyes and spines. He is alleged to be the nemesis of the Outer God Uvhash, usually summoned to contrast this deity. Gla'aki The Inhabitant of the Lake,Lord of Dead Dreams Appears as an enormous three-eyed slug with steel spines, and tiny pyramid-like toes beneath. Gleeth The Blind God of the Moon An eyeless and deaf Lunar deity worshiped within the ancient continent of Theem'dra, as well as within the Dreamlands, steadily discussed as similar to Mnomquah, although apparently not similar to each other.[21]Gloon[22] The Corrupter of Flesh,Master of the Temple, Glhuun Usually manifests thru a Dionysian sculpture, however its true shape is that of a gigantic wattled slug-thing. Gobogeg[23] The Twice-Invoked Appears as a colossal pillar of amorphous alien flesh, with a cyclopean head. It drags up the continent it is summoned in, and causes all of the international to all at once cave-in on itself.[24]God of the Red Flux — A vaporous pink entity haunting the rainforest of Central Africa. It has the facility to show humans into zombie-like servants, the Tree-Men of M'bwa. Gog-Hoor Eater of the Insane A huge entity living in some opposite size, reminiscent of an enormous bullet with a long proboscis. Gol-goroth Golgoroth, The Forgotten Old One,God of the Black Stone, Golgoroð Appears as a big, black, toad-like creature with an impossibly malevolent glare, or a tentacled, scaled, bat-winged entity. Golothess — An entity minimize in ten pieces by way of Yig all the way through a time of great struggle (one of these items is an alabaster dish present in Egypt, dated back 1,Three hundred BC). It resembles and has a an identical domain as the Greek god Dionysus. The Green God The Horror Under Warrendown A sentient plant-like entity living within a sequence of caverns, where it is all the time served through mutant rabbit-like worshipers. Groth-Golka The Demon Bird-God, The Bird-God of Balsagoð A monstrous bird-like fiend with sharp enamel, residing beneath Antarctica, vaguely such as an extinct pterosaur. Gtuhanai The Destroyer God of the Aartnna A harmful entity manifesting as a starving steel vortex. He seems to be some other half-brother of Cthulhu, like Hastur, and associated with the slug-like Glaaki as smartly. He has also been known as a "son of Yog-Sothoth". Whether those titles are literal or conceal some darkish truth concerning the Destroyer, none can verify. He dwells somewhere within the Pleiades stellar area, and when summoned, he brings devastation. Gurathnaka Eater of Dreams, Shadow of the Night A shadowy incorporeal entity dwelling in the Dreamlands. Gur'la-ya Lurker in the Doom-laden Shadows A really perfect shadow thing, with two obvious red eyes, in a position to turn into the cranium of its sufferers into green sparkling stones carved with atypical symbols. Gwarloth — A tentacled amoebic horror with more than one eyes, orifices, and a dangling gland forming a hideous face. Gzxtyos Mate of Othuyeg The consort of Othuyeg, most probably very similar to her bridegroom. Han The Dark One A being made of cold, howling mist certain to Yig's worship. Hastalÿk The Contagion A microbial entity, liable for plagues. Hastur The Unspeakable,He Who is Not to be Named, Lord of Interstellar Spaces, The King in Yellow, The Peacock King, Zukala-Koth His true shape is unknown, but in most cases manifests both as a polypous, starving floating mass endowed with tentacles, drills, and suckers, or extra regularly, because the King in Yellow, a humanoid being dressed in tattered, yellow clothes and a masks hiding the face. He is said to be Cthulhu's (half-)brother. He is claimed to be of the air element antagonistic to Cthulhu's water element. H'chtelegoth The Great Tentacled God A towering greenish trunk with a "crown" of tentacles, a row of multiple eyes, and a chain of additional lateral grasping appendages. Haiogh-Yai The Outsider A monstrous, amorphous, whirling entity living inside a wandering black hollow known as Vix’ni-Aldru, which additionally hosts a town made of titanic blocks, inhabited through mysterious creatures similar to either worms or lizards. Hnarqu The Great One Lesser brother of Cthulhu, manifesting as a gigantic mouth surrounded by numerous tentacles, similar to a titanic sea anemone. Hziulquoigmnzhah The God of Cykranosh, Ziulquag-Manzah Has a spheroid frame, elongated arms, brief legs, and a pendulum-like head dangling beneath. He is the brother of Ghisguth, and uncle of Tsathoggua. Idh-yaa Cthulhu's Mate, Xothic Matriarch A huge, pale, worm-like horror dwelling underneath the crust of the celebrity Xoth. She has been Cthulhu's first bride, and with him spawned 3 sons—Ghatanothoa, Ythogtha, and Zoth-Ommog—and a younger daughter, Cthylla. Inpesca The Sea Horror A formless expansive bluish-black mass, haunting each the Ecuadorian and Peruvian coasts, discussed in Cthäat Aquadingen as inimical to the Deep Ones. Iod The Shining Hunter A levitating, sinuous sparkling creature. Istasha Mistress of Darkness A cat-like deity, very similar to Bastet, however vicious and malignant. Her sister is the sylvan Lythalia. Ithaqua The Wind Walker, The Wendigo,God of the Cold White Silence A gigantic, corpse-like human, with webbed ft and sparkling purple eyes. Janai'ngo Guardian and the Key of the Watery Gates, The Lobster of the Deep A crustacean-like, tentacled, half-amorphous marine horror which serves Cthulhu, dwelling within the depths of the Bay of Rhiiklu, someplace throughout the japanese coast of the United States. Juk-Shabb God of Yekub Appears as an ideal shining ball of energy. Kaalut The Ravenous One[25] Likely a big larva-like horror, living within the nebulous realm of K'gil'mnon, along with the Gharoides, its parasitic insectoid servants. Kag'Naru of the Air[26] — Mentioned within the American comedian e book Challengers of the Unknown #81-87 (1977) because the sister of M'Nagalah. Kassogtha Bride of Cthulhu, The Leviathan of Diseases A huge mass of coiled, writhing tentacles. She is Cthulhu's sister and mate, who bore him the dual daughters Nctosa and Nctolhu. Kaunuzoth The Great One, Cannoosut A squat, sea cucumber-like monstrosity with five eyes, three-toed, taloned appendages, and a large mouth. He is described as one of Glaaki’s brethren, and dwells within the Moore Reservoir of Vermont, in the United States. Khal'kru[27] All-in-All, Greater-than-Gods A dismal octopoid horror, similar to the Norse Kraken, but living inside a temple someplace inside of a hidden heat valley in Alaska. Klosmiebhyx — Sister of Zstylzhemghi. K'nar'st Spawn of the Forgotten An amphibious humanoid with four, seven-clawed fingers, and tentacles in place of legs. The head is lion-like, however bony and his mouth encases three long tongues. He lies trapped underneath the seafloor, inside of a mysterious seamount referred to as Nayghof. Krang[28] The Dead One A monstrous, brown, leathery, alien entity local to a mysterious planet, recently sleeping inside a huge mausoleum misplaced within the desert-wastes, set to guard a beneficial treasure made up of the oldest decayed planets. Kthaw'keth The Supreme Unknown, Scourge of Yaksh A six-eyed, crocodile-snouted monstrosity coated with each tentacles and tripod-like limbs. Revered by way of the traditional Egyptians as the deification of each darkness and chaos. Kurpannga The Devil-dingo A giant hairless dingo-like fiend residing within the Dreamlands (or the Dreamtime of Aboriginal myths). Lam The Grey[29] An alien entity, similar to Grey extraterrestrial beings, residing at the hours of darkness side of the planet Mars.[30]Lexur'iga-serr'roth He Who Devours All in the Dark A photophobic bat-winged monstrosity, with both a thousand-eyed misshapen head and enormous maws. Lythalia The Forest-Goddess A female seductive humanoid-entity, covered in both vines and vegetal parts. Somehow, she has been the mate of the Elder God Nodens, bearing him the twin gods Vorvadoss and Yaggdytha.[31] The tom cat Istasha is the sister of Lythalia. Mappo no Ryujin Harbinger of Doom, Mappo's Dragon A dragon-like entity, covered in pseudopods, regarded as the mother of the Snake-God Yig and mentioned to be imprisoned beneath the sunken continent of Mu. M'basui Gwandu The River Abomination A spider-eyed bat-winged horror lurking within the Congo River. M'Nagalah[32] The Devourer, The Cancer God,[33]The Eternal A mass of both entrails and eyes, or an enormous blob-thing.[34]Mnomquah Lord of the Black Lake, The Monster within the Moon An overly massive and eyeless lizard-like creature with a "crown" of feelers. Mordiggian The Charnel God, The Great Ghoul,Lord of Zul-Bha-Sair, Morddoth[35] A shape-shifting cloud of darkness. Mormo[36] The Thousand-Faced Moon Mormo appears in lots of bureaucracy, however 3 are maximum commonplace: as a mocking vampiric maiden, as a tentacle-haired gorgon, or as a hunched toad-like albino with a mass of feelers as a substitute of a face. This last form is the illusion of her servitors, the Moon-beasts. Mortllgh Storm of Steel A lustrous orb floating on the heart of a whirling vortex of razor-sharp, metallic-looking blades. Mynoghra She-Daemon of the Shadows A succubus-like fiend with alien traits, and tentacles in place of hair. She is discussed as a cousin of Nyarlathotep in the O’ Khymer Revelations, and worshiped by witch cults in Salem, Oregon. Nctosa & Nctolhu The Twin Spawn of Cthulhu Twin daughters of Cthulhu, imprisoned in the Great Red Spot of the planet Jupiter. They both seem as wide shell-endowed beings, with 8 segmented limbs, and six lengthy palms finishing with claws, vaguely reminiscent of their "half-sister" Cthylla. Ngirrth'lu The Wolf-Thing, The Stalker within the Snows, He Who Hunts, Na-girt-a-lu A ferocious and towering wolf-like humanoid with bat wings. He is served via werewolf servants known as the Lupine Ones. Northot[37] The Forgotten God, The Thing That Should Not Be[38] A mysterious entity associated with Yog-Sothoth, Shub-Niggurath, and perhaps Azathoth as well which manifests either as a faun-like humanoid with color-changing hair, or as a sparkling halo of unknown shade. Nssu-Ghahnb[39] The Heart of the Ages, Leech of the Aeons A type of gigantic pulsating heart secluded in a parallel dimensions. It is liable for spawning all of the quite a lot of monsters which exist within the recognized Universe. Nug and Yeb The Twin Blasphemies Two horrid nebulous masses of shape-changing vapor from which eyes, tentacles, maws, and hooves emerge; quite like Shub-Niggurath. They have been spawned via Yog-Sothoth, and both (or either) are regarded as the blasphemous parents of Cthulhu. Nyaghoggua The Kraken Within[40] A blurry, dark, kraken-like entity mentioned within the Song of Yste, and mentioned to reside in Outer Space. Nycrama The Zombifying Essence A tall larva-like monstrosity, with masses of segmented taloned tendrils, exiled by way of the Elder Gods right into a parallel measurement, with shut connections to the rainforests of South America, where he lures human sufferers to enslave from different dimensions. Formerly, he was too an Elder God. Nyogtha The Thing which Should Not Be,Haunter of the Red Abyss Appears as an inky cloud of shadows. Ob'mbu The Shatterer A giraffe-like reptilian monster. Oorn[41] Mnomquah's Mate Appears as a huge, tentacled mollusk. Othuum The Oceanic Horror A twisting tentacled mass, with a unmarried alien face somewhere within the middle of the slimy squirming mass. Othuyeg The Doom-Walker Appears as an ideal tentacled eye very similar to Cyäegha, but much more very similar to the monster featured in the horror film The Crawling Eye.[42] He these days dwells throughout the subsoil of Kansas, within the fabled Seven Cities of Gold. Perse[43] — A maddening, twisted-minded, alien entity appearing as a feminine determine in a crimson cloak, with three eyes, and an completely alien face. Likely coincident with Classical Underworld goddess Persephone, she manifest aboard a ghost send and call traumatized humans, with hidden creative skill, to unfold both chaos and despair across the world. Pharol Pharol the Black A black, fanged, cycloptic demon with arms like swaying serpents.[44] The entity normally dwells in some other measurement—a "seething and sub-dimensional chaos" past the mundane universe.[45] The wizard Eibon of Hyperborea now and again summoned Pharol to query him for arcane data.[46]Poseidon — A formidable extragalactic entity, awed by means of ‘Ymnar. It battled in opposition to the Elder God Paighon. Psuchawrl The Elder One A tall humanoid with an eyeless sea anemone-like face, and a beaked grinning mouth, who may also be summoned like a jinn. Ptar-Axtlan The Leopard That Stalks the Night A mysterious entity associated with zoomorphic shapeshifters, particularly were-cats. Quachil Uttaus Treader of the Dust Appears as a miniature, wrinkled mummy with stiff, outstretched claws. Quyagen The Eye of Z'ylsm,[47]He Who Dwells Beneath Our Feet Worshiped as a deity in a lost continent located in the southern Atlantic Ocean. He seems associated with Nyarlathotep, and his shape is most likely octopoid, with myriads of horns along a maddening frame. Q'yth-az The Crystalloid Intellect A towering mass of crystals, residing at the lightless planet Mthura. Raandaii-B'nk — A shark-like humanoid native to the Bermuda Triangle, in all probability similar to Cthulhu's avatar the Father of All Sharks. Ragnalla Seeker within the Skies A titanic raptorial fiend with an enormous, single eye and a crown of tentacles. Raphanasuan The One from the Sun Race[48] A big and likely multi-armed fiend. Rhagorthua Father of All Winds A fiery entity similar to Cthugha, ready to absorb nuclear radiation, and imprisoned somewhere throughout the subsoil of New Mexico. Rhan-Tegoth Terror of the Hominids, He of the Ivory Throne A three-eyed, gilled, proboscidian monster with a globular torso, six, lengthy sinuous limbs finishing in black paws, with crab-like claws, and lined in what appears to be hair, but is in reality tiny tentacles. Rhogog The Bearer of the Cup of the Blood of the Ancients A black leafless oak tree, sizzling to touch and with a unmarried pink eye at the heart. Rh'Thulla of the Wind[26] — Mentioned within the American comedian e-book Challengers of the Unknown #81-87 (1977) as the brother of M'Nagalah. Rlim Shaikorth The White Worm A gigantic, whitish computer virus with an enormous maw and hollow eyes made of dripping globules of blood. Rokon — A mysterious extra-dimensional entity, considered the brother of Yig, ruling over a size referred to as Zandanua. Saaitii The Hog A huge, ghostly hog. Scathach — One of Hziulquoigmnzhah's youngsters, supposedly feminine.[49]Sebek The Crocodile God A crocodile-headed reptilian humanoid, equal to the Ancient Egyptian god Sobek. Sedmelluq The Great Manipulator, Ishmagon A colossal glowing trojan horse, with a starfish-shaped head, living in Antarctica and served by the Mi-go. Sfatlicllp The Fallen Wisdom The granddaughter of Tsathoggua, an amorphous mass which mated with a Hyperborean Voormi and spawned the mythical thief Knygathin Zhaum. In Chaosium's Dead Leaves Fall RPG complement, she seems as a fiend with oily snakes skin, and prehensile dreadlocks like a Gorgon. Shaklatal[50] The Eye of Wicked Sight A gloomy-skinned humanoid horror with tentacles sprouting from his head, and sparkling purple eyes, worshiped by way of the earliest African civilizations because the god Amun. He is claimed to be rival of Cthulhu. Shathak Mistress of the Abyssal Slime, Death Reborn, Zishaik, Chushaik Not described, likely an amorphous mass. Shaurash-Ho — Mysterious entity discussed in Howard Phillips Lovecraft's letter to James F. Morton[51] as a descendant of Cthulhu which spawned different two horrid descendants (K'baa the Serpent and Ghoth the Burrower). The latter would have sired with a Roman noblewoman Viburnia the legendary ancestor of Lovecraft himself in a fictional family tree. The appearance of Shaurash-Ho has never been described. Sheb-Teth[52] Devourer of Souls An eyeless alien humanoid entity, vastly overgrown with each strange flesh and machinery. Shista[53] God of Fidelity A shape-shifting entity, incessantly manifesting as a spiny five-legged crab, with a spider-like head and steel bracelets on every limb. Shlithneth[54] — A big slimy computer virus, with a mass of black tentacles surrounding its maw. Sho-Gath The God within the Box, The Big Black Thing A gloomy smoky column, with red malevolent eyes and a grotesque face, imprisoned within a antique box. Shterot[55] The Tenebrous One A starfish-like horror spawned through the Outer God C'thalpa. It has been minimize into pieces, but person fragments are living independently. Shudde M'ell The Burrower Beneath,The Great Chthonian Appears as a colossal worm with tentacles for a head. Shuy-Nihl The Devourer in the Earth A depressing blob of darkness endowed with tentacles. Sthanee The Lost One[56] A gigantic marine horror with twelve snaky-limbs, endowed with suckers, and a beard of tentacles, each served and revered by way of vicious merfolk, known as the "Children of Sthanee".[57]S'tya-Yg'Nalle The Whiteness An invisible entity made of each snow and sit back, servitor of Ithaqua. Summanus Monarch of the Night, The Terror that Walketh in Darkness A mouthless, grotesque humanoid with light tentacles protruding from underneath a dismal gown. Swarog[58] — A hideous being appearing as a dark, gigantic, legless bird-like horror swathed in darkish flames, with its long neck topped via a black lump, 1/2 of which endowed with a large sparkling eye and the opposite being covered in innumerable tentacles. It was revered through Slavic and Viking other folks because the Solar god Svarog, though sharing virtually nothing with the normal deity. Thanaroa[59] The Shining One A mysterious evil entity, manifesting as a pillar of dazzling gentle, dwelling in the ruins of Nan Madol, near Ponape. Its name remembers that of Polynesian creator god Tangaroa. Tharapithia The Shadow within the Crimson Light Slavic and Ugric God-like creature, photophobic and burrowing fiend awed within the Middle Ages. It can not endure daylight, and eludes it by means of tunneling deep underneath the roots of oak bushes. Thasaidon Master of the Endless Void A malignant entity manifesting as a mace-wielding armored warrior. He is respected because the Principle of Evil in Zothique, but his cult dates again to the time of Mu. T'ith -- The offspring of Cthulhu and the Elder God Sk'tai. Thog The Demon-God of Xuthal[60] An octopoid monster of Hyborian Age, which haunts the underground town of Xuthal. Toth[61] − A colossal, burrowing arthropod-like horror. Th'rygh[62] The God-Beast A monstrous entity manifesting as a terrible patchwork of flesh, soil, and alien matter. Tsathoggua The Sleeper of N'kai, The Toad-God,Zhothaqqua, Sadagowah Appears as a huge, furry, virtually humanoid toad, or a bat-like sloth. Tulushuggua The Watery Dweller Beneath A mysterious subterranean horror, dwelling deep within the flooded caves of Florida, served via the eel-like horrors known as the Tulush. Turua[50] Father of the Swamps, The Bayou Plant God A fungine entity with both tentacles and tendrils, which haunts the swamplands of Florida, by some means similar to The Green God. Uitzilcapac[63] Lord of Pain[64] A sadistic entity trapped by the Elder Gods in a remote size of the Space-Time continuum, and showing as a 4-m tall lizard-like horror with six legs, and a mouth filled with vicious fangs. Ut'Ulls-Hr'Her The Great Horned Mother, Black Glory of Creation A huge faceless creature with various appendages sprouting from its head, a beard of oozing horns, many reddish teats, and fish-like fins sprouting from an egg-shaped body. Vhuzompha Mother and Father to All Marine Life, The Hermaphroditic God An amorphous monster of prodigious length, covered in a multitude of eyes, mouths, projections, and each male and female genitalia. Vibur The Thing from Beyond An enormous, hairy, and swiftly moving entity casting radioactive stones. Vile-Oct — A dragon-like or reptilian entity mentioned to be familiar of Yig. Volgna-Gath Keeper of Secrets A slimy shape-shifting mass, which can be summoned with mud and the blood of the invoker. Voltiyig Yig's Terrifying Son Spawn of the Snake-God Yig, appearing as a winged and feathered serpent with flaming nostrils, by hook or by crook similar to the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl, trapped within a dark tower crowned with a large five-pointed big name. Vthyarilops The Starfish God A tentacled horror very similar to a Sun Star, but endowed with branching tentacles, spines, myriads of blue obtrusive eyes, and gaping-maws. Vulthoom The Sleeper of Ravermos,Gsarthotegga May seem as a huge, unearthly plant. The Worm that Gnaws in the Night Doom of Shaggai A large worm-like fiend similar to a Graboid from Tremors. Xalafu The Dread One A titanic, globular mass of more than a few darkish colors, endowed with an enormous single-eye within the center of the alien bulk. Xcthol[65] The Goat God A sadistic, mind-controlling, faun-like humanoid, most likely associated with Shub-Niggurath. Xinlurgash The Ever-Consuming A bristly-mass with large gaping maws, made up with tentacles and spider-like limbs. Xirdneth Maker of Illusions, Lord of Unreality An illusion-making entity without a true form. Xitalu Being of Higher Dimension A tentacled, multi-eyed, soul-devouring abomination which dwells between dimensions.[66]Xotli Lord of Terror, The Black Kraken of Atlantis, Demon-God of Elder Night[67] A rolling cloud of ebony darkness or a vortex of boreal chilly, respected through Atlanteans priests of the Hyborian Age. Xoxiigghua[68] — A three-eyed, octopoid, and parasitic horror trapped within a Central American mountain vary. Yamath Yama Worshiped in historic Lemuria. Aspect of the Triple God of Chaos. Known as Yama, king of demons, in Tibet. Yegg-Ha The Faceless One A 10-foot tall winged being which guidelines over the Nightgaunts, earlier than being defeated in ancient Britain through a centuria of Roman soldiers. Y'golonac The Defiler Appears as a naked, overweight, headless humanoid with a mouth within the palm of each and every hand; other options are nebulous. Yhagni — A hideous feminine or hermaphroditic entity of tremendous power, cousin of Cthulhu and Hastur, imprisoned via the Great Old Ones being themselves mindful of her powers. She dwells within the "Temple of Pillars," in the depths of Kyartholm located somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. Her appearance is never described, however likely formless, larva-like, and tentacled as depicted within the minion-spawn which serve her parasitizing human sufferers. Yhashtur The Worm-God of the Lords of Thule A worm-like monster living at Northern Polar latitudes, said to be the rival or inimical to Nyarlathotep. Yig Father of Serpents An enormous snake with human-like palms lined in scales. Son of the Mappo's Dragon, children of his are Ayi'ig and Voltiyig, while Rokon is regarded as the brother of Yig. Y'lla Master of the Seas A monstrous, barrel-shaped sea malicious program with tentacles and a lamprey-like mouth. 'Ymnar The Dark Stalker A shape-shifting entity spawned by means of the Outer God Ngyr-Korath to serve him simplest. It might grant nice powers to whoever chooses to serve him and his grasp, but his final goal is the destruction of all sentient and intelligent life in the Cosmos. Yog-Sapha The Dweller of the Depths,[69]Lord of the Things Which Dwell Beneath the Surface A big, amoebic, glowing, and multihued gelatinous mass living within the dark depths of Earth. Yorith The Oldest Dreamer A huge crystalline-being residing within the seas of the ocean planet Yilla. Its hypnotic talents force those spacefarers, who stray too carefully, to plunge into the depths of its deadly sea. Ysbaddaden Chief of the Giants[70] One of Hziulquoigmnzhah's youngsters, supposedly male and gigantic.[71]Ythogtha The Thing within the Pit Appears as a colossal Deep One, with tentacles surrounding its one eye. Yug-Siturath The All-Consuming Fog A vampiric vaporous entity which adsorbs vital forces. Zathog The Black Lord of Whirling Vortices A festering, bubbling mass that repeatedly churns and whirls, putting forth vestigial appendages and reabsorbing them. Bubbles burst on the surface to expose hate-filled eyes, and slobbering mouths shape or shut randomly about his horrible frame. He dwells in the Xentilx galaxy, served via the Zarrian aliens. Zhar and Lloigor The Twin Obscenities Both appear as a colossal mass of tentacles, trapped throughout the "Plateau of Sung," somewhere in Myanmar. Zindarak The Fiery Messenger A mysterious fiery entity, that shall liberate Cthulhu from his prison once the celebrities are appropriate. Zoth-Ommog The Dweller within the Depths A big entity with a cone-shaped body, a reptilian head, a beard of tentacles, and starfish-like arms. Zstylzhemghi Matriarch of Swarms, Zystulzhemgni Spawn of the Outer God Ycnàgnnisssz, described as a dwelling alien swarm. She also has a sister named Klosmiebhyx. Zushakon Dark Silent One, Old Night,Zul-Che-Quon, Zuchequon Appears as a swirling, black vortex, respected by the Mutsune Native Americans as a dire death god. He is also worshiped by means of mysterious servitors known as the Hidden Ones.[72]Z'toggua[73] — An overweight bat-winged humanoid with a long polypous snout and a large mouth, opening within the stomach, served by way of the Deep Ones. Zvilpogghua Feaster from the Stars, The Sky-Devil, Ossadagowah A bat-winged, armless toad with tentacles as an alternative of a face.

In Joseph S. Pulver's novel Nightmare's Disciple a number of new Great Old Ones and Elder Gods are named. The novel mentions D'numl Cthulhu's feminine cousin, T'ith and Xu'bea, The Teeth of the Dark Plains of Mwaalba. Miivls and Vn'Vulot, are said to have fought each other in southern Gondwanaland throughout the Cretaceous duration, whereas Rynvyk, thought to be one of the buddies of Cthulhu's sister Kassogtha, most likely matches with Cthulhu itself or a similar entity. Kassogtha would have sired Rynvyk 3 sons (one named Ult) and Rynvyk himself these days rests in a crimson pool in the Hall of Tyryar (likely every other identify or size of R'lyeh), whose portal is situated somewhere in Norway.[74]

Great Ones

The Great Ones are the "weak gods of earth" that reign within the Dreamlands. They are secure by means of Nyarlathotep.

Lobon ("The Doom That Came to Sarnath;" HP Lovecraft's Dreamlands, John Fultz's "Wizards of Hyperborea") Nath-Horthath ("Celephaïs", The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath; HP Lovecraft's Dreamlands, "Kadath/The Vision and the Journey") Oukranos (The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath) Tamash ("The Doom That Came to Sarnath;" HP Lovecraft's Dreamlands, "Wizards of Hyperborea") Zo-Kalar ("The Doom That Came to Sarnath;" "Wizards of Hyperborea") Hagarg Ryonis (HP Lovecraft's Dreamlands, "Wizards of Hyperborea") Karakal (HP Lovecraft's Dreamlands, "Wizards of Hyperborea", Mike Minnis' "The Crawler of Pnoth")

Outer Gods

As it is recognized in the Mythos, the Outer Gods are ruled through Azathoth, the "Blind Idiot God", who holds court on the center of infinity. A bunch of Outer Gods dance rhythmically around Azathoth, in cadence to the piping of a demonic flute. Among the Outer Gods provide at Azathoth's court are the entities known as "Ultimate Gods" in The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (referred to as "Lesser Outer Gods" within the Call of Cthulhu RPG), and perhaps Shub-Niggurath, the "Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young". Yog-Sothoth, the "All-in-One and One-in-All", co-rules with Azathoth and exists as the incarnation of time within the cosmos, yet is one way or the other locked outdoor the mundane universe. Nyarlathotep, the "Crawling Chaos", is the avatar of the Outer Gods, present because the incarnation of area and functions as an middleman between the deities of the pantheon and their cults. The simplest Outer God to have a true character, Nyarlathotep possesses a malign mind and divulges a mocking contempt for his masters.[75] Lovecraft himself by no means made reference to them as the Outer Gods, as a substitute calling them the Other Gods or the gods of the outer hells, as famous in his short story "The Other Gods".

List Abhoth Main article: Hyperborean Cycle § Abhoth Aiueb Gnshal

Aiueb Gnshal (The Eyes Between Worlds, The Child-Minded God)[76] is a mysterious Outer God, who has his domicile in a forgotten temple located someplace in Bhutan. He seems as a formless black void, with seven pulsing orb-like eyes, and is basically worshiped by way of ghouls, which tribute him in a defiled cult described within the mysterious Cambuluc Scrolls of the wizard Lang-Fu, dating back 1295 AD. Peering through the eyes of this god, after a hideous and devastating ritual, permits one to see directly into Azathoth's courtroom. It is rumoured that the powers of Mongolian warlord Temujin, was a favour of Aiueb Gnshal.


Aletheia (The End of the Darkness) is a God-like entity symbolizing or incarnating the Truth. Named after the Greek Goddess of Truth, it manifests as huge spiral of manifold titanic hands with a single cycloptic eye in every palm as within the Hamsa and kilometric wire-like protrusions in a position to ensnare dwelling beings replacing their spinal bone in puppet-like type. Introduced in Dylan Dog Issue 374,[77] In the plot the entity has transparent features of an Outer God quite a Great Old One as well as an appearance vaguely comparable to that of Yog-Sothoth and is invoked by means of a deranged prophet with words in Naacal or R'lyehan language virtually coinciding with those featuring in Cthulhu's invocation, with R'lyeh changed with Z'lyeh.


Azathoth, occasionally referred to as the "Blind Idiot God", is a dreaming monster whose dream is where the universe resides. Azathoth is completely unaware of anything going on in the dream; therefore his identify. Azathoth additionally shifts in his slumber, inflicting fact to switch. He is the most tough entity, according to Lovecraft, carefully adopted through his grandson Yog-Sothoth, and is the writer and ruler of the Outer Gods.


Azhorra-Tha[78] is an Outer God imprisoned on planet Mars, because it fled from Earth after the imprisonment of the Great Old Ones. Its look is that of an insectoid to toad-like squid, but its shape continuously adjustments emitting an awful buzz. The Mi-Go came upon the jail of Azhorra-Tha the millennia after, and made the whole lot not to expose its location to any human being.

The Blackness from the Stars

The Blackness from the Stars is an motionless blob of dwelling, sentient darkness, torn from the primal material of the cosmos on the middle of the universe. It is distinguishable in darkness only as vaguely shimmering oily pitch. Although clever, it speaks no known language and ignores makes an attempt to keep up a correspondence.

The Cloud-Thing

A person-eating cloudy mass, unnamed Outer God at the court of Azathoth.


C'thalpa[55] (The Internal One)[79] is a huge mass of living sentient magma, located within the Earth's mantle. She is mom of the Great Old One Shterot, and five different unnamed hideous kids. She is also served by a race of mole-like humanoid burrowers known as the Talpeurs.


Cxaxukluth (Androgynous Offspring of Azathoth) is one of the Seed-Spawn of Azathoth, grown to adulthood and monstrous proportions. In appearance, Cxaxukluth resembles something of a move between Azathoth and Ubbo-Sathla: an amorphous, writhing mass of bubbling, nuclear, protoplasmic-gel. He typically dwells alone inside an unnamed size beyond time and area, until disturbed or summoned away.

Daoloth Main article: Daoloth Darkness

Darkness (Magnum Tenebrosum, The Unnamed Darkness) is a mysterious entity spawned by Azathoth, and is the progenitor of Shub-Niggurath.


D'endrrah[55] (The Divinity) is a type of blurry female entity of supernatural good looks, dwelling within her obsidian palace positioned on Mars' Moon Deimos. She lives in a hall composed of a myriad of mirrors that distort her appearance, which is that of a tentacled dark abyss. This Mythos entity is quite impressed through C. L. Moore's Shambleau, the illusionary Martian she-vampires of lust.

Ghroth Main article: Ghroth The Hydra Main article: Henry Kuttner deities § The Hydra Ialdagorth

Ialdagorth (The Dark Devourer) is both the cousin and servant of Azathoth, showing as a black, shapeless, malevolent mist. The sight of any such fiend is unsettling if not traumatizing.


Kaajh'Kaalbh[80] is a lesser Outer God, servitor of Azathoth, but secluded in a parallel chaotic-dimension where the whole lot is volatile. The god itself is constantly formed or disrupted, and has no true form at all. Whoever attempts summoning this entity wishes the aid of a Dimensional Shambler, and the deity might manifest in variety of forms, often as an immense lava lake or a limiteless pool of solidified quicksilver.


Lu-Kthu (Birth-womb of the Great Old Ones or Lew-Kthew) is a titanic, planet-sized mass of entrails and interior organs. On closer examination it seems that a rainy, warty globe, lined with countless ovoid pustules and spider-webbed with a network of long, slim tunnels. Each pustule bears the larva of a Great Old One.


An invisible wolf-like fiend similar to Fenrir of Norse mythology (if no longer coincident). Mh'ithrha (Arch-Lord of Tindalos) is the lord of the Hounds of Tindalos, and the most robust. Although no longer a real Outer God as such, its shape and astounding powers defy standard classification. Mh'ithra's everlasting battle with Yog-Sothoth is alleged to be mythical.

Mlandoth and Mril Thorion Mother of Pus

A Lesser Outer God composed of slime, tentacles, eyes, and mouths. The Mother of Pus used to be spawned via an obscene mating between a human and Shub-Niggurath. When summoned to Earth, the Mother of Pus seeks safe haven in pools of stagnant, foul water.

The Nameless Mist

The Nameless Mist (Magnum Innominandum, Nyog' Sothep) is a "misty, shapeless thing" spawned via Azathoth, and is the progenitor of Yog-Sothoth.


Ngyr-Korath (The Ultimate Abomination or The Dream-Death) is a gloomy blue-green mist which reasons a sense of terror because it approaches. Once close, an eye of flame paperwork inside of. He spawned by fission the Great Old One (or the avatar of his) ‘Ymnar, and his nemesis is the Elder God Paighon. He coincides with the entity referred to as the Magnum Tenebrosum.

Nyarlathotep Main article: Nyarlathotep

First appearing in Lovecraft's 1920 prose poem of the same identify, he was later discussed in different works by way of Lovecraft and by way of other writers and in the tabletop role-playing games making use of the Cthulhu Mythos. Later writers describe him as one of the Outer Gods. He is a shape-shifter with 1000 bureaucracy, most of them maddeningly horrific to humans.


Once an Elder God, Nyctelios[81] has been punished via his friends - especially Nodens - for having created a race of foul servitors. He has been permanently banished from the Elder Gods' Olympus, and imprisoned beneath the eastern Mediterranean Sea, close to Greece, in a dark, basalt-built fort named Atheron. However the exiled deity is not useless, however just sleeping, and one day he'll rise once more from his abyss manifesting himself as a blue, 6-metre tall, cyclops-like monstrosity, with the bulk of his frame lined totally in crawling worms.


A goat-like fiendish horror with bat wings and multiple horns, discussed because the brother of Shub-Niggurath.


Olkoth (God of the Celestial Arcs)[82] appears as a demoniacal god-like entity ready to reincarnate in human bodies if the celebs are appropriate (sort of a "Cthulhian" Antichrist).[83] Olkoth might emerge in our dimension via an eyeless, gruesome statue of the Virgin Mary.


Shabbith-Ka appears as a shapeless, more or less man-sized purplish aura, spitting and crackling with tough electric arcs. A sense of energy, malignancy, and intelligence accompanies it and persons ready to stare upon its form long enough can see a rudimentary face or faces within the glowing mass.

Shub-Niggurath Main article: Shub-Niggurath Star Mother (the nice mom of all)

The Star Mother appears as a bit of yellow-green stone in regards to the size of an infant. Its shape suggests a plump, huge-breasted, faceless feminine determine. From it prolong dozens of pencil-thin root-like strands. It is one of the Larvae of the Other Gods and has no cult, even though served through zombie slaves.


Suc'Naath is one of the senseless gods which twist and dance within the court docket of Azathoth. It appears as a formless spinning hurricane-like thing with strings of violet and golden colours throughout its form, continuously emitting sickening smacking and screeching noises whilst showing pain-stricken faces across its body.

Suc'Naath's essence is these days divided into three parts, one in a comet referred to as Aiin, the other in some type of statue situated somewhere in the World, while the 3rd has been genetically passed on for aeons through prehuman, and now human races of earth, most commonly in the middle east. The carriers of the Outer God's powers are stated to have done nice acts of magic and/or to have been insane. If those 3 parts are ever to be combine, Suc'Naath might be freed. This entity is served through a small middle-eastern cult referred to as the Golden Hands of Suc'Naath, who accumulate deranged intellectuals and educated assassins, who need to set Suc'Naath loose (they'll have connections to the old Hashashin cult as smartly).


Tru'nembra (The Angel of Music) is the name given in Malleus Monstrorum Call of Cthulhu roleplay game guide to the entity described in H. P. Lovecraft's novel "The Music of Eric Zahn". It has no form, however manifests as haunting track.


Tulzscha (The Green Flame) is the title given in Malleus Monstrorum Call of Cthulhu roleplay game information to the entity described in H. P. Lovecraft's story "The Festival". Tulzscha seems as a blazing green ball of flame, dancing with its Lesser Outer Gods at the court of Azathoth. Called to our global, it assumes a gaseous shape, penetrates the planet to the core, then erupts from beneath as a pillar of flame. It can not move from the place it emerges.

Ubbo-Sathla Main article: Hyperborean Cycle § Ubbo-Sathla Uvhash

Uvhash (The Blood-Mad God of the Void) seems as a colossal, vampiric, purple mass of each tentacles and eyes. It dwells within the realm of Rhylkos, which works with the crimson planet Mars, and whoever summons Uvhash witnesses an atrocious loss of life. He has affinities with the star vampires, and is rumored to had been one of mad emperor Caligula's eldritch sponsors as smartly. There is enmity with each the Elder God Nodens and the Great Old One Gi-Hoveg.


Xa'ligha (Master of the Twisted Sound or Demon of Dissonance) is an entity made of maddening sound, in some way very similar to Tru'Nembra. There is a few affinity with the Great Old One Hastur.[84]


Xexanoth is a fictional character from Clark Ashton Smith's Cthulhu Mythos work. It seems only once in "The Chain of Aforgomon", where it is summoned by way of the principle persona. Apparently, Xexanoth is the bane and mortal enemy of the time god Aforgomon and, as a result of of Aforgomon most likely being an avatar of the Outer God Yog-Sothoth, is most certainly an Elder or Outer God.


Ycnàgnnisssz is a black, festering, amorphous mass that repeatedly blasts and erupts violently, spewing out bits of churning lava-like subject matter. She spawned the Great Old One Zstylzhemgni.

Yhoundeh Main article: Yhoundeh Yibb-Tstll

A huge, bat-winged humanoid with indifferent eyes, wearing a green robe. This terrible deity sees all time and area as it slowly rotates within the centre of its clearing throughout the Jungle of Kled, in Earth's Dreamlands. Beneath its billowing cloak are a multitude of nightgaunts, suckling and clutching at its breasts. Having an in depth connection to the Great Old One Bugg-Shash,[85] so must Yibb-Tstll be regarded as a Great Old One - specifically in the Drowners group offered by way of Brian Lumley, parasitic alien entities which thrive by vampyrizing the Great Old Ones themselves[86] - regardless that in RPG fabrics she is assessed as an "Outer God".[87]


Yidhra (The Dream Witch or Yee-Tho-Rah[88]) typically seems as a youthful, attractive, earthly female, though her form may vary.

Yidhra has been on Earth since the first microorganisms seemed and is immortal. To continue to exist in a replacing surroundings, she won the power to take on the characteristics of any creature that she devoured. Over time, Yidhra cut up herself into other aspects, even though every phase stocks her awareness.

Yidhra is served by devoted cults found in such widely separated puts as Myanmar, Chad, Laos, Sumer, New Mexico, and Texas. Members of Yidhra's cult can acquire immortality via merging along with her, though they develop into moderately like Yidhra as a result. Those who serve her also are promised considerable harvests and wholesome cattle. She normally conceals her true shape in the back of an impressive illusion, showing as a comely young lady; handiest preferred members of her cult can see her as she in reality is.


Kenneth Grant prompt Lovecraft's description of Yog-Sothoth as a conglomeration of "malignant globes" can have been inspired by the Spheres of the Qliphoth.[89]

The cosmic entity Yog-Sothoth used to be first mentioned in The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (written 1927, first published 1941). The being is claimed to take the shape of a conglomeration of sparkling spheres. It is an all-knowing deity, which means that it knows the past, provide, and long term. Yog-Sothoth is coterminous with all time and space, yet is supposedly locked outside of the universe we inhabit. Its cosmic nature is hinted at in this passage from "Through the Gates of the Silver Key" (1934) by way of Lovecraft and E. Hoffmann Price:

It was once an All-in-One and One-in-All of countless being and self—no longer merely a thing of one Space-Time continuum, however allied to the ultimate animating essence of life's complete unbounded sweep—the ultimate, utter sweep which has no confines and which outreaches fancy and arithmetic alike. It was once most likely that which sure secret cults of earth have whispered of as YOG-SOTHOTH, and which has been a deity beneath different names; that which the crustaceans of Yuggoth worship as the Beyond-One, and which the vaporous brains of the spiral nebulae know by way of an untranslatable Sign...

Yog-Sothoth sees all and knows all. To "please" this deity may just bring knowledge of many things. However, like maximum beings in the mythos, to see it or be told an excessive amount of about it's to court docket crisis. Some authors state that the choose of the god requires a human sacrifice or eternal servitude.

According to the family tree Lovecraft devised for his characters (later revealed as "Letter 617" in Selected Letters), Yog-Sothoth is the offspring of the Nameless Mists, which were born of the deity Azathoth. Yog-Sothoth mated with Shub-Niggurath to produce the twin deities Nug and Yeb, whilst Nug sired Cthulhu through parthenogenesis.[90] In Lovecraft's quick tale "The Dunwich Horror", Yog-Sothoth impregnates a mortal girl, Lavinia Whateley, who then gives start to dual sons: the humanoid Wilbur Whateley and his extra monstrous unnamed brother.

In Anders Fager's quick story "Grandmother's Journey" a tribe of canine or wolf-like people (analog to the "ghouls" of the Lovecraftian mythos) is claimed to have sacrificed to Yog-Sothoth to turn into "different". In Fager's "Herr Goering's Artifact" Yog-Sothoth is invoked to protect a couple of witches from Father Dagon.

Yog-Sothoth has some connection to the mysterious Old Ones discussed in "The Dunwich Horror" (1929), but their nature, their quantity, and their connection to Yog-Sothoth are unknown. Nonetheless, they're almost definitely allied to him come what may, since Wilbur Whateley, the half-human son of Yog-Sothoth, attempted to summon them so that they may keep watch over Wilbur's more tainted dual and make it reproduce.

At the end of Lovecraft's ultimate tale "The Haunter of the Dark", the protagonist Robert Blake calls on Yog-Sothoth to avoid wasting him from the eponymous malign entity which he has let free.


Yomagn'tho (The Feaster from the Stars, That Which Relentlessly Waits Outside) is a malevolent being who needs not anything greater than the destruction of mankind for unknown causes. He waits in his home size in Pherkard, till he's summoned to Earth. When first summoned, Yomagn'tho seems as a small ball of fire that briefly expands to a large circle of fire with three flaming inside petals. The reptilian burrowing folk, the Rhygntu, are known to worship this malignant deity.

Elder Gods

In post-Lovecraft stories, the Elder Gods oppose the likes of Cthulhu. Derleth attempted to retroactively group the benevolent deity Nodens in this category (who acts as deus ex machina for the protagonists in each The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and "The Strange High House in the Mist"). Joseph S. Pulver mentions in his Nightmare's Disciple (2006) a collection of original Elder Gods, however provides no descriptions of their true forms. The story introduces entities as Adaedu, Alithlai-Tyy, Dveahtehs, Eyroix, Ovytonv, Urthuvn, Xislanyx and Xuthyos-Sihb’Bz'. Others have a cult identify as Othkkartho (Sire of the Four Titans of Balance and Order), which is claimed to be Nodens's son, and Zehirete, who's The Pure and Holy Womb of Light. Sk'tai and Eppirfon are both siblings. Eppirfon used to be originally Cthulhu's second bride who bore him a son, T'ith, now dead, murdered by means of Cthulhu himself.

Known Elder Gods in the Mythos

The following is any other Elder God with out a description: Walter C. DeBill, Jr.'s Paighon, an extra-galactic entity which now dwells in Earth's core, mentioned to be inimical to the Outer God Ngyr-Korath and his servitor 'Ymnar.


Bast (Goddess of Cats or Pasht) appears as a feminine human with a cat's head. Likely named after the ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet.


An ambiguous deity considered an Elder God. First gave the impression in Lovecraft's short tale "Hypnos".


A creation of Brian Lumley, Kthanid is a sibling of Cthulhu. It seems to be the similar as Cthulhu excluding for eye color.


Oryx used to be offered without identify in August Derleth's "The Lair of the Star-Spawn" (1932). The name Oryx is given in Call of Cthulhu RPG supplement "The Creature Companion" (The Bright Flame) manifests as a large pillar of blinding white and crimson flames. Although its expression is bright and blinding, nobody feels its warmth. No one can take a look at Oryx various seconds; after the primary glance, the eyes of someone who seems to be grow to be sore and watery.


Oztalun (Golden and Shimmering One) is an Elder God presented by way of James Ambuehl. It is symbolized by means of a seven-pointed big name image, which is his own Seal.


Nodens ("Lord of the Great Abyss") seems as a human male using a huge seashell pulled by mythical beasts. In CthulhuTech supplements, Nodens is claimed to be the avatar of the Forgotten One Savty'ya.


Shavalyoth (Shadowy and Shapeless One) is an Elder God introduced by means of James Ambuehl, meant to be darkish and formless.


Ulthar (or Uldar and also Ultharathotep[91]) is a deity sent to Earth to hold vigil over the Great Old Ones.


Vorvadoss* (The Flaming One, Lord of the Universal Spaces, The Troubler of the Sands, Who Waiteth in the Outer Dark) seems as a cloaked, hooded being, enveloped in inexperienced flames, with fiery eyes. He is described as a son of both the Elder God Nodens and the Great Old One Lythalia and has a dual brother, Yaggdytha.[31]


Another Brian Lumley deity. Has the similar look as Yog-Sothoth, excluding its spheres are of a different coloration and its nature is purely benevolent.


Yaggdytha ("The Incandescent One") is twin brother of Vorvadoss, manifesting as a super, amorphous, incandescent ball of cyan residing power, spreading itself right into a web of giant talons of light.

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